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01-30-2005, 01:00 PM
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I'm new to this site and was unsure where my message would get the most attention.

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I am 77 years old :) and have a stasis ulcer located above my ankle, which occurred about two months ago. Has caused me a great deal of pain which I try to control with Advil and Darvocet. It spread rapidly around my achilles tendon, which is now exposed and about the size of a nickle. My latest doctor (a plastic and reconstructive surgeon) has started me on the KCI V.A.C. system which home health care nurses change three times per week. I've just been using it since 1-23-05, so don't have much to report. I would like to know if any readers have had success with this system, or have anything else to suggest for treatment. Would appreciate any replies. This little guy represents would I'd like to do able to do :bouncing: Thanks.