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11-19-2004, 12:53 PM
I have to tell yall something neat that happened to me today. I was going to a noon meeting, it was at a church. I drove up, parked, and started walking towards the bldg. I saw an older man working w/ a mentally impaired young teenage boy. The boy kept screaming or shreking at the man. It was the sound of someone in pain. The boy kept trying to walk past the Man, but the man would gently hold on to his shoulders. I walked past them to get to the meeting and felt sorrow for the boy.

My meeting was not there. The door was locked and there was nothing but empty chairs. (later I found out it's only on Tue and Thurs.)

So I walked back to my car feeling sad b cuz I really needed a dose of reality that I always get from meetings. But as I was walking to my car, I had to walk past that Man, and the mentally impaired boy again. As I did the boy made eye contact with me and was trying to push towards me. I walked the other way and the boy tried pushing his way towards me again. I moved out of the way once again and the man said "thank you" to me. It was then I saw the beauty in the situation and understood that what I get in every AA or NA meeting is to see God's work happening in people's lives. God's work was right in front of me when I noticed how patient the man was who was working w/ this mentally impaired boy with such gentleness and faith. I got to my car and tears of joy filled my eyes.

Being sober is making me see the beauty in things.

Love Always,


11-19-2004, 10:13 PM
thank you for sharing,you're right you can see things alot more clearly with a straight mind.

11-20-2004, 07:07 AM
Sara -

That's a lovely story. Working with the mentally-impaired takes gentle patience..and not always with any immediate tangible reward. (Taking care of my elderly Mom, as she spiraled downwards with her increasing dementia, was both a task of love--and a test of infinite patience! :-) But it was my deep love for the person that she had been--and still was, that gave me that patience I needed. And, not a day went by that I did not give her many hugs and feel grateful that she was still with me.) Uh oh...this post has just gone off course! Plus..it's not like me to be so sentimental! It must be you, Sara, that brings that out in me. Your story has overridden my usual hide-behind-the-humor New York cynical self!! LOL!! :-)

Anyway....reading of the pleasure you got from observing that man, working so patiently with this young teen, made me wonder if you have ever done any sort of volunteer work with the mentally-impaired or the elderly in nursing homes, etc.? The years I participated in a program sponsored by "Therapy Dogs International"--where I took my trained dog to visit with the elderly in nursing homes--was such a joyous time that I think that I got back as much "therapy" from the elderly...as they did from my dog!! LOL!

Reading your recent posts, I wondered whether volunteering in some form--with the mutual love that can develop between both the person offering help and the one receiving it--might be a healing activity for you during this tough time of seeking ways to "mend" yourself. It certainly was for me--even though I took part in the program at that time for different reasons than your own struggle. It's just that you seem to have so much love in you, Sara, that I can so easily see others becoming wrapped up in--and being helped--by it. And I think you would find a lot of emotional joy, yourself.

Uh oh...but I have just remembered---you have two little ones at home PLUS you have a day job, right? (And lots of NA meetings to attend. ) Hmmm.......that's not a lot of free time, is it!?!? Duh......I wasn't thinking very realistically of just how exhausted you must ALREADY be! When I did my volunteering, it was only once every few weeks....and although I've got two bouncy little doggies...I've got no children with whom I have to juggle important quality time! So...my suggestion is not a very realistic one for you, is it?!? You ALREADY do "volunteer" work--24/7!!! LOL! :-)

But...anyway....just wanted to reassure you that you are doing so well...and that you've got support from all of us. And, during those times when your thoughts are troubling you...just let them pass through and accept that it is okay to feel whatever it is you are feeling. Please don't be afraid that any negative thoughts you may have during difficult times will "kill" your good intentions. That "goodness" is an intrinsic part of you--and will always be there!

lotsa love, Lynn xx

11-20-2004, 08:23 AM
Thanks for that, every word was sincere and I felt it. I love the part about the New York cynical additude. Youve got it all- the sense of humor, love for animals, intelligent, and you sentimental words!

