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11-22-2004, 08:48 AM
Thank you to all who posted to my "Help Me". It is nice to have words of encouragement from people who have been there and understand. I went to my Dermatologist and he was not concerned about it but said that they just don't like to see anything that is more than one color and told me what to look for. He said that being that it had a black spot and I found it three months ago but don't know how long it has been in the mole (could be always) then it should come off. However, he did say the fact that it hadn't changed in 3 months was a great sign and I had him check my other moles which turned out fine. I also had one removed off my scalp that was turning red and it was right in my part of my hair so it got brushed alot and if I used a hard brush it irritated it. It also itched if I didn't wash my hair for a few days. He said he wasn't worried about it either. However, he sent both off for biopsy. I am really nervous. I hope he knows what he's talking about.

11-22-2004, 01:02 PM
Good luck on that and I am glad you went to the doctors. They do know what they are doing. Except for one of our members who crotchety old derm is having what I calll 'fissy-pits' on having the mole biopsied. I am glad your guy sent 'them off' Did you happen to find out how long it would take?

I am one now to say to err on the side of caution is correct..... I wish I had of had my thing looked at long before I did. Goes to show.... my words or maybe my Mantra now....

when in doubt - have it taken out!! meaning all evil ole' moles and what nots.

Keep us posted ok? I am sure it is nothing, and you did well getting it looked at pronto....