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03-21-2005, 05:12 PM
well this is isnt ultimate, but i need an anwser. never in my life have i seen a low fat block of cheese in a store or whatnot! i watch tv steady and never seen a commercial for low fat cheese blocks. yet, the computer always tells me abotu em and i donno where yah get em! the thing is...i need to gain weight neways, so i shouldnt worry, but when i do hit my goal weight, can i just stick with my original cheese? i love cheese! especially with whole wheat crackers. tonite i just had 3 huge peices of chicken quesadilas. yum:) so good. but, i dont wanna go overboard with the whole "fat" thing. but i need the protien and calcium, so cheese is good....right??

03-22-2005, 06:14 AM
Well Sammy,

Basically cheese is a tasty mix of protein, fat, and water...with the FAT being the predominant component.
Taking the fat and replacing it with fillers yeilds a pretty dreary product that IS available but not very popular because it tastes awful (and melts WORSE!)
There are better protein souces. Like a can of tuna.

P.S. I love cheese too and I just try too control the urge toi eat it morning, noon, and night. In my days before I got the stent installed in my clogged heart, I would sit down with a half pound wedge of brie and, like a conjurer, make it slowly disappear over an evening's TV!

03-22-2005, 11:32 AM
I like laughing cow light cheese. Its really soft and creamy and oh so yummy. You should give it a try. :bouncing: This is the only kind of light cheese that I really like. I too could eat a whole thing of brie... or better yet smoked gouda. But unfortunately... we all know thats bad.

03-22-2005, 11:36 AM
Look for a cheese which is less than 20% Milk Fat (M.F or B.F). Most cheeses are about 35% M.F. I like Black Diamond Light Cheddar and Skim Milk Mozarella Cheese.

03-22-2005, 05:28 PM
they never say how much MF is in them tho...like frig me. haha

03-22-2005, 05:51 PM
lol..it should say at the bottom, in small writting.. 18% L.F.

03-23-2005, 05:22 AM
Yep it MUST state the fat content on the nutrition label most predominantly right next to the calories.
For example, for a Sharp Yellow Cheddar (shredded) I have in the fridge it says:
Calories: 110 Calories from Fat: 80.

Since you want to compare apples with apples, this particular cheese is best considered 80% Fat. Horrible thought, eh.

If you buy from a deli ask to see the large loaf he's slicing from...same label is affixed by law!

If you want to DISGUISE the fat content a manufacturere can say that the cheese is 9 grams of fat in a 28 gram serving (one ounce) and thus only 32% fat, but that is deceptive because most of the OTHER 17 grams is water.

(Same gimmick for hamburger...93% lean means the product is 7% fat but depending on how much water is in there it could conceivably 60% or more fat by calories if there isn't much water pumped in.)

03-23-2005, 06:31 AM
Ooohhh....i see. yeah i went to the fridge and actually took a closer look. it said 31% MF, but then had 39% moisture or whatnot?

03-23-2005, 09:11 AM
Sammy, I'm a little confused. You are trying to gain weight, so why are you worried about whether to eat regular cheese or low-fat cheese? It's different if you have to control high cholesterol by your doctor's recommendations. If you're healthy and young, you probably do not need to worry about how much fat is in your cheese. Young people need fat to help the neurons in the brain develop. Eat your cheese and enjoy it. There are so many different kinds of regular cheese that I wish I could enjoy like I did when I was young.

03-23-2005, 10:59 AM
its because she's wants to eat the less fat cheese once she reaches her normal weight..i think, right Sam .? :)

03-23-2005, 03:03 PM
yea, u could say that:)