View Full Version : My Mole is flaking

04-03-2005, 08:41 PM
Hi there everyone, I am just getting a little concerned about my mole. I have always had it and it is in my armpit. It is brown in colour and is raised. Lately, small darker spots have appeared on it and the other day small crusty bits seemed to flake off of it. It nearly makes me physically sick when I fiddle with it! Its disgusting! My armpit has started to ache lately but not the mole itself. Could this be a melenoma? (sp?) Thanks for all your replies.

04-04-2005, 07:02 AM
as you know melanoma is a very serioius and potentially deadly disease (in its later stages) no one here on this board should or could possibly tell you. If you are worried (and every mole that is suspicious to YOU) you should high tail it to your doctor, and they will be able to help you more.

It may be just a normal ugly mole that is 'shedding' I have one of those as well, it is not MM nor anything to be concerned. I am a melanoma patient undergoing care so all strange things I come up with are checked out.
ct OWN peace of mind, may I suggest you get a referal from your family doctor to maybe a qualified dermatologist and have them check it out for you. The only way (should it come to that, for even them to know if it is melanoma is to have it removed by the correct method (excisional or punch biopsy) NOT A SHAVE (if it is suspicious in the first place)

Do this as soon as you can get things organized if you are concerned. Any changes in moles, should be followed through.