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01-13-2005, 11:24 AM
I had my appointment today at the clinic for my "mole mapping". It wasn't quite what the title states. Quite a bit more formal. And it was not quite as undignified as expected. I had three doctors of progressive experience come in and look at me. I was allowed the modesty of keeping my panties and wearing an exam gown. They looked at the moles I pointed out as questionable and cleared all of those. Basically, they just looked me up and down, had me pull up my old ladies sagging bosums so they could look under there, had me pull down the waist of my panties a bit to check front and back, looked on the bottom of my feet and between the toes and behind my ears. First doctor said everything looked pretty good. He saw an area that he was going to have the next doctor look at. The next one said, hmm...let's get the big guy in here. The big guy was tough. He found three questionable moles...one on my back, one on my belly and one, believe it or not, in the upper crack of my butt! That one he declared particularly ugly (wouldn't you be if you resided there??) and extremely suspicious. They circled all three with a pen and took pictures of each. This is so they would have something to compare them to in the future. I had all three biopsied but the concensus is that the one on my back and the one on my belly are just questionable for melanoma. The one on my butt is very probable. I have an appointment February 3rd to go over the results but they have already told me that even if these 3 come back clean, I will be visiting with them every three months for some time to come.

So, Bonnie, it was not quite as undignified as we both had anticipated. :) Not a lark, mind you, but not even as undignified as a trip to the gyn. :) Good luck with yours.


01-13-2005, 12:22 PM
Oh Sally

WHEW.........now lets compare Canada to Florida for zee mapping of zee moles. I go on the 2nd of February, so just before your next appt. The hoot of all this happened to me on the 11th (CT scan results)

Bob (DH) and I trot off to the hospital for our scheduled appointment with the herd of oncologists. We sat down, we read some magazine, and made little jokes of what we viewed from our vantage point in the waiting room. We always have gone in to 'that side' for our consults.

Soon enough a nurse approached calling my name.... Pronouncing the surname like I was from some strange place..... lots of EEEEEEEE sounds instead of Ehv sounds so I and Bob followed like good little cancer people (well one cancer lady and hubby in tow) to the OTHER side of the room, where a long corridor of sterile looking rooms happend to be instead of nice cosy comfy exam room.

HMMM says we together in unison (almost like siamese twins is we at times) however, nursey comes through, gown in hand, says to me infront of this man (who she did not know was my DH) could have been a neighbour man for all she would know. Tells me to disrobe, cept for panties.... me fumbly mumbly and horridly embarassed (why I dunno been married for 36 years) but still in the glare of the light, and old saggy self (age 54) there I be.

Gown does NOT FIT feel like my ahem BOOOOZUMS are squished flat like those young things with big b oobs stuffed into tube tops...hahha Bob laughs quietly and I begin to chuckle.

NEW DOCTOR comes in..... hmmmmm feels my neck, feels my armpits, NOW KEEP IN MIND I am not a slob really, but we had not expected this to happen, at all, so ( :o :o slightly hairy legs) and I had been running about on the carpet at home which we are in the process of ripping up and do not care if it is dirty, so zee feets they are BLACK and there I am in this sterile white room. hmmmmm. However, he proceeds to check me just quickly as he admits he is more clear on the inside of me, but needs to see a few things, and looked at a mole on inside left thigh, under my saggy ladies I have a ton........... and my huge scar with little dots, and many many 'skin tags' he is pleased that I finally got to see a derm on the 2nd of Feb after 5 months post surgery.... he is more pleased to announce that the CT scan shows no changes in the nodules, so the repeat scan will be in July instead of April when my next oncology appt is.

so was it moley mapping? was it Gee I am curious over this strange case of suddenly getting melanoma, and no one suspected paitent lady. Or was it just that I had complained (but not to him, nor anyone there) that NO ONE has bothered to look at me. hahah

Bob andd I laughed all the way home. I am wondering now how the real mole check will go. It is not a mapping I doubt that very much, as I believe those cost big bucks but having a derm check out the spots, and report any weird ones to the surgeon who will remove, sounds so wrong compared to your treatment, and biopsied 3 things on the same day, same time, same same. HMMM

Sally, it will be sooooo interesting for me to post to you and others to compare what you had done....to me. I hope my time is as non threatening modest and all that yours was.

