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06-13-2005, 08:18 PM

I have this mole under my arm its a dark brown in he center and a light brownish pink around the edges, from what I can see atleast one edge of the mole is raised. Sometimes a hair (ick) will grow in the middle of it and sometimes it itches really bad. My grandfather had skin cancer twice, once it was removed, the second time he got it they found it either right before or right after he passed away. About 4 years ago I had my dr check it out, he scheduled a bioptsy (sp) but he ended up having to cancel for an emergency. I never made another appointment. Im chicken of needles and surgery. Anyway my question is, if it was skin cancer wouldnt i have had problems by now?

Thank you for any info you may have.

06-14-2005, 04:17 PM
The only way to tell if it is cancerous or precancerous is to have the biopsy.
Many people don't find out that they have skin cancer (melanoma) until it has moved to another part of their body (lungs, brain, liver) and that part of the body shows symptoms.

So why not take your doctor's advice and have the biopsy? I know that you are afraid of needles, but if it was cancerous and you did nothing about it, you would have more than one shot to deal with later on.

When they do a biopsy, they give you a shot to numb it, then you may have one or two stitches.

I hope you will conquer your fear and make an appointment.