View Full Version : How do you make your hair colour NOT fade?

05-10-2005, 04:58 PM

I noticed that whenever I get my hair dyed/highlighted, it looks great right when i get it done, looks very blonde and bright highlights.

But the colour seems to fade pretty quickly, like 1 week after it's been coloured.. like it's not as blonde as it first was.

What hair products do you use or recommend to help make the colour stay bright?


nadia snow
05-12-2005, 12:08 PM
i use CLARIOL shimmer lights haircolor shampoo & conditioner for color treated hair. the container is a purple color (on the outside) & the the shampoo & conditioner itself is the color purple to combat brassiness caused by haircolor fading & sunlight altering the haircolor. i love it and it WORKS very well! i highly recommend it. yes it also makes the hair brighter (not lighter) but healthier and really natural. i usually combine the shimmer lights conditioner with a moisurizing conditioner especially to my ends but other than that this product is dopeee. tell me how it goes if you try it. <33

05-14-2005, 06:06 AM
Yeah that same exact thing happened to me. I used Feria "Intense Red" hair dye..on the front it has "ultra colour, ultra lasting". Omg..you would be amazed..my hair was an awesome bright red, then i noticed everytime i washed my hair..the colour would come out..and now its gone a really cool brownish-red..its a cool colour..but i prefered the bright red. And it was a permanent too. The only hair colour you can rely on that it wont wash out or anything is your natural hair colour, sadly..especially if you dont like your own hair colour.

05-15-2005, 12:21 PM
I dye my hair red too - Garnier Nutrisse - and red seems to fade very fast even though I used the L'Oreal Color Vive shampoo and conditioner. Within about a month I'm usually looking more strawberry blonde than red. I recently went to Sally Beauty supply in search of a color depositing shampoo and got Quantum Reds shampoo and conditioner which seems to be helping the color to last a bit longer. I used to use color depositing products from Aussie but they were discontinued in the mid 90's so I was happy to find more. One word of caution, the red shampoo and conditioner is messy. I don't wear my contacts in the shower and have pretty bad eyesight so I couldn't see the mess I was making. I finshed up my shower and closed the curtain partway. When hubby went to have a shower he said the tub and walls looked like something out of CSI.