View Full Version : mole with 3 different shades of brown?? waiting result of biopsy

01-22-2005, 03:57 AM
I had a mole that had started to change about 2mo. ago. I had a red ring appear around it, and then disappear, and itched, and peeled just a bit. It went through 2 cycles of this. When I went to the Dr. he said, it had 3 different shades of brown, but he was not worried about it. He did biopsy it. Shaved it off. However, it is still visable. It is red and puffy and it itches. Is this normal? Any comments would be appreciated. :)

01-22-2005, 09:11 PM
I had a mole like this on my chest. It was rather large too. It had slowly grown over a decade. It was large, irregular shaped and had several shades of brown. It was benign.

You didn't say how long it has been since you had the biopsy. Has it been a week or so?

It takes at least two months for your body to stop healing. In the meantime the redness, itching and puffiness is normal. My scar took months to heal and slowly formed a red keloid. Since it was high on my chest and easily seen when I wore tops, I asked my doctor to give me a shot to flatten the keloid out. It flattened nicely and now I just put a dab of concealer on to cover any redness. Over time the redness will go away.

So just give your body time to heal. If you don't like your scar, my friend said that the over the counter scar treatments work pretty good. I hope all goes well!

01-24-2005, 10:16 AM
Hello KRP84 when do you get the results from the biopsy?

I am glad the doctor is not worried about it to that extent. I am not familiar with a shave biopsy. My mole was big and ugly as well, and so a shave biopsy was not even considered, due to the 'staging factor' I had a excised biopsy which showed malignant melanoma stage 2B. Followed up by a WLE and now sport a 8 inch long scar just to rid the offending mole, and make sure super clear margins happened. But it is a now a life long thing, going to cancer hospital every three months for several years etc etc. So please do make sure you are getting all the help you need.

All I can say is for you to keep an extra watch on it, as full outright removal would have been best IMHO. Melanoma is horrid. But it does make me ever so more aware of moles and changes within moles. (I am heading to a dermatologist who specializes in cancer for a complete mole check) if anything is suspicious a surgeon will be removing the offending mole!!

Take care and be wary is all I ask.


01-25-2005, 02:48 PM
Thanks for your replys, I now wish I would have went to a surgeon :confused:
I will have to keep a eye on it. It has been about a week since the biopsy and I haven't heard anything?? I guess that is good news.
I will check in later!! :wave:

01-26-2005, 05:12 AM
Hello KRP84

What is done is done. I know I would also not ask the doctor why a shave biopsy and not a excisional one was to be performed, as I had no inkling nor knowledge about anything to do with this.....

I was sent to a plastic surgeon by my family doctor, and both doctors had no suspicions of this mole being a malignant melanoma. It was a real surprise all around, which puts me in a risk category for the rest of my life.

Since reading so much on this, I have learned from other groups as well as my doctor that they never would do a 'shave' biospy just in case. You cannot get a correct 'staging' if it is a shave (meaning the actual depth of the 'tumor' that is what it is called that 't' words. comes to mind a big rolly thing, but it is not always that.

I had the biopsy done say on August 9th and on the 23 went to have the stitches removed (15 days later) that was when he told me it was malignant melanoma!!! I had no clue, no worries, nothing as it was 'nothing, just a ugly mole' no problem!!! wow my head spun around in shock for sure hearing that news after thinking it was nothing....6 days after those stitches came out I was back in hospital for a 2 hour excisional (called WLE) to remove loads of surrounding tissue, in case something escaped. 6 days after that I was accepted into our Princess Margaret Hospital for care..... long term care depends on how things go month to month. Check ups every 3 months\\

I cannot stress enough the importance of "when in doubt, take it out' and I will always now be a strong advocate for being smart about the sun, and all ways to get a tan. l for one, never sunbathed, never hung out in the sun, never never did anything 'wrong' yet here I am!!

So do not worry about the shave biopsy just try to learn and be informed, and take along a list of possible questions the next time.

RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH but do not take everything you read to heart. Like I said At least you got it looked at and I wish you the best of luck. You could also phone the doctors office to see when the lab results will be made available to you, and ask for a copy if possible (if only for your own records) But the probability of something being wrong is slim you do know that don't you? Just be aware!

Bonnie :bouncing: :angel: