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04-20-2005, 04:35 AM
I have really tried to make an effort to improve my diet and my weight and overall health. A long time Low Carber, I had to pull away from that because I lost my Gallbladder and I had a kidney stone Protien based, and according to my doctor, me and Low Carb wasn't such a great idea. I lost weight on Low carb without even trying, it was so easy, when I did stick to it that is. But if I didn't it would creep back.
So I crept back to 330, which is a big man, I am very broad shouldered and big in general, but I shouldn't be more than 220, I figure so I set that as my goal. I changed over to a low GI diet, and have spent the last two weeks every day walking. I watch my calories, and I figure I am about 1500 a day with 70% of that from veggitables and fruits, 20% lean meats and the remaining 10% from Dairy and some whole grain bread and cereal.

I walk 1 1/2 hours a day, up and down some decent hills in my area, which works out to about 5 miles (I drove it in my car to measure) one hill I walk up is insane, I had to stop a couple times to go up the first time, now I crest the thing easily at a good pace. I come back feet sore each day, I'm flat footed, so its hard on them, but better than jogging (thats agony for me) and well to be honest I really enjoy the walk.

I had thought I was doing everything right, I am sleeping better, seemed to walk father without getting as tired, have more energy. I feel better than I have felt in quite a while. I was looking forward to my reward when I steped on the scale this morning, there was allot of sweat that went into it, as well as keeping a handle on my calories and eating the right food.
I thought for sure I did well, I could see it in my face, and my shirts felt loose, and I thought this is going to be good. Umm yea right, I looked down to an added pound, I didn't go down, crap I went up. How discouraging..

So Now I sit thinking, now what. Do I go down to 800 calories a day? Do I have to take up jogging, something I hate because it makes my ankles swell up in pain because of my flat feet?
My Doc is also pushing me hard to have that stomach surgery, He just happens to mention it a couple of times when I see him, and you know, I don't want to cut my insides all up, that just seems wrong. I would rather be heavy.
Right now my BP is good, my sugar is good, My heart is good, (just had a stress test for physical, turned 40 and all) He told me everthing is fine, but it wont stay that way if I don't loose weight. OTher than that I take care of myself, no Drugs, no drinks, no smoking.
But at this rate, I am not sure I will succeed, I seem to be going backwards, I feel great, but maybe I am just fooling myself.

Not sure, very discouraging, I have just looked over my diet journels, I am definetly under 1500 each day, hmmmm. Excise and eating right isn't giving me the results I was hoping, I think I will go kick the scale..

LOL... hmmm... sorry just venting..

04-20-2005, 06:26 AM
If you see a difference and your clothes fit better, then your body is obviously changing.

With exercise, you are replacing the weight of lost fat with muscle, which is a good thing.

Donít place all evidence of success on one indicator (the scale). Your body has numerous ways to adapt when itís routine is changed besides just being less affected by gravity.

Personally though, I do question your decision of 1500 calories a day.

Thatís not much energy to feed the needed fat burning metabolism of a big man.


04-20-2005, 08:01 AM
i agree. the cals are WAY too low. you should be at AT LEAST 2000 ( i would guess between 2500-3000). also, maybe som of the foods you are eating are irritants to your body (which you can probably discover through a good naturopathic dr.). have you talked to a dietician/nutritionist? you can do a search engine to see your required calories-i usually find them a bit on the high side (for instance, they say my BMR +activity should allow me to maintain at 2200, but i find i gain if i eat more than 1800/day). its a matter of trial and error and seeing what works for you.

as for the gain, okay 1: probably is becasue you are eating too little 2: if you eat a lot of veggies (if u think of the actual volume of 500 cals in veggies compared to 500 cals in chocolate) they will weigh more in your stomach 3. walking builds leg muscle-especially on an incline. and when your muscles work, they retain water which can make you 'heavier'. for instance, if you workout then weigh yourself right after of the next day, you can be way heavier than you would be if you did nothing for three days (assuming you diet is adjusted accordingly).

good luck!

04-20-2005, 09:59 AM
I agree that you need to add more calories, at least over 2000. Also, please don't be discouraged by your weight. You see that you are thinner, and that is the aim, right? In my first week of eating better and exercising, I gained 3lbs, because I was adding muscle.

04-22-2005, 04:33 AM
Well it was discouraging, I do appreciate all the great advice. I was a bit discouraged, though I promised myself I wouldn't let setbacks stop me, So I kept going and exercising. Though I did cheat and have a tub of Mashed potatoes and Gravy (slight slip) with my chicken.

I stepped on the scale again this morning, sure the mashed potatoes on Wednesday put me up another pound, and yet I was down not only the one I had gained, but another three. So now it seems I lost weight, 3lbs actually. I'm confused, can your body go up and down in 3 days by 4 pounds, thats seems allot. Now I am wondering if my scale is broken. I do still feel my shirts and pants have become looser, so that at least is encouraging.


04-22-2005, 11:01 AM
Nah, thats normal. My weight can fluctuate 4 pounds in a day. It depends when you weight yourself, how many meals you've eaten and how much you've drank. Also the last time you went to the bathroom will effect it. To gain or loose a pound of mass you have to eat 3500 more or less then you burn. I highy doubt you had a 14,000 cal diffrence in 4 days so its defintley water weight, undigested food/empty stomach causing the varyations.