View Full Version : Norethisterone 5mg to delay period

12-01-2004, 08:39 AM
I was presecribed Norethisterone by my GP earlier this year to delay my period as I was going to a festival. It worked fine with no problems. I was due on this Friday when I had a weekend away planned with my boyfriend and for New Year. So again I asked to be prescribed it.

You are supposed to take it 3 days b4 you come on. So I would've started taking it today (Wednesday) Unfortunately I came on yesterday instead(Tues) - 3 days early. I came off the contraceptive pill at the beginning of the year due to my blood pressure being raised and so my periods still haven't got themselves sorted back out into a regular routine again yet.

I am taking the Norethisterone tablets anyway in the hope that it will stop the bleeding. Does anyone know whether this will work? Or if I would need to up the dose from 3 tablets a day as the bleeding has already started? Or shall I just have this period and take the tablets again for my next period to prevent me being on for New Year? But of course start them a lot more than 3 days of when I think I should be on?

Any thoughts or previous experiences would be much appreciated :)