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chris & ammie
11-04-2004, 04:22 PM
Me and my soon to be husband are going into rehab :) . We have been using oxy and morphine daily for about a year. Tomorrow we start our Suboxone treatment and we are hoping someone could help us understand how this drug works. We were woundering if this drug will help with the withdraw symptoms ( pain, hot & cold sweats and depression). We also would like to know if you get any feeling ( buzz) from it because we are ready to quit and the main reason is cause physical withdraw, but there are some mental addiction too. So could someone let us know if this will help us physically and mentally.
thanks alot chris and ammie :wave:

11-04-2004, 04:35 PM
Good Luck 2-ya'll!

Look down below at some threads by Murph and Baseball, they are mostly Suboxone post's...

If you are ready for recovry this is ONE step, the second is Getting clean. Remember this is a maintence program and still considered a Opiate.

You will not get High :nono: , but you will not get sic :) It will take away the mental stimulation and from anyWD's.

Stay active, keep your mind working, if you sit around and bored your mind plays tricks on you!.....Good luck, any other questions ask away. But read all the posts on here and learn. We all are different but we are all Addicted.

chris & ammie
11-04-2004, 04:42 PM
We have a question for you, chris and i have been taking 80mg oxy for the past few days & tomorrow when we go in for detox the doctor said that he is going to start us on two 2mg tablets of suboxone. it just seems to me that it won't be enough, should we be concerned?

11-05-2004, 07:53 AM
No you will be fine, they need to Dose you and find a comfort level, they will constantly be checking your B/P and Heartrate. You will be there all day probably 9-5 the first day, they won't let you leave sick. Also the drug is long acting 24-36 hours, It's not like taking Oxy (2-4) hours unless you swallow them (12-16) hours, problem is no-body swallows them :rolleyes:.

My best advice, don't take anything 18 hours before you get there! if your appoint. is at 9am I would take your last dose of Oxy around 6pm.....You need to be in some'what WD's before they does you. My Doc does me on Subutex the first 3 days....