View Full Version : Scarring after biopsies. Any suggestions?

01-03-2005, 12:06 PM
I've developed keloid scars from the last couple moles I've had removed even though I've been very careful to follow all directions and keep them clean and moist. One on my back is SO thick, really itchy, and sore. Is there something more I could be doing? Is there anything to diminish them now?

01-04-2005, 12:03 AM
I too am susceptible to keloids. After about two to three months the skin has stopped growing and healing. Then you can go to your dermatologist and ask if he can give the keloid a couple of shots of I think cortisone. This will cause the keloid to flatten. If he gives it too many shots it can cause a depression. Once you have the shot, it takes about seven days for it to flatten completely.

As far as the itchy and sore problem, I think that is just the healing process. I think that you will be happy once your scar has healed and you can have to shots. Twice the shots has worked very nicely for me.

01-04-2005, 05:30 AM
How interesting!!

I too have that problem with keloid. I went to the plastic surgeon who removed the MM after the excisional biopsy.....for my 3 month check up and he is not pleased with the scar and is sending me to some therapist who will do something to do with silicone gel on pads or something.... I am not sure but I believe he said "if you leave it on for say 23 out of the 24 hours, it will take about 4 to 6 weeks to flatten and heal, if you only leave it on for say 12 out of 24 hours it will take 8 to 10 weeks so it is up to you"

I used (as directed) polysporine for the original excision biopsy, and that scar was ok.... but then the MM diagnosis came back, and whew another bigger surgery, and this time I used Vit E rubbed into the inscision, but still this keloid formed. (we can never have facial plastic surgery, without looking worse than when we go in hahha) (think of the money we three and others can save hahaha) :jester:

I have not yet been given the date to see this therapist lady, as I also have to begin to be scrutinized by a dermatologist for mole checks and mapping, and still of course go every three months to the cancer hospital and so far every 3 months for CT scan to watch some nodules that are hanging about in my chest, so I am kinda busy what with this and that...hard to squeeze all this in isn't it?

He mentioned the cortizone shots, but decided to send me to the therapist who will also do some deep tissue massage, (I had that on a surgical site on my heel three years ago, when I had to have the achilles tendon released and scraped clear of spurs then re attached. It was with a 'sort of ultra sound type thing.... worked, my heel scars (up the back of my lower leg) are minimal now.

My neck burns and itches, and gets hot and RED (it is 8 inches running tween my shoulders at the base of my neck)

This is interesting to find out you two guys have the same prob lem as I.


01-04-2005, 09:53 AM
Hm.... I wonder if they'd give me the cortisol shot now. These docs are SOOO pregnancy paranoid, even though I got the referral from my OB who assured me that local type stuff wouldn't hurt the baby. I barely convinced them to biopsy it now. They tried to make me wait til after I had the baby until another derm looked at it and said "Do it now!"

My arm hasn't healed yet. They told me arms don't generally scar as bad the back and neck. Apparently scarring on the back is always the worst for some reason. But this keloid on my back is driving me nuts. This one was from a small mole that had started bleeding and crusting (most likely just from injury. It was right at my bra strap line) but they took it off to check it b/c it was dysplastic. Anyway, the scar that's left is worse than the irritation of the mole!!!

Remember I said it's right on my bra line, and rubbed constantly. It's small, but raised WAY off my skin, red, and sensitive. This one was done several months ago. I think April or May. I'm sure the corstisol shot would help it, but it may be easier to wait til I have the baby to keep them from freaking out over it.

What is it with docs and pregnant women anyway? When I was pg the first time, I had a horrible abscess from a wisdom tooth complication that had my whole jaw, sinuses, and lymph nodes swollen and excrutiating. Despite the evidence that gum infection is a dangerous risk factor for preterm labor, I had to get my OB to call the dentist several times to get him to touch me! I know it's because this whole darn country has gone lawsuit and "blame game" crazy. It's annoying to those of us who are educated enough to know that all medical procedures carry risks and wouldn't sue for anything other than gross negligence. But anyway, that's my rant for the day! LOL. Sorry.

01-04-2005, 10:08 AM
Ranting is GOOD for us.............. Yes I agree people tend to want to sue at the drop of a hat...so the doctors are going to be erring on the right side of caution. I am like you, I would never even think to gain from a problem. They are only thinking of what is best. Coritisone is a not always friendly and with a developing baby well maybe it is best to avoid any thing that could go wrong.

