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Trivial Rush
12-04-2004, 04:52 PM
I told my therapist last week that i was diagnosed as bipolar but she said i was not bipolar that i was depressed and had cognitive problems. So now i don't know what meds i should be taking. Thank god i have not started the meds. I have memory problems and mood swings which are due to my past drug use. Sometimes i get the shakes as well. My neurologist told me to take gabitril, but i read that peoples memory gets worse on that. So i don't know what to do iam just exercising alot now and not taking any meds but i get paranoid sometimes and anxious so iam confused any :confused: suggestions?

12-04-2004, 07:10 PM
Have you gotten a second opinion?

12-05-2004, 05:35 AM
If you could go to the bi polar board and give a more detailed description of your symptoms it would really help to try and see just what you are suffering from.There are many people there who really do know.My son also suffers from bi polar III.his form of bi polar was actually induced by taking SSRIs.they did NOT agree with his brain at all.Marcia

12-05-2004, 07:49 AM
Many addicts show signs of bipolar while on the dope and kicking the dope. Many are misdiagnosed. Get some clean time and then go to another doc for treatment. It ain't like the docs know much either...they just throw drugs at the problem.

Trivial Rush
12-05-2004, 08:51 AM
i need to get another opinion. Iam really depressed and irritated, i have no idea what to do with myself. i think i need more therapy my life is a mess. I have been clean 6 months before that 10 months i relapsed once. I don't drink alcohol or smoke cigarretes, nothing. I wish i were dead

12-05-2004, 09:04 AM
If you "wish you were dead" then you definitely need therapy. If you are suicidal then you need to contact a doctor RIGHT NOW. Life does get better. I was in the "pit of doom and self-pity" but I got myself out of it. You can too. Definitely see another doctor. If you are manic/bipolar then you need to make sure your meds are regulated. Hang in there man, I promise that it gets better.

12-05-2004, 09:51 AM
It can be delt with by a good doctor. Get a second opinion and try a psych doctor instead of just a general. All problems can be overcome and there is much to live for once you beat it.

12-07-2004, 12:54 AM
A lot of people who use are misdiagnosed as bipolar. It's an effect of the drugs. The misdiagnosis happens when the therapist is looking to help the patient but doesn't always have all the facts...like not knowing how much or how often the patient is using. Or the therapist is not familiar with bipolar symptoms in us druggies. You basically have to be clean for a while to be diagnosed properly.

12-07-2004, 11:52 AM
Dead, don't say that. Think of how fortunate you are to have what you have. I know that sounds like a bunch of crap but I mean it. Despite your problems you still have a lot more than the vast majority of the people in the world. I have a sister who among many mental disorders has/is bi-polar. She has her highs and lows, she rececntly had her colon removed and she despite all her problems is doing ok. She takes somewhere in the ball park of 15-20 different madications every day just to be what she says is "normal", she has attempted suicide on many occasions some occasions which I have found her hanging on to a thread of life and then having to make her vomit and the whole nine yards. I guess what I am trying to say is that life is worth it. I don't even know you and I know that you are worth it. Things take time. When you reflect back on this time in your life ten years from now you will realize that the good most certanly out weighs the bad and that if nothing more you learned something form this part of you life. Take it a day at a time and keep in touch with everyone here in the Forum. Everything will work out.

12-08-2004, 01:24 PM
I have been clean three years and nine months before my relapse three years ago. Take a deep breath and chill for just a minute. I was an opiate user mainly and what I found was that I used that drug originally to relax. I liked that it relaxed me. I don't think it really matters what the drug was that anyone did. If we look back at the beginning of use and try to remember how it made us feel it is something that we maybe were missing. For me I just felt like I could chill and take a deep breath and not worry. To me when I remembered while recovering I realized that I would need something natural to take the drugs place. For me little by little I started identifying little things that allowed me to just relax and feel relieved when I was done. Very relieved similiar to drugs. Different but similiar. For me it was, bubble baths, a movie in my flannels and with a blanket, relaxing music and some times relaxing music while taking a bath, I tried out really fast paced but instumental types (Bala Fleck and the Fleck Tones) is one. I sometimes found it good to write while listening. I could never keep a journal so I just adressed it to my best friend but never sent it and just talked about me, sometimes it is not good to write because you need a break from thinking. For some reason sun bathing felt relieving, little kids and puppies for some reason gave me a warm feeling. I would go to the puppy store and play with the puppies. Does this make sense? It did then and it still does now. It is really hard to get clean and then to deal with the mess we made. I made a huge one. We need some relief and something that makes us feel good and you gotta find some special stuff that does that for you or you will lose it. Do you know that three years later I am about one year away from the end of the mess I made being cleaned up. The only reason I am a year away is because I am expecting my first child and I can't take meds untill we have it. My credit and my back groung won't be but the huge things that seemed so depressing and stressful and never ending. I never thought I would be able to see the end of the tunnel. There were times I just sat and cried because I did not know what to do and needed immediate results from stuff in order to fix my problem. Unfortunatly I had to find another way to deal with stuff untill I could get to it and fix it. I lost my driver's liscense, my family, every friend I ever knew and don't blame them, cloths, houses, car,ect...... That is sooo scary all by yourself. Heck yes it is depressing. You have a reason to be depressed and irritable if your life is anything like mine was. There are a few things you can do to illiminate some of the depression and irritablility. Find some things that are just for you and you like. Take time out of every day even if it is ten minutes just for something that relaxes you and makes you feel good that is not drugs. It makes a world of difference. Keep moving foward. You will have to get through it eventually and now you are already well on your way. Good luck. Sorry I rambled. I probably sound crazy. Find peace in you or something that will let you feel peace if not only for ten minutes a day.