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03-28-2005, 07:26 PM
hey! well, im on this whole new HEALTH GAIN WEIGHT KICK...notice the words healthy? im not letting myself fatten up with sugar foods and fatty oily greasy foods due to me recovering from an ED, so im always going to be health obsessed. well i never drank coke in the longest time and i just had the biggest coke urge. well i drank 2 big glasses of diet coke and by golly did it taste good:) its calorie free but still has caffeine and aspartame in it, so now i am like really "wooWy" ! haha i wont let myslef drink it lots..just the odd times, but man does it feel good. now i know why not to restrict foods for a long time cuz then cravings are unbarable!!

is diet coke really all that bad? its actually something i can drink with my friends thats actually bad for me(they drink coke and stuff all the time), but have no guilt.

03-28-2005, 07:35 PM
THere are so many opinions on this, and basically it comes down to this: diet coke is not GOOD for you by any means, but in moderation (that being the key word) it is ok. Pop of any kind is empty calories (meaning there is no nutritional value in it) and water and juice are always better- but for the sake of teenagehood and being more normal, diet coke is fine!

03-28-2005, 08:00 PM
just drink this stuff at parties..don't keep any of this at home because, you'r proly gonna drink it..keep in the frige Milk, juice, water(with ice and, lemon) or some Perrier too..just put control over this stuff(Pop), its really not healthy at all. :) bye

03-29-2005, 01:29 AM
apparently diet coke is worse for you then normal coke cuz it has that sweetener stuff in it, which heats up your stomach and does all this bad stuff to you, i dunno some ppl think its not true, but i just know ive heard alot of stuff about it not being good.
however, having said that i used to drink it ALL the time, not cool.
hmm neway, i spose a bit now and then cant hurt, but then neither can a bit of normal coke. especially if ur trying to gain weight why worry about the sugar? its gotta be better that the sweetener stuff, its so artificial, and diet coke also has more caffine. so i guess just drink whatever you think tastes better, because they do taste different. you could drink something like sparkling apple juice instead if u wanted something healthy and fizzy.

ohwell dont stress over the small things sweety, ive read so many of ur posts about what ur eating on this weight gain thing, and i KNOW its hard, but try not to stress over what ur eating because thats the type of thing that triggers these EDs in the 1st place and u r trying to recover right.
remember there are no good and bad foods, so if u have something that is not the "healthiest" choice, it doesnt mean its still not good 4 u!!
sorry to ramble on like that. good luck with ur recovery sounds like ur doin great!
luv em

03-29-2005, 06:45 AM
Aaw, thanks guys! yeah, i actually lie diet coke better than regular..lol. but no, i dont get the nasty cravings alot..i mean, this was the first time in like 2 years. lol. All of ur sugestions make sense, and yea, i'll keep it in moderation.

Thanks wemmy for ur supportive words!:) i know i am stressin over every single thing i eat, but im getting better... thanks guys once again!