I thought about what you said and I think it IS a great idea. And with me working and raising two kids on my own... I REALLY want to go to these smaller rehabs in Houston and speak to people about what it was like, and what my life is like now. I do think I need to wait a little longer because Im not quite there just yet. I will know when Im ready to sponsor someone. Its not time yet though.


Two, two, two, people healing at once! Im such a dork sober!

Hey, last night something happened where I was completely humbled.
My sister kept my girls so I could go to a meeting. I picked them up and we were driving home, we started talking about "dreams" (when we are asleep)
She said ' remember the time you were talking to yourself and then you just turned the lights off and went to bed ' she was talking about one night when I had taken ambien and was acting sleeply. My first thought was to lie to her and tell her I was sleep walking. But I didn't. I told her the truth.

I said "Baby- remember I told you mommy is allergic to medicine? Well that night I took medicine and I was sick" " I am so sorry for not getting you a glass of water that night and Im so sorry I hurt your feelings, and Mommy understands how you felt scared at that moment " She said it's okay, its forgotten and she knows when I really am sorry for something and said God loves you anyway.

I started crying. It was so sweet. And I realized the people around me that I effected. The great part is, I have a chance to make it right!

Ive been working harder than ever and spending quality time with my kids.

Im grateful for 2nd chances!

Loving you Twinlynn,


11-21-2004, 06:37 AM
Sara - The story about your daughter "forgiving you" is just so sweet!! It's amazing how kids see things from such an entirely different perspective. And, because children may not have the experience or the ability to clearly interpret what they are seeing--sometimes they make up their own answers to sort it out!! :rolleyes: If parents do not give them any kind of explanation, children may come up with some pretty fantastical scenarios to complete the picture!! :D

Boy, do I remember getting things a-l-l-l-l-l wrong because my Mom thought I was too "young" to understand...and get news of...in this case, something that had happened in the family....the divorce of a cousin. Believe me.....the conclusions that my little kid's brain came to, after hearing only hushed snippets of the story, were waaaaay worse than if my mother had quietly and simply explained what "divorce" meant! Instead, I walked around for a long time with this amazingly wild scandal dreamed up by my OWN head! LOL! :eek: (And don't ask me how "wrong" I got the whole "procreation story" from my 8 year old friend, because I didn't think I should ask my Mom if my friend was telling the truth!! LOLOLOL!!) :D

Anyway, I think it is great that you have found a way to explain things to your daughter, without scaring her in any way or giving her too much to process as her young age. You get a A ++ as a Mommy!! :-)

And, thanks for your sweet words about my little Celeste (who people on this Board must think is a child, the way I refer to her!!) She had a much better day yesterday, striding out from under the dust ruffle and wanting to be put on top of the bed, followed by the requisite half hour of my "attendance" to her demands--tummy rubbing, ear scratching, leg massaging, face to muzzle nuzzling, and all the general hugging and snuggling that is her due! :-) (If I try to interrupt the cycle for even one second, Celeste's paw whips out and around my forearm....dragging it back to the exact location where I'd stopped scratching! LOL!) She is on so many medications, though, that I actually have to wake her up during the day to get those pills down her....poor thing! Anyway, she is so much better than a few days ago....and I feel so relieved. Sp....many thanks for thinking of her. :)

Okay, on this rainy Sunday in New York (following a rainy Saturday in New York), I'd better get moving on my never-ending project: confronting an overflow of books....cascading from dozens of book shelves...in my seven bulging, bursting, battered bookcases....which...having crept through half my bedroom and living room, are now spreading like kudzu, eyeing possible gaps for new growth! LOL! I HATE having to prune my books (and--rereading the above run-on sentence--hate pruning my words as well!! LOL!) But--anyway-I no longer have a choice--my apt. has run out of space for even one more new bookcase...and soon, all this overflowing fiction and non-fiction will try to prune ME from the space, if I don't take charge! :jester:

Take care...and I think that when you are ready you will make a wonderful sponsor--and a wonderful (and powerful) speaker to other groups!! Hugs to you and your girls. xxx Lynn :p

11-21-2004, 01:46 PM
A Grand Hello to All !...Sara and Lynn it was most wonderfull reading your
posts - thoughts , feelings , experiences past and present..I felt a profound
sense of peace as I read the experiences you both shared - well done my
friends !...I am so very happy for you Sara that you have found " your
way " and a life of sobriety where all your dreams , aspirations will be
realized and more - I have always wanted that for you as others here...and
Lynn , you know you will always hold a very special place in my heart and soul
- from the very start as I began battle my battle with depression and
addiction...Both of you , have played a most pivotal role in my life..one I
shall never forget..As always , I wish you both the very best and everyone
else here that they too find peace , serenity and sobriety...


