View Full Version : Small brown life long mole with teeny tiny black spot

11-17-2004, 07:33 AM
I posted my fears earlier and would just like to thank Bonnie for replying to me. I appreciate her words of encouragement so much. I still am looking for answers yet trying not to dwell on my fears so much. I do have a question, well two that maybe some of you can answer. One is I am already having this sent off to pathology to a pathologist my mom used to work with who she says is VERY good. However, should I ask that it also be sent to a dermapathologist ( or whatever they call them). I read about this on the internet where I found all of my other fears. Also, is there any chance that this small brown life long mole could be anything other than melanoma since it has that teeny tiny black spot in it. Other than that it is consistantly the same color brown all over and pretty much perfectly round all over and the mole itself is only about the size of a ball point pen point, maybe a hair bigger than the part of the pen that writes. So probably the size of a sharpie marker point -the regular size one. (I am drawing a blank, my head is in a million places) and you have to look really close to even see the black spot. I just recognized it really a few months ago, but never really paid attention becuase I really didn't know to so no telling how long it has been there, but since I noticed it there has been absolutely no change in it in the past 3 months. I am sorry to be a bother. I just am in desperate need for some answers because I tend to be terrified easily especially when it comes to health issues, I ALWAYS fear the worst and am trying to overcome that by finding what else it could be. Has anyone else had one like this. It just doesn't look like the melanoma pictures but i am just convincing myself it is. It is not raised above the mole or anything. PLEASE HELP!!

11-17-2004, 10:52 AM
Hi... I have a very similar mole and a very similar post!!! The doctor told me to "watch it." Last night I noticed a couple more much smaller black spots developing in it. It's also crusting slightly in that area! So it looks like it's back to the doctor for me. I'm a little nervous because I'm only 24 and I'm 21 weeks pregnant!

11-22-2004, 08:51 AM
I know you are nervous. Especially being pregnant. Please keep me posted and let me know how it turns out. Best of luck. Hopefully it will all work out ok. It is good you are watching it.