01-13-2005, 01:58 PM
Well, sounds to me like you just had the same kind of mole mapping I just had. I must say, I was a little disconcerted at how casual the whole thing was. I had expected them to have a little chart and mark all my major moles (I have a ton of them) off on the chart for future reference. I had expected them to do a very thorough scan of my body, not the most modest look see they did. (I do have a large one under my armpit that they never looked at, and in the horror of them finding three suspicious spots I even forgot to mention it). I guess I was expecting everything except for them finding some possible melanomas. Here I am with this big bcc scar on my face and I wasn't expecting them to find anything to worry about...what an idiot!! :)

I also have to say that I have very good insurance. That may be why they did the biopsy right then and there. Not only will they get paid by my insurance company, they also get to charge me for the deductible. I think that may be the difference between your experience and mine. I know my gp who is supposed to specialize in skin cancer screening, never saw anything on me except for some pre-cancerous spots that he used his handy dandy spray can on to freeze. How come he did not see that spot on my back that concerned this doctor? Oh well, ours is not to look back and say why, ours is to look forward and say, you damn well better look closer now!!!! LOL

Anyway, I am surely not looking forward to my appt in Feb. I know the one on the butt is going to be melanoma and I know they will want to do surgery. That biopsy was the most painful of anything I have had done, including the surgery on my face. Who knew that the thing you spend so much time sitting on would be so sensitive!!! Sheesh!!

Question...if you had that much removed from your back for your mole, how the heck are they going to be able to remove that much from this spot on my butt for mine??? Lord...this thing is right next to my tailbone...there is not enough meat there to remove!!! I'm gonna ask them to put me under if they need to do any more cutting down there!! I'm afraid of what they may have to cut out!! :) Wish the big one could have been on my belly, I could have asked them to do a tummy tuck while they were there!!!!! Hey!! There's a thought!!! :)

Best of luck to you!!

01-13-2005, 11:18 PM
Sorry to hear about your three suspicious moles. At your mole mapping did they look through your hair to check your scalp?

As far as your original dermatologist not suspecting it, the same happened to me. I went to my dermatologist who said that the bump growing on my nose was nothing. That if I had it taken off, it would not be covered by my insurance, would cost me over $500 and that it would leave a more noticable scar than the bump. He scared me with the noticeable scar. A year later I came back to him because the bump was bleeding and never healing. Of course it was BCC. Because it had been growing for so long it took 4 slicings to get clear margins.

Six months later I went back to him for another bump. This time under my eye. I insisted on a biopsy even though he once again said it was nothing. It was another BCC.

When I was 17 (decades ago) I had about 9 big, dark, raised moles removed from my body. It was all covered by insurance then and not considered cosmetic. I had one on my armpit (made shaving extremely difficult), one on my waist where my pants would rub it raw, several on my back, and one on my privates. I still can't believe at 17 I had the nerve to even show it to the doctor. Back then I had never heard of MM. But these moles were big, dark, and raised high and I hated them. I am so grateful that I was brave and had them cut off.

I am crossing my fingers that none of your biopsies show MM. Who would have thought that you had a mole in the crack? I guess we should all grab a mirror and check all of our private areas. Try to relax because I am sure the results will be negative.

01-14-2005, 08:08 AM
Hello Sally of the moles.

Oh I just have to keep on chuckling for sure.... you asked about the surgery and such a large hunk of bonnie taken out. (FAT BACK) is better than lack'o'crack -

I do not know. On the WLE they also talk about skin grafts in cases of backs and arms, and tissue laden sections, they do that 'fold' so the incision is that shape (smiley mouth) name I believe is ellipse (something like that). You also mention you want to be put out. well there was never any question with me, it was a local for the biopsy (left a scar about 1.5 inches with 3 stitches), then the WLE was this 8 inch scar.

I was totally given a general anasthesia, as the surgery was 2 hours long. That comes with problems, as well. breathing tube down the throat, and even my eyelids were sticky from having them taped shut, (so I cannot peer at them I guess) haha It was in 'day surgery' meaning in the morning, (after fasting all night, as per general anathestic requirements - and I was picked up 8 hours or so later. Quite an adventure. But much easier than staying overnight in hospital.

