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11-11-2004, 05:59 PM
Hello everyone.
I read almost every post that hits this board,and one of the issues that seems to come up again and again is chronic Back/neck/knee/limb pain in the form of spasms,sciatica(pinched nerve) or general overall ache type pain.
That seems to have led a lot of us into our addictions,or if we've been clean,back into the addiction.
I had an experience that was both miraculous and educational and PERMANENTLY removed ALL of my pain.I can now Play baseball(hardball,not softball) run full speed,cycle,crawl around in impossible positions all day long at work(I'm a painter) with no restrictions.
I have a standing Bet that I offer to ANYBODY....If you are a chronic pain sufferer and do what I did,you can be pain free for the rest of your life.period.
I've turned numerous friends on to this and every single one of them has had a full recovery.It costs about 13 bucks + or - ,but I'll send you double the money if you do it and it doesn't work(P.S. I haven't ever had to pay anybody yet)

I have a herniated disc,scar tissue on the nerve,narrowing of the spinal canal ,My left leg is 1.25" longer than my right,I was born with a congenital fusion(I have one less disc than everybody else..no L5-S1...they are one piece)
I had myelograms,6 or 7 MRI's,CT scans,6 epidurals,traction,Months and months of therapy(underwater and regular),Discectomy(surgery) more therapy,shock treatment,Chiropractic,every nerve block I could get(6" needle in each butt cheek every friday) and when I finally gave up on MD's altogether,they were talking about a new procedure where they microwave your disc by encircling it with a wire and zapping it(trying to make "disc jerky")
I had chronic sciatica in both legs,complete atrophy of the left leg(it was completely numb,and was a little toothpick from the knee down) yada,yada yada yada...............

I was at wit's end with the pain....2 years of treatment and I was worse,had gained 20 lbs,and was suicidally depressed. I used to be a predator...now I was prey.

I saw this guy on 60 minutes,Dr. John Sarno,and he claimed to have a 95% complete success rate with chronic pain patients.He is the head orthopedist at NYU's Rusk institute. In fact,he would generally ONLY accept patients who had failed virtually every treatment option with no success.

60 minutes asked if they could go through his patient files to verify his success rate.They called his patients,and he was correct...95%+ of complete recovery (he defines complete recovery as someone who has NO restrictions,needs NO pain meds,and needs NO ongoing treatments like chiro or PT) and can return to their previous job,workout regimen,Hobbies,sports unhindered.

I thought to myself " B.S.!!! :yawn: I've done all this holistic stuff,had a guy teach me to commune with the earth mother.......

So....Than I see a friend who was a complete CRIPPLE,who had 4 herniated discs and one of those lumbar support things on always,coming back from a game of tackle football from the park.He told me he had read a book by a
Dr. John Sarno,and was 100% healed....I still thought "B.S."
Than I'm home watching "OPRAH" and they show this woman who had fybromyalgia so bad she had one of those little electric chairs to move around in.She was a plump little turnip....they tell her whole story and then...Blam..she come running onto the stage doing pirouettes!! and she's still plump,just not a cripple....same thing.... Dr. John Sarno

so.....I went and spent the 13 bucks and bought his book,completely skeptical.In fact being a skeptic makes it work much better.
The book is called "Healing Back Pain" though it addresses virtually every chronic pain malady I can think of.

I won't try to synopsize his ideas or program here,but suffice it to say (bragging time) I hit .550 on my adult baseball team last year,led the team in steals,am famous for collisions on the bases,have had 80mph pitches hit me in the spine.....all sorts of accidents since(falls,stuff falling on me)
It took 3 weeks from the day I cracked the cover to be back in the batting cages...4 weeks to be back at work,and in the first year I had a couple of weekend long episodes,but each time I just re-read the book and it went away.

If you read it and don't get better,I'll send you twice the cover price AND pay for the postage for you to send it to me!!

anyways....I hear so many people in pain and I know it's very real and a huge obstacle to recovery from addiction.....I sympathize with you all and want to share (oh no ...I said it!) a REAL miracle that saved my life.


