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06-27-2005, 10:24 AM
About 4 years ago my husband was worried about a mole on his face so he went to our HMO Dr. Wanting to hold the line on expenses as this is more money in his pocket, the Dr. said that yes, it was cancerous, and froze the mole off. He told my husband that no biopsy was needed and he had "gotten it all". I cut my husbands hair about every three weeks or so, and when I cut it in May I didn't notice anything out of line, but around the first of June I noticed a black spot about the size of a half dollar on his temple area. On closer inspection I saw another spot further back into his head. He went to the Dr. right away(not the same one) and the Dr. immediately sent him to a Dermatologist. He will be going in tomorrow to have it checked by the Dermatologist, and I fear bad news. I have looked at various pictures of Melanoma on the web, but none are as large as this spot. Too, this spot appeared in only three weeks time or so. But it could be that I missed it. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks!

06-27-2005, 06:18 PM
I am not a doctor, nor do I have any experience with melanoma, but I would not think that melanoma would grow that fast (3 weeks). Have you checked to see how fast melanoma can grow and the likelihood of two spots so close together?

I would guess that it is something else. Please keep us posted as to what it is.

06-28-2005, 05:55 AM
The ONLY way to have malignant melanoma diagnosed is either a 'punch biopsy' or better yet a excisional biopsy with large margins. never a shave, never a freezing. Yes MM can surface again quickly and since the mole was not excised and sent away for a pathology to accurately identify it, and stage it who knows what it may be.

Do find another doctor, one who is more in tune with what is what. If it was truly cancerous, I really cannot understand this doctor. The large black spot may well not be a cancerous leison, but a qualified melanoma saavy dermatologist can determine, then have the excisional proceedure. That is the way of your National Cancer Institute and all other reputable agencies.

Never allow a suspected melanoma to be removed without the correct proceedures. Do research on Malignant Melanoma and other skin cancers. please it is very important. Now if it is a BCC or a SCC that could present in a different matter.

If an existing mole changes in any way and follows the ABCD (and E) of criteria then it must be dealt with.

I have had a clarks level 3 staged 2B malignant melanoma removed, which was 4.00 mm thick (considered large) it was ONLY A MOLE but it had grown vertically and horizontally. It surprised even a seasoned surgeon as well as my own famly doctor. Now for the rest of my life I must have CT scans, body checks, bloods, xrays, and have had my whole life drastically changed along with my family's way of life. MM is sneaky, it is evil, it is justifiably called THE BEAST and for a reason.

I find it crazy that the doctor says "sure it is cancerous" then proceeded to 'freeze it off' that does not remove the thing that may be growing underneath.... even a atypical mole has to have clear margins before one is considered ok.

Seek more medical help.