View Full Version : Blood Spots on face after vomiting???

04-08-2005, 04:18 PM
I'm just curious about something. This is baby #3 and with all my pregnancies I have had this problem of when I throw up I get these little blood spots all over my face and even in my eyes. It looks pitiful and I'm embarassed to even go out in public. I don't know if it's normal. It seems like everytime that I was going to ask the dr. with my other pregnancies, the spots were gone by the day of my appointment. Does anyone else have this problem or know if it is normal ? They look awful it makes me look like have some kind of disease. Please help? :confused:

04-08-2005, 04:46 PM
i am not pregnant, but anytime I vomit, the capilaries around my eyes burst and leave those little pin-***** red dots. When the vomit is forceful, they can spread all over my face and get bigger. It kind of makes me look like I have red freckles :) I don't think it's anything bad... my mom always said that we had "thin skin". In pregnancy, I know your veins get bigger, so maybe that is why it only happens to you during pregnancy? I dunno. I just wanted to let you know that someone else had heard of it happenening.

04-09-2005, 04:26 AM
hi i had the exact same thing happen to me and still does if i vomit,my doc said it was blood vessels bursting through the strain but that they would always go away and were similar to getting a bruise,so dont worry about it,i know its a pain but make up is a wonderfull thing! take care. :wave:

04-09-2005, 07:52 AM
The same thing happened to me when I went into the hospital for very bad vomiting. I woke up the next morning and looked like I had been in a boxing match! *lol* Blood vessels had burst in and around my eyes as well as down the front of my neck. The nurse said it was definately nothing to worry about and they were gone within a few days.

Take care!