11-12-2004, 05:13 AM
Could you please explain to me just how "reading a book" can heal the horrid level of severe nerve pain caused by permanent damage to the spinal cord?I suffer from three seperate pain syndromes,RSD in the R knee down through the foot,central pain syndrome that feels like a real bad second degree burn that just wont heal(cannot even stand to have any clothing touch the affected areas on some days without it sending my pain up over a ten in a heartbeat)and radiculopathy/myelopathy in the upper neck and shoulder area.i just cannot believe that just reading a book over and over would have any effect what so ever on these levels of pain.Could you please explain just how this works?i am very highly skeptical but dying of curiousity if you could enlighten me, it would be very much appreciated.Thanks,Marcia

11-12-2004, 08:57 AM
Hi Marcia.
You know,I wish I could do that,but I don't think I can.

I think I can synopsize some points

I can tell you that Dr. Sarno is an MD,not some holistic healer.
He was trained just like any other MD in orthopedics,and worked his way up to the top fellowship at NYU.Like most people who are the top in their field, he has has access to the state-of-the-art facilities,journals and studies.
UNlike the parade of Neuroseurgeons,neurologists,orthopedists and therapists that I saw,his diagnosis made sense.They told me a lot of things that didn't make sense,though at the time(when I was in pain and desperate for an answer/help) I would be treated under the next Md's theory and believe it...I had moments of improvement,but always ended up in the same or worse pain.

He makes a thesis,observes the symptoms in their various manifestations,
diagnoses the PROBLEM ,and proposes a solution.

This is where he distinguishes himself from other Dr.s:his main contention is that the current medical viewpoints on pain,pain disorders and pain syndromes are wrong because they diagnose the SYMPTOM rather than diagnose the actual PROBLEM.

I'll make up a scene...I walk into the room to find that you have watery eyes and a runny nose YOU HAVE A COLD!!!!.....
now wait a minute...how do I know you didn't just watch a sad movie?
How do I know that you're not having an allergy attack?
How do I know you didn't just laugh your butt off at the funniest joke you ever heard?(I get that way)

He doesn't have a different treatment...he has a new diagnosis.
Of course with a new diagnosis,there will have to be different treatment.
Don't misunderstand me....when you read the book their is a change that occurs,just as in a jury trial new evidence can convict or aquit a person.

He even addresses the Pain issue quite square on the nose.He said the pain from this condition is the most Painful thing he knows of in clinical medicine bar none.
This is not "mind over matter" because I have a very weak mind so I would have never recovered.
That is why I started the bet.....many people who even watched me go from a complete cripple(I'm listed as DISABLED by the state of California)
to competey healed still wouldn't bother to read the book...they'd want me to explain it to them...I'm not a Dr.and I'm certainly not Dr. Sarno
I just put you in a time machine with your microwave oven to....let's say 1965...not too long ago.They have electrical outlets that will even facilitate your use of the oven.
You're on a street with your microwave plugged in.People come up and oooh and aah over it.....you explain briefly what it does,but insist they have to put their food inside to see this "miracle" work.....No one will risk losing their lunch to your machine,so they all have their cold sandwiches and soup while all the while the solution was right there in front of them

Read it.
bet stands
It's in every bookstore I've ever been in(barnes and noble,borders etc)
Get well

11-13-2004, 06:20 AM
I am sorry but I KNOW the problem and it cannot be fixed, changed or altered at this point so how is this guy going to relieve my pain?This is a situation that is immpossible to change.I will have to live with this forever.Believe me, I would love to not be this way,but i just cannot see how reading his book, no matter what you state, would really be able to change anything.Unless this guy is some sort of a magician, nothing will change.Please convince me.Thanks,Marcia

11-13-2004, 09:04 AM
60 minutes asked if they could go through his patient files to verify his success rate.They called his patients,


Ok, first of all the doc cannot give permission to ANYONE to contact his patients without the PATIENT consent!

