View Full Version : Small dark spot on abdomen-scared!HELP

05-21-2005, 06:25 PM
Hi,I have lot of sun damage due from years of living in the deep south and spending summers in the sun and tanning bed.Sunscreen was never heard of.Now,I am more cautious.I still get outdoors but now with sunscreen and less time.My dermo told me at my age (44) the damage was already done prior to now.I last saw dermo,P.A. actually in Feb for full body check.Everything was fine.But lately I have become totally obssessed with a small,dark brow,flat spot on belly.Husband thinks I am nuts as usual and says it is a freckle or "sun spot". I think I might have shown it to the dr but he was not concerned,not exactly sure though.Can melanoma start as a small,dark pigmented area?I am freakin out right now,totally ruined my weekend.

05-24-2005, 03:48 PM
Melanoma can start as a new mole or arise in an existing mole. I have a lot of sun damage too. Grew up in the 70's and tans were in and no one warned or said a thing about skin cancer. So I tanned and burned and never thought a thing of it. Now I'm paranoid as well. But it goes in spurts. There are times I obsess about my moles and then I get a little perspective and rationale and just watch them.

Having said that, if this mole bothers you, why not just get it removed? About 4mos ago I got a new mole on the inside of my toe. I'm 42yrs old. All the info says you should have all new moles after the age of 40 checked. So I was certain it would turn into cancer. So I went and had it removed. It came back fine, but now I don't have to watch my toe and wonder if it's changing. I know it's a pain in the butt to make the appointment and make the time to go in and have it taken off. But if you do, you'll know and you won't have to be freaked out about it anymore.

Good luck.

05-31-2005, 10:30 AM
Diva, is this a new mole/freckle? And how small is it?

I have a little spot I'm freaked out about too. I think it's like 1-2mm right now.

I'm like you and iris. Been paranoid about moles and freckles and such for the past few months. So, you're definitely not alone. iris - I forget, what did your new mole on the foot look like?

I agree with iris as well... if it REALLY bothers you to no end, you can go and point it out again to the derm/PA since you said you weren't sure before. He can either offer you assurance that it is fine or take it off for you to make sure.