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11-22-2004, 07:24 AM
i have been with my boyfriend for a a while now he used to use coke on weekends and i didnt like it but i didnt knoww if i should say anything i let him do it in front of me ( i dont do drugs) then around newyears 04 he promised he wouldnt do it anymore. he was clean for a couple of months then did it again around the summer i was furious he promissed he would stop he did it again just last weekend and i was so mad we almost broke up and i am not going to sit there and watch him throw away his life on this crap and there is nothing for him to feel crappy about himself he just got a job that he is starting next week. i am just scared now that he will do it again and i want to help him and i told him if he doesnt get help we cant be together anymore( his brother always has it on him so i think that alone is hard) he says he wants me but yet why does he always fall back? i told him if there is a next time im out. im tired of this and i mean it this time ill be devestated but what can i do. where can he go for good help? please help me. he tells me he wants to but what can i do for him because i love him alot he doesnt do it all the time but he has a history of it.

11-22-2004, 07:39 AM
You are doing the right thing. You are showing him tough love and that is the only way to get through to an addict. I am an ex addict and honestly that was the only way. I had relationships where I was in the same position your bf sounds like he is in. I would quit temporarely and then return to drugs down the line only to find myself in trouble again. Remember not to take it personal. It is much easier said than done but it is not a personal thing or that he does not love you. It is just that the drugs have already effected the part of the brain that tends to take over in certain using situations.