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06-25-2002, 08:10 AM
Hullo All:

My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer last year. She had chemo and then radiation theraphy. She was doing pretty good up until the last week of radiation and then she fell very weak. She then diagnosed with pneumonia due to radiation. Her doctor claims it is a common occurence. She was prescribed many oral drugs for her pnemonia and shortness of breath. Now she is off the drugs but not feeling any better. At her last examination the drs said her tumor was completely disappeared but her right lung was a bit filled with fluid. They decided not to drain it after weighing pros and cons (mother is 66 years old). Anyhow, she is still weak and have shortness of breath. I was wondering anybody has any experience with radiation related pneumonia?

Thanks in advance.


08-12-2002, 09:56 AM
Hi, how is your mother doing now?Sorry to hear of these side effects !
I hope she is better and it was worth it !What type of cancer has/had she got ?
Regards Bettina

08-12-2002, 08:35 PM
My father has non small cell lung cancer stage 3, he is going through his combo of radiation and chemo on his third week of treatment. My concern is the side affects of the chemo or radiation has caused his esophagus to become infected or inflamed and he is having trouble with swallowing anything other then saliva. He is on meds to reduce the side affects. My question is this common and will the pain subside he is on morphine pills to help the pain so he can eat. I am worried about pnuemonia or other problems caused by the treatments. Has anyone had the esophagus problem and he is also coughing up some blood and they put him on antibiotics in case of an infection in his esophagus and or lungs. Does anyone have any advice or info pertaining to his condition thankyou all and may god bless you all Thanks Eva

08-21-2002, 07:43 PM
Mom had radiation to her throat and upper lung area to help with the cancer once it had spread to the lymph nodes and yes we were warned to that this weakens the system to the point of getting pneumonia. She never did get it which was lucky but after talking to the doctors too the patient runs the risk of getting pneumonia for about a year after radiation. Also to with all the chemo and radiation, the immune system is running very low. I would ask the doctor if they have tested the blood.... I forget what they check but they can tell where the immunelogy is standing.


08-28-2002, 11:15 AM
Thank you for all the responses. Mom feels a bit better. She says she can even walk around 5-10 minutes couple of times a day. She still has pneumonia though.

Mom lost quite a bit of weight. Actually the good thing was she was overweight to begin with so right now she is not all that skinny but it still breaks my heart seeing her what she is going through and all that weight loss.

We had our monthly engineers meeting at work this morning. They were talking about one of our employee's cancer treatment and what he has been going through. I remembered mom and I almost broke down and cried. I had to bury my head to my notepad. I came back to my office and read all the replies to my post, I am so gratefull to this message board. Thank you.