View Full Version : BF taking drugs?? Symptoms?

11-09-2004, 08:47 AM
Please help... My boyfriend and I have been together for two months and from the very first moment it was the greatest love. We got emotionally connected and we both never experienced such thing. Suddenly he started to avoid meeting with me. Still he sent me messages but not as much as he usually did. But constantly he was saying how much he loves me. And then we didin't saw each other for few days, and when we had plan to go out, he didn't answer my calls. Next day he wrote me msg that he feels very bad, depreesed. and that he LOVES ME;ADORES ME, but he ffles like he don't have freedome, although I was never ever possesive and he was always with his friends. And wrote that he doesn't want to loose me. Next day he called me in the morning said how much he cares That I'm in his head 24/7, but that he feels so strange, strange thoughts.That we will meet that day, which was yesterday. Since then he ignore my calls.
The problem is, he smokes marijuana, and was addicted to heroin for some time in high school while I wasn't with him. he has awful situation at home, his dad fights his mother, he is gay, and awful to him.
Today he didn't go to work, he is out all day, noone knows where. He has his boyfriends... and bad company who constantly smokes marijuana.

Do you think he is maybe started again???

Please help I love him but don't know how to get to him....

11-10-2004, 04:43 AM
I'm not sure you can. Drugs are a hard issue to stop. I wish you the best.

11-11-2004, 03:15 AM
you really think he is taking drugs again?

11-11-2004, 08:36 PM
ask yourself if you want to be treated this way. its a very strong possibility he is using. dont settle for someone who doesnt respect you enough to answer calls or contact you. he is treating you badly. you can confront him and explain the consequence of him continuing this way is the end of the relationship if he doesnt knock off the immature irresponsible behavior. if you dont demand to be treated with respect you will suffer. he doesnt love you either. no one that loves someone treats people the way he is treating you. i would tell him its over and move on. there is plenty of love in this world. i know its hard but you cant deny the facts. when you truly find love and are loved in return you will remember this relationship and be very happy you did what you did. you simply dont need his baggage. his "love" is not worth the pain it will bring you, i promise.

11-13-2004, 04:51 PM
he might not be doing drugs, he might be cheating on you, have you ever considered that? I hate to be so negative but sometimes that could be the true cold hard fact. Good luck

11-21-2004, 02:11 PM
don't take it personal. It is not you it is the drugs again. All the signs are there. The next thing you want to ask yourself is wether you are willing to be with someone who might be stuggling with a heroin addiction and god only knows how long it will last. There is nothing you can do to get through to him. Take that from an ex heroin addict- me. If I were you I would simply ask him and tell him that you love him and would rather know than not know. Tell him no matter what you will still love him.

mother of six
11-22-2004, 04:23 AM
I was married to a crack addict for 10 years! I left after 5 and we were on and off for the next 5. He was in and out of rehabs, we went to counseling together, AA & NA and the list could go on. His addiction ran mine and my children's lives. We had 3 children, one of which has Down Syndrome. We moved 7 times in 5 years. He thought maybe if we moved away from the drugs, things would be better. Unfortunately drugs are everywhere and if they want them, they will get them. You are being emotionally abused by this person. Addicts have a very difficult time loving themselves let alone someone else. This sounds like a very unhealthy relationship. You will not "fix" him. Only he can do that. You cannot change another human being. You can only change yourself and how you want to be treated. I went through the same thing.."I love you more than anything" and then he would be gone for 2 or 3 days binging, emptying out our bank account. He spent over $100,000 dollars in 5 years. The lies, betrayal and mistreatment became to much for me. I then became very focused on a relationship with a higher being. I found the strength to finally say enough. We divorced and my children have not seen or heard from their father in 4 1/2 years. Through the grapevine he has been in and out of jail for burglery and he is still smoking his crack. I am now remarried to an incredible man who treats me with complete respect. My children and I finally have a stable home!

12-02-2004, 01:58 PM
It is usually one or the other. Cheating or drugs. They both feel the same way from the other side of the fence. It usually is drugs. There is no way to get to him. He sounds like he might be having a love affair but with a drug. It is alot like that. You all of the sudden don't have time for the people you care about and nothing is important accept your best friend(drugs)