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10-21-2004, 02:01 PM
Hello everybody,
For a week now, I have been on antibiotics for a kidney infection/UTI. As like always that I'm on antibiotics, I got a yeast infection. I started taking acidophilous & using Monistat. I lost the one I just bought so I used some from the last time I had a yeast infection, and noticed after I put it on that it was expired since June. My entire vaginal area started burning and itching like crazy so I washed it off and then when I went to put the new stuff on (I had found it hidden in the medicine cabinet) I noticed my left inner labia had swollen to about the size of my finger and was red. It doesn't really hurt, just is irritated from the yeast infection & bad Monistat. But when I try to get dressed or try to examine it, it does hurt.

This was about 4 hours ago; since then I've taken 800mg ibuprofen to reduce swelling, put tea tree oil on it for the pain and even sat in a bath for an hour, all with no luck.

I thought it might have been a blister or filled with fluid or something but if I try to squeeze it, it feels just like if I tried to squeeze anything else lol except for it's like 5x the normal size.

Has anyone had this problem or have any ideas?

Going to the doctor is out of the question, unfortunately.

10-23-2004, 01:21 PM
It's probably gone down by now but I've had this many times. It usually happens when I have a yeast infection but it has happened just from irritation also. It has only happened to one side at a time and lasts several hours. Mine has swollen so much at times that I couldn't walk. Some people might think they could never swell to 5x their size but they sure can!! I showed my husband once and he freaked out :eek: It looked like I had a testicle!! :eek: :eek: Anyway, I put a cool wash cloth on it, lay down, and it goes away with no lasting effects.