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11-18-2004, 11:15 AM
I was down to 2/12 vikes a day, down from 4 a day. I was suppose to do only two a day this week and I have been fluctuating between 2/12 to three a day. I think I am going to CT it Friday, so I have the weekend to get through the first couple of days. The tapering thing is not working for me at this point. I want this to be done and over with. I am sick of this crap.

How long am I going to have the wd's? Any suggestions? I was taking 4 vikes a day for about two years, the best that I have done is down to 2 1/2 a day.


11-18-2004, 01:05 PM
cleanstart.....just think,there are people out there,i was one,that had to take 40 - 50 10mg's of vicodin(hydrocodone) a day just to stave off the w/d's........everyone who are addicted to opiates have different w/d patterns.....some its the no sleep that makes them relapse...some its the diahrea....some it takes only four or five day,some a month.....i know sleep is the last side effect of w/d's to subside.....you just have to stop...its a wonder after two years your tolerance didnt go up like mine did...but i started at two or three a day too.......be tough,seek support like n/a or a/a and attend some meetings and start a recovery program...your an addict just like me and in order to put this crap aside you have to deal with it and it is well worth it....you will see life differently,trust me......but first help yourself physcologically....its all in your head right now too....follow my advice and you will get healed.......chef

11-18-2004, 01:44 PM

Please don't despair; there are more people that don't succeed with a taper program then those that do. Success rate for tapering is usually less then 10%. Its so hard to have the discipline and will power needed to taper. I know that from first hand experience. It took me several times of tapering before I finally was able to taper from near 50 10mgs pill per day habit.

Chef as always is on the money, withdrawal affects people differently but rule of thumb is 5-7 days of nastiness. The old 80/20 rule, it takes 80% of the time to go the last 20%. SO you are over the nasty physical part of withdrawal in the firs 5-7 days but it takes weeks and months sometimes to get sleep patterns back and overall mental stability.

Based on 4 a day (say 4 10mg pills per day) I'd say withdrawal won't be spectacularly bad (this is all relative though) but it will not be fun. Hey if you are down to 2 1/2 per day then jump off the train (CT). Get your plan and support plan (NA, AA, one on one, etc.) all determined then go for it.

Good luck, there are many here who will help you out but you are headed in the right direction, be strong and do it now because if you don't I can almost guarantee that it will get worse and the use of pills will escalate. Remember no matter how bad you feels when CT starts you are stronger then you think you are and you will succeed if you stay focused and determined to succeed.


11-18-2004, 02:24 PM
Hi! Get ready for the flu of your life. The wonderful world of the runs and skin crawling. I just went thru the w/d's 60 days ago so the pain is very fresh on my mind. (lucky me!) Gosh it still does not even stop the cravings- can you believe that! It takes aprox 7 days. Feels like the flu. Ok, I am detoxing and on Pheonobarb, Bentyl, Quinine, Clonidine, (the Suboxone came a few days later, took that for 7 days) I had chills most of the time. I loved being around people while I was detoxing and I could never lie still, I liked to sit on something tall and kick my legs- it made me feel better. Weird huh? :p

If I was alone- I felt like jumping outta my skin- being around people was better for me. My head felt like it was on fire and my skin was crawling alot. I took 5 baths a day. The hot water felt good. I took tylenol and ibufprohen all day. I could not eat, but I know they gave out protein shakes to those who would drink em. The 7 days goes by pretty darn slow. Just DONT go back and take any vics. Boy they are vicious. I was going to document the pain I was feeling in detox, but I never did. Printing this off and taping it inside my big book is a good way to remind me the one pill I take will turn into 20 and then one day turns into 10, and its detox all over again.

Good luck clean start, it hurts but slowly gets better. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

11-18-2004, 04:35 PM
Thanks folks I am "jumping off of the train tonight." I called my doctor and told him the taper regiment was failing. He called in Catapres. I picked it up and it is a patch that he wants to me to wear for a week or two. What does this stuff do? Is it addictive?

I wish I could take a few days off of work to deal with this but that is not going to happen. I just started a new job and I have bills up the ying yang, so I am going to have to grin and bear it.

I took half on a vike about four hours ago and I am going to take the final half in about three hours. I am just going to take tonight to prepare for this. I know my usage is down but this is still not going to be fun. I do plan on going to a meeting tommorrow evening at the Church that I attend.

Wish me luck. Wow, I can hardly wait.................not.


11-18-2004, 04:49 PM
A nurse from my doctor's office just called me and said that the doctor wants me to pick up some valium too. Is the catapres and valium going to help?

You know I am getting myself completely worked up and nervous about this. This is nobody's fault but my own. I can either continue to be an addict or I can make a decision to do the right thing no matter how uncomfortable I feel.

So I am going to stop whining and be a man and deal with this head on. I will let you all know how I am doing during the week. Thank you all for the good comments. Today will be my last day of vikes. I want to start tommorrow because if I can hit the tail end of the week then the weekend may be better to go through the first couple of days.


11-18-2004, 08:05 PM
Cody the Cat and val will help big-time. How much val is he asking you to take at each dose? I took the max for each day which was like 10mgs every 6 hrs. That put me to sleep though so be careful, but sleeping was good a the time. The cat will help with the crawling skin, hot cold flashes and some with aches. The cat will make you sleepy also, it basically blood pressure medication so if you are taking blood pressure meds be careful. The val is very addictive so only take it for a few days, the cat is not addictive. At night you can take benedryl to help wit the sleeping part. Oh I've detoxed a few times (just couldnít get it right lol) and tapered so I have good experience if you have any other questions. You really should be able to do well in CT coming off from 1/2 pills per day. I wont be fun if this is your first time but it won't be bad or anything like coming off several hundred mgs per day like some here do myself included. Iíve been drug free for close to two years, anniversary coming up 1/1/05 yeah for me. Hang in there and please know that your doing the right thing jumping of the train, as it will only get much, much worse and then you find yourself taking 20 or 30 or 40 pills a day. Now thatís a nightmare getting off that many pills.

