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10-08-2004, 01:59 PM
All through my teenage life ive never been able to eat crisp nor anything totally processed like mcdonalds because it turned my stomach to pieces with wind/diahorrea

my concern is that recently ive been eating chocolate and immediately afterwards i get this like "soreness" just in my upper bowel, never had it before so im just concerned
its probably nothing as i react badly with rich foods like cream too

hmmm anyone any suggestion

10-09-2004, 02:05 PM
Hi Bluetooth,

I think you may be lactose intolerant or lactose sensitive. I had what I thought was IBS for many years. I tried eliminating everything from my diet at one time or another (gluton, preservatives, altificial flavors/colors, fast food etc.) I was still routinely had severe stomach aches, gas and diarhea. Being a vegetarian, I ate a fair amount of dairy products since most non-meat based prepared foods contain dairy. I eventually started to go vegan (no meat, dairy or eggs) for unrelated reasons and discovered on the days that I ate no dairy, I felt NORMAL. When I ate ANY dairy (even a small amount of cream in coffee) I would get crampy and bloated again. The strange thing with my situation (and the reason I didn't make the connection to dairy right away) was that my symptoms arrived about four to six hours after I had consumed dairy products. I would have expected a more immediate reaction. It has been about six months now since I eliminated dairy and I no longer suffer from the abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, gas and diarhea that I learned to "live" with before.

You might want to try a week without any dairy products and see what happens. It's harder than you might think, there is dairy in virtually everything these days! You mentioned chocolate in particular and this usually contains milk ingredients. Also look for Casein, Whey, Ghee or clarified butter, Modified Milk Ingredients, Milk Solids etc. on the labels of prepared food. Some calcium suppliments also contain milk ingredients.

Unlike me, it sounds like your body reacts to cream and chocolate immediately, so it should be fairly easy to diagnose. Many many people are lactose intolerant. It is very common. If this is what you are suffering from, and eliminating dairy from your diet is not possible for you, try taking a dietary aid such as lactaid when you do eat dairy products.

Good luck!

Sherill :D

10-11-2004, 10:10 AM
thank you for your reply :)

yeah for years ive not been able to eat anything "rich" like too much chocolate/cream/mcdonalds as it always made me feel sick or affect my bowel moment :)

i dont know if i should be avoiding dairy products, like you im a vegetarian so my diet is not brilliant, i dont eat very well
i normally well if i WANT to eat, id have cereal of some sort in the morning, maybe a sandwhich at lunch, then for tea it can be pasta but i hardly eat much fruit nor veg despite knowing i should :)

well ill look to see if dairy products affect me, i never considered that really, plus i hear dairy products can cause spots, so no thanks !