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04-27-2005, 04:29 PM
ok. i recently lost a lot of weight. 220 to 140 in a very short amount of time. im a 16 yr old male, and stand at about 5'9. the thing is i lost all this weight by not eating hardly at all...and now that im back to eating again, i weigh about 150-152...and id like to get down to about 145...but the healthy way. so is this ok for a day's eating?

breakfast - nutrigrain bar, 8 oz glass of choc. milk

lunch - texas straw hat, and 3 sugar cookies, and a little fruit - btw, does anyone know how many calories would be in something like this? the texas straw hat is fritos with taco meat on top of it and covers about 1/4 of the plate...and the sugar cookies are just something the lunchlady bakes i think...idk...

dinner - turkey sandwhich on wheat with an 8 oz glass of diet sierra mist.

i also run for about 30 minutes on the treadmill every day after school and burn about 310 calories. but other than that im not really involved in any sports or anything, but im definitely not lazy...im in a hardcore band and we practice prolly 1-2 times a week, and its very tiring and sweaty lol...we go crazy, axe droppin and what not lol.

so, tell me what u think, and if theres any changes u can make or anything...but keep in mind that i am a teenager and its kind of hard to eat health ALL the time. i also drink alot of water through the day at the drinking fountain, after i work out, and sometimes a glass before bed or in the morning....sooo....?