I sympathize with you about the dentist during your first pregnancy. what a drag to have tooth pain (thank my lucky stars no tooth pain ever) whew....that would indeed be a drag.

When I find out about what ever this silicone gel stuff the surgeon is sending me to this lady for, I will tell you all about it. I am waiting to hear when I am suppose to go see her. He (doc) mumbled about keeping it on 23 out of 24 hours and the treatment time is way shorter....but it still is like weeks of on going what ever....I did not ask (stupid me)

I had gall bladder surgery years and years ago, and it went into a keloid mess on parts of the scar....but I did nothing about it. 23 years later it is flat white and WIDE back in those days (before little 'keyhole' surgery) it was a cut from stem to stern from boobs down to belly button...... hahhaah my oh my have things progressed to the good point now.

(P.S. I am not that old either)

by a bra strap and when pregant that whole bust area is larger just by being pregnant so I can only imagine the pain it gives you. mine only bothers me when I wear clothes hahah (like t shirts sweaters and stuff, as it is on the neck across the first bumpy vertebrae on the neck back there....


01-04-2005, 11:17 AM
Don't you just love it when docs just mumble a bunch of junk like that? LOL. I think they all do it.

The thing that gets me about these scars is that they were just shaves. I have to wonder if the resulting scars have anything to do with the skill or carefulness of the doctor. (I only saw a regular derm.) I had a complete excision from my lower back when I was about 19 or 20 (4 years ago). It was a very large mole (dysplastic, precancerous, but benign at the time. My mom said it was congenital. Just a freckle when I was born. Which makes me nervous because my son was born with a freckle in his butt crack that is growing with him!) the excised area had to be at least 3x3x3 cm's because he was hoping for clear margins initially so I wouldn't have to come back. Then, of course I was stitched up. This derm was well known in my hometown for his terrible bedside manner, his age (70's), and his ability to beautifully stitch anything with tiny stitches for minimal scarring. I now have a scar that is somewhat noticeable, about 2 inches long, completely flat, no keloids... the best you could possibly imagine coming from a hole that size! It was beautiful work, and took no time to heal. He also did a very similar mole on my stomach with a shave and carterization (sp?) which didn't scar much at all. It hardly even noticeable, and I've been pregnant twice since then, which normally stretches and separates scar tissue until it's really pretty! LOL. This is barely even white.

Well, this got long. LOL. But it really makes me wonder if it's all about the care the docs take in removal. The shave on my back still has a black spot right in the middle of the keliod where he didn't even bother to get all the pigmentation. Oh well....

01-04-2005, 11:51 AM
my gall bladder stuff was done by a general surgeon.... this mole stuff, the biopsy was about 1.4 inches in length sort of looked like a smiley face with a dimple, it only had 3 weeks to heal before it was SLASHED into hahah the surgeon for both of them was the same guy, a highly rated and excellent plastic surgeon dealing with reconstructive surgery as opposed to 'ye olde face lift' type (though he does that stuff as well.

My surgery site, looks like a little dippy crator with a big fat lumpy thing running down the centre side to side. with two mountains on either end. (still all puffy and swollen there) so far 4 stitches have not disolved but came to the surface where they were removed with tweezers OUCH (like a bug sting) hahah wimpy me. :eek: :eek:

It has been 4 months since the main surgery, and already two trips to the cancer hospital, (they did not look at it at all) and 2 CT scans later..... MM sucks big time.... It has black riverlettes (for lack of a better made up word) running into it, like little feeder streams into a creek....and sharp bumps along side it, (could they perhaps be yet more undisolved stitches?) hmmmm I do not go to the dermatologist until Feb 2nd (ground hog day, how appropriate) but have this up coming appt with the oncologists with my DH. on the 11th of January....maybe I can get enuff nerve to ask them some stupid questions. They will have me for a patient for at least the next 5 years so better they get used to me. huh? :D

I did not have sutures at all, (inside ones) and outer things were those wee strips that hold the wound together.... my gall bladder was indeed frankenstein style (my expression) sutures and you can still see the holes on either side where the needle went in and went out etc etc

This latest WLE he described as the size of a small orange, and the scar is about 7 or 8 inches on the horizontal.

Your case is very diff being pregnant and all. With me (only have two kids) each one was different, both were C sections, and the first scar was not much at all (I was 25) the second baby was when I was 30 and the scar was much worse than the first, it developed infections, and spilt open, and yes I had keloid as well...(not the first)

How far along in this pregnancy are you at now? (or have you told us) I also have thyroid disease so you must excuse my forgetting brain at times.