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12-08-2004, 04:07 PM

I have a few Question on Facial Moles and Freckles.

I have always had Freckles but recentey I have become victim to a mass of moles.I have over 30 in all from my chest to my face.All of the seem like there in the skin with the exception of a few.

What casues moles and Freckles?I was told from being out in the sun,
I am definetley a person the spends alot of time out in the sun.

I am in my Early Teens (I'm 14 right now) and I often Find my self imbaressed by my moles.Is there anyway I get my moles removed with leaving a scar?

Is there anyway to prevent more moles and freckles from finding a new home on my face?

Thank You
-Greg :)

12-08-2004, 11:54 PM
I do not know what causes moles to appear, but sunlight seems to bring out the freckles. When you have a mole removed they either burn it off (flat ones) or slice it off (raised ones). The skin underneath will be a shiny, lighter color than your regular skin and in time becomes hardly noticeable. It is only when they need to cut and use stitches that there is much of a scar.

It is always wise when one has a lot of freckles and moles to have a dermatologist do a skin check. Skin cancer affects all ages of people. Then you can ask the dermatologist about removing any unwanted moles. I myself had about ten moles that I could not stand. When I was 17, the doctor took them all off. One was on my armpit making it very hard to shave. Another was on my waist and would become raw from my waistband rubbing daily on it. Of course this was when insurance companies were not as strict about what they covered.

If you decide not to go see a dermatologist, you should still protect your skin from the damaging suns rays. Can you wear a baseball hat to protect your face?

12-09-2004, 02:54 AM
Thank You your post was very helpful

Would A flat one be considered one tha tlooks like it in the skin?

Would wairing a good sunblock prevent any new feckles or moles from apearing?While still getting a light tan?

I will try to rember to where a hat when I'm out side now.

I plan to see a dermatologist by the end of january, I wouldnt mind paying for the procidure if it is done correctley.

Thanks Again

12-09-2004, 03:41 PM
Yes, a flat mole looks flush with the skin. I do not know if sunblock prevents new freckles and moles from developing. Sunblock just allows you to stay out in the sun longer before getting a sun burn. There is no proof that sun block prevents skin cancer.

I hope the dermatologist takes off all of your unwanted moles. Good luck!