11-22-2004, 07:54 AM
Im convinced I have ESP. I thought of you yesterday. Then I log on this morning and you wrote! Weird.

How are you dear!? I know you said youve been working really hard. How's your girlfriend? Are things going ok? Last time you told me you REALLY liked her and you were thinking about marriage.

No, don't tell me, I will just use my POWERS to find out. lol lol lol :jester:

Im sooooooo happy you wrote ! I just would like to know how you are. I miss talking to you and of course whenever I hear Racheal sing "worn me down" I think about you. I love that song.

Loving you even when you are hard at work,


11-22-2004, 11:55 AM

Soooooo glad to hear from you. There are a group of you guys, who I think about all the time. And feel such affection for! And I'm sure you know you are a very special part! :D

If you feel like sharing just "where you're at" at this point...I'd love to hear all about what you've been doing! I'm sure you've had your ups and downs....like I have....and I'm hoping this is more of an "up" time for you. But...even if it's not...that's even MORE of a reason for you to talk with us! :-)

My life is pretty unchanged since we last wrote to one another--I think you already know that I am getting up the courage to call a Suboxone doctor and say good-by to this isolating opiate life. Although....surprisingly....even tho I've yet to kick the drugs completely out from my life, yet...I have managed to reanimate my old hobby of drawing and cartooning. (And, I've had plenty of time during these long months it took for my foot to recover from its injury back in August.) Anyway, I'm now having fun doing homemade cards, etc....stuff I did about 30 years ago!! :eek:

Just had a thought! Wouldn't it be fun if I tried to design a line of cards for recovering addicts...like myself!? As you know, I love to laugh at myself (keeps me sane!)...and my sense of humor is just sick enough for me to come up with some wicked little verses to greet the reader, when she/he opens the card! LOLOL!! :D (Shall I call my new card line some title like a sort of play on the "Hallmark" trademark?? How about "Hallnarc....."when you care enough to sent the very jest"!! :jester: (Of course, these cards would be allowed only on racks rated "Dark Humor"!!)

I'll be hobbling back to work next month, after such a long enforced--but amazingly satisfying--period of utter slothfulness!! I guess I'm getting emotionally closer and closer to retirement, if I can be away five months from a job I've always found both amusingly eccletic--and, never static-- yet, I barely missed it! :rolleyes:

Unfortunately, right now, one of my little dogs, is recovering from another bad heart episode....so she's needing a lot of care...and 7 pills a day (with my terrible memory, I have notes and charts up everywhere!) :confused: Lucikly--Celeste is such a smart little dog--that if I left a pill out, she would probably tap the missing pill bottle and point to her watch!!! LOLOL! She is just such a sweetie. :-)

Between Celeste's heart condition...and my other dog, Theo's current inability to walk until he gets a second ligament operation (he had one in his hind leg already),...and my own up-until-now, non-walkable foot, my apt.'s been a veritable "inter-species flophouse for the wounded"--with a little side table, next to each of our beds--with enough charts, pills and bandaging supplies to supply an ER! :jester: (I'd better call a Suboxone doctor pretty soon...before New York State decides I need a License to dispense so many four and two-legged medications!! LOL!!!

So, Chris.....it's wonderful to hear from you....and we all hope you'll fill us in, whenever you have the chance and the energy!

You still seeing that wonderful girl you last wrote about? If you are....then you go find a misty-eyed bridal State here in the US (Vermont?)--or head up for Canada--and make your new love an "honest woman!" LOLOL!! :bouncing:

lotsa love to you and tty soon, Lynn xxx