Second, why in the world would YOU offer up your own money back guarantee??? My sense is that you may have some kind of interest in the sale of this book????

I can tell you this - there is NO cure for my chronic pain (unless God would like to answer my prayers and take it all away).

I am happy for you that you say you've found a cure and that you are 100% back to normal - good for you!!!

I agree with feelbad - how can reading a book take away all of my pain? Then there is the question of pain medication withdrawls once I am cured - do I do this by myself, or do I seek out a dr's advice on how to stop all the pain meds since I don't need then anymore.

What did you do? I assume you must have been on narcotic pain meds...did you just stop cold turkey (if so, didn't you have serious w/d's?) or did you have professional help?

Did you make sure you are cured - you stated in your post that your doc warned that you could become paralized....have you had any xrays or an mri to confirm that your spinal cord is out of danger?

I sincerely hope you have found a cure, but I am very skeptical.....please share more info with us. At this point I'm willing to try almost anything!


11-13-2004, 11:06 AM
Hi Angela
First of all,I won't take offense at the implication that I have any money to gain.....I make about 30-50 bucks an hour as a painter.Every now and then I sell a piece of music for 500-5000 dollars...13 bucks isn't going to change my financial outlook too much(LOL!)

But,that being said...I thought all the same things.In fact I was more of a rabid skeptic than anyone.
My MRI shows I have a congenitally fused L5-S1,and my hips are tilted out of line at such an angle that the mishapen piece is "aimed at my spinal cord"..besides no disc material left there and nerve "scarring" along the outlet to the sciatic nerve

Also as I mentioned,my left leg is,depending on which report you read 1 and a quarter to one and a half inches longer than my right( I always have to buy new shoes....the left one is almost worn thru,the right one still looks new)

I was explicitly told Not to Jog EVER let alone run.....as I BRAGGED before,I led my team in stolen bases.If the Surgeons prediction was accurate I imagine my negligence would have cost me by now....I've been running for 6 years.

I would never be so cruel as to promote something that is a scam...I used to lay in bed in so much pain,I was thinking of ways to kill myself so it would look accidental so my wife would still get the insurance money.Pretty despondent.

If you knew a way to be cured and it was simple,rapid and thorough and it worked for you,wouldn't you want to share it with others???

My drug addiction that qualifies me as a member of this board started 18 months after all my pain issues were resolved...I used dope to get through an unbearably redundant and boring career in the Motion Picture industry in Los Angeles..I paint(ed) sets for movies and television,and don't believe the hype....those jobs are like any other assembly line kind of job....you do one thing over and over and over all day long :yawn:

But,if you read the prior post,I left plenty of info for you guys to evaluate yourselves....you want me to explain something that's not mine to explain....i just followed my desperate/skeptical brain all the way to the end and came out 100% pain free.....I'm sorry if that bothers you.I was trying to share a positive and COST effective solution with other pain sufferers...as I said,NO one who I've ever turned on to this deal WHO has read it cover to cover and done the little drill(caveat) has ever NOT recovered.

This includes my friends wife who was in a car accident and had her whole pelvis/spine shattered in numerous places and had something like 6 or 7 surgeries when I gave her a copy.

Oh yeah,about the HIPPA(patient privacy rules) I watched this TV show in '98 and a lot of the laws were different,but I won't debat you on the point...I'm not an idiot..I saw it on TV.

as far as getting off the meds,I rarely took any when I was in pain....they never worked at killing the pain..I would get about 12 hours of relief from an epidural(I had 2 sets of three) and that was it....I would feel the Buzz,but not any relief,and I was in such a bad mood all the time because of the disablility keeping me from sports/music/and my ...uh...marital obligations... that I didn't want to be buzzed.

Every single person who does Dr. Sarnos' program has a different experience with it....

I've never met the guy,or anybody who works for him,with him or is remotely associated with him

I went to Church a lot during my pain battle,and had people praying over/for me.We never know how our prayers get answered..but they always do!!!
I hope and pray that you find as much respite as I have and more.