View Full Version : trouble w/small int. emptying into large??

10-01-2004, 04:41 PM
This is what my brother in law may have....he's going thru several tests...this is something they've come up with....I've never heard of it?? What is it's name?? If anyone knows?? He's in pain, throws up sometimes, has lost weight to where he doesn't look good at all, he's 36 years old.

Thanks for any help....

A Miracle
10-30-2004, 12:51 AM
hi, i recently had a major abdominal surgery and afterwards, my bowels got "lazy" which is something that often happens after surgeries. I believed that the doctors called it a "paralytic ileus." That is when the ileocecal valve, which separates the small and large intestine, gets blocked. It was very painful and I was unable to have bowel movements. Usually, bowel obstructions are corrected with surgery, but in my case, the put a nasogastric tube in my nose to suction everything out of my stomach and pumped IV meds into me, until eventually, everything started working again. I wish your brother-in-law the best, and hope that good health comes his way. Hang in there and pray. God bless!