View Full Version : Skin Graft Appearance

05-15-2005, 04:03 PM
I had a BCC removed from the tip of my nose and had a skin graft 6 days ago. The biopsy of the removed area said that the surgeon got all of it. I have to go back in 8 days to have the stitches removed from the graft and the donor area. My question is what is the normal appearance of the skin graft during the initial stages. Mine is somewhat reddish and a little shiny. The color and texture is consistant across the entire graft. It is about 3/8" in diameter and is held on by about 12 stitches. Boy, BCC is really a major pain for a relatively non-serious condition. Novacaine shots in the nose, no going out in the cold, no exercise, no lifting, careful not to bump the nose, etc.