Let us know how you are doing and be strong and stay focused on your goal (CT)


11-19-2004, 12:15 AM
He prescribed 5mg of valium and I am to take one in the morning and one at night every other day. The Catapres I am suppose to wear for seven days and put on another one after seven days if I need it. My doctor said the he thinks that my addiction is fairly significant and told me not to downplay it, which I am not doing.

The doctor told me that it would take me about 10 days to feel better and to try and take off a few days from work, which I cannot do. His feeling is that if this does not work then he wants me to go into rehab for 10 days. My doctor is actually fairly concerned that I was not able to taper down. He said that at a fairly low dose that I should really should have been able to cut it down with relatively mild discomfort.

Philster what should I do? Should I give the taper regiment one last shot? Or should I go for the CT? I don't want to loose my job. Please tell me what you think. You and the others have experience with this.


11-19-2004, 04:14 AM
Cody...don't go back to tapering now....just tackle the C/T head on!!! I promise it won't be that bad. I got off of more than that a day and it really wasn't all that bad. Get some immodium and Gatorade for the runs. That was my major complaint. I have tapered before and it DOES help in the end. You will feel foggy, runs, crabby, moody, and tired but full of anxiety. The valium will help with alot of those symptoms. Don't go back now, you made your mind up so DO IT!!! Mind over matter and keep busy or use that valium as prescribed to "sleep off" the next few days. Stay focused, it won't be all that bad!

11-19-2004, 05:29 AM
Cody, like Lisa said, just go for the CT. At this point you are so close and you have some meds to supplement the withdrawal symptoms. You are going to be sleepy taking the val and cat but they will help for sure. Any addiction is a serious deal no matter what quantities you are consuming. So I agree with your Dr. to treat this as significant, attack it like its your last stand. This is one battle; make it your best effort so you can continue to win the war. If this is your first time doing the CT thing then I'm sure your going to think how bad the withdrawals are but in reality you should be fine, oh you will not feel so wonderful but you are almost at the point of drug free. As far as not being able to do taper, few are successful as I said before, its to easy to take one pill and have a miracle happen with all the withdrawal leaving you while the pill takes over. Hey in a weeks time you will be really fine and on your way. Life really is better without drugs and all its overhead. Just give yourself time and be aggressively strong. You are at the turning point and typically the next time a person goes back into addiction its always much worse.

Be good be safe and stay in touch


11-19-2004, 07:07 PM
Wow, i really commend you on wanting the ct way hon. I know im on 4 vics plus 4 somas (muscle relaxers) a day, have been on them for 2 years now due to fibromyalgia and cfs. I cant stand the thought of having to be on pain pills for the rest of my life. Because of several unforseeable reasons (doc was out of office for 3 days, pharmacy where iget my meds had changed to CVS, and they were all confused ) i ended up being without my pain meds for 3 days, nothing at all. I felt like i was crawling out of my skin and i was moody, jumpy, grouchy, felt shaky and cold. Thats when i found out, my body is hooked on these meds, even tho i take them as prescribed, my body is used to them and reacted awful when it didnt get them. That scared me and made me think, is this how i want to live?? Thank God, that after 3 days all my meds are now back in order and i have started them again. But, it left me with many doubts and many fears and wondering if this is what i want. Only thing is, without pain pills, my body hurts like my bones are broken, and if i stop the vics , i'll have to go to something else to help with that as tylenal or ibuprofen does nothing for the pain, which is like severe arthritis, pain ALL THE TIME. I thought because it was taken as prescribed and i had never gone up or misued it in 2 years, that, it was ok. Its not, My body reacted horribly and it was a shock to me. So i commend all of you that go CT. I dont know if i could do it and that scares me, cause i dont want to rely on pain pills for the rest of my life. God bless you hon. I will send you good thoughts and pray that you will overcome this. Maybe one day, i'll be asking for prayers and support from you guys that have the strenght to go thru it. Peace be with you.

11-19-2004, 09:00 PM
Everything you got here was as good of infomation as can be had and I agree with your Dr to not trivialize this besides that he's got the script pad. ( Just for the help you out kind of stuff.) And any part of the tapering you have behind you is gonna be beneficial, PURE GRAVY.Sounds like you've got the beginings of a potentially good weekend, and I'll betcha when Monday rolls around it won't be the best Monday you've seen in awhile but I don't think it'll be as devastating as you have conjured up in you mind.
Good luck and if I blew it on anything that I said, I apologize from the bottom of my heart and will owe you bigtime, but I"ve got it on good authority that it won't be nearly as bad as we tend to blow it up to be.
Don't think that I'm trying to make lite of WD 'cause we all know it can be aa *****,,,,,,but sometimes aren't as bad as others.

11-20-2004, 01:08 PM
VERY TRUE..,...your mind will make it out to be alot worse than it actually is.. Attitude and positiveness is what counts right now. It really isn't gonna be that bad. Probably mostly tired with the catapress(sp?) and the valium. You shouldn't feel too much anxiety or shakiness....get some IMMODIUM for the runs, because they WILL come. Hang tough

11-21-2004, 12:57 PM
The tapering thing is hard. It never worked for me. Just get it over with. Much easier said than done. It won't last that long. Just take lots of baths and get out of the house even though you don't feel like it. I got through the wd lots of times but it was the jonsing afterwards that kicked my butt.