Armed with drugs, for pain (did not really need much) I spent a leisurly few days being pampered and spoiled... then six days after that, I began my adventures with Princess Margaret (cancer hospital here in Toronto) where I will be with for ever I guess. MM sucks like I always say, and I am really praying for all it is worth (and I believe it is worth it) that your case is gentle, and all three of the moles are just that moles...plain simple and boring. But if you find you are not that way...... do never forget we are here, and I will prob always be here too.

Can we call yours a butt tuck? since you cannot have the tummy (which I think would hurt just as much)

Be brave...... I will post as soon as I have had my checking of the bonnie under scrutiny of bright lights - today I had my treatment for scar management, paid big bucks for some 'silicone gel pad that stays on (but removes for showers and baths) go see the doctor in 8 weeks, and hopefully the scar is flat and not sore.

Write often, it does indeed help both you and me and others.


01-15-2005, 03:22 PM
Belle, yes, they did check through my hair...very thoroughly, and told me to make sure each time I went to get my hair done to have my "hairdresser" look for changes. Unfortunately, I am the type that gets my hair cut every 6 months or whenever it gets to the point that I can't stand it any more. I don't have a regular hairdresser, so will have to rely on my DH to check for me. I laugh thinking about this....look at me squating on the floor in front of the sofa while DH sifts through my hair....doesn't it bring to mind the monkeys in the zoo grooming each other??? LOL

Bonnie, you never fail to make me laugh, and you did again. :) Yes, indeed, a butt tuck is just what I need!

The spot on my belly does not bother me at all, even though it is still oozing a bit today. My back alternately itches and pinches...it was a slightly larger spot than the one on my belly. The one on my butt, however, is being a problem. I'm going to the pharmacy tomorrow to see if I can get a horseshoe shaped pillow to sit on. The spot is extremely uncomfortable and I cannot sit for any length of time without having to get up and relieve the pain. If just a biopsy hurts this much, I shudder to think what any actual surgery will be like!! I'm keeping all fingers and toes crossed hoping all three are nothing more than ordinary moles!

I bought a lottery ticket today. I figured I deserved some good luck. :) Maybe I can at least win back the $5.00 I spent on it!! Wish me luck!!

And my eternal thanks to all of you. This board has provided more support than I could ever have imagined. Thank you all.

01-16-2005, 04:20 AM
It goes without saying I will be praying for you on the 3rd. I am also having a positive oulook on this mole check thing. The doctor (really young and cute) when did the doctors get so young I wonder? however, I digress..... During his brief encounter of the scary Bonnie Body kind, he said he did not think that there were anything on me to worry about, but before I heaved a sigh of boozumy relief (not knocking him out mind you) he admitted he only really could claim complete clear insides (from the CT scan) and was not at all sure on the outter things. So the derm will be my next stop.

YES TO MONKEY CHECKS (only our spouses do not have to consume their findings like Mr. and or Mrs. Monkey do when finding a delectable morsel on their better half.

I never go to hair dressers at all. In fact I cannot remember when I went. my hair is long and straight and now white (no not like a old hag) my DD trims it when it gets too ratty on the ends. (calls me her beloved aging hippy mom) but since the hair is white, Did you notice that white haired people tend to have PINK scalps? I would think that a mole would pop out like a giant zit on the nose! I dreaded if I chose to take the route of chemotherapy (which still looms ahead if this mole check proves bad) I dread the possiblity of losing my hair, and revealing the never before seen hairless pink thing that I think lurks under the hair.... I will use boot polish if that is the case.

Having also THyroid disease, makes for thin hair anyway, so if I lose it all one day through cancer treatment, so beit. cannot change the course of events, but then there is no need to have DD hunt through my strands or DH who does things to help me out as well.

Well, I better get the coffee on, as Bob will soon be up, then I must think about what to wear for Church....

Take care and God Bless too, and I will cross all fingers toes, and eyeballs if you need me to...... You poor dear with the sore bum and all. It is hard, as our tailbone area takes the brunt of our portly and not so portly selves...I cannot imagine your discomfort Sally. A tube thing will prob help for sure...