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tai chi
07-06-2005, 02:46 PM
Hello nice to meet you all, been reading your iste this last week my hats off to you for enduring this. :) last week I had biopsy (Im 45) on stomache small very tiny freickle turned into round black raised itchy thing, I get checked each year my dad has had many red scaly cancers (mostly pre cancers) removed by scrapping them off then never has to go back. I was told I had to come back and have extentional surgery on it (sp) layer by layer and thats becasue its cancer, nothing more, so I go back in to have this done in 2 weeks then they stich it up, Im NOT a sun goddess typ eat all andfaier olive skin with Dark hair and eyes, French and WElsh. How Can they Tell from this surgery if they get it all, we are so confused heree at ahome.
Saw my internal dcotor yesteday and now I also have to have diangostic mammo and ultrasound, mass in right side of breast going in next week.

I Get cheekd each year by Dermo for antying on body that looks odd, never had ANYTHING thtat loooked odd until the last 6 months just like it GREw out of nothing and was black as can be gegtting bigger and biggger like the THING that ate me,hah,a. Not AGood way to live in the Month of July but Im severly ill arelady and severly disabled so its PAr for the Course, udnrofortunatly my body cant endure alot more as we (me and my nuerosurgeons and dcotors) are keeping me " Comfortable at this point in the GAme" We arleaddy know my other disasess will give me a Shorter span but Man Oh MAN Im Not letttting something like this take my butt out of Life, so if you CAN anwyerr any of thsee quweestions please help, we CAn take reality we have to live in it 24/7.

Your AKind Group to Readd about, sorry about my writting my hands get TIred and I CAN yt yuse my ehadset to SPeak into tDOay 9only have half a Diparhgm left.

GOD BLesss
TAi Chi :)

tai chi
07-07-2005, 12:13 PM
yoo hoo anyeone out there :D people have looked. oh well have a nicee day . PEACe and hugs

07-07-2005, 08:50 PM
Sorry to hear that your black spot was cancer. Did they do MOHS on the site? This is where they take a slice off and look under the microscope to see if there are any cancerous cells. If there are, then they take another slice until they come up with clear margins. Usually they only do MOHS on the face.

You can ask your doctor if they checked with the microscope to see that you had clear margins.

My MOHS surgeon said that with BCC skin cancer, you have a 20% chance of having skin cancer pop up somewhere else on your body within the next two years. Sure enough, less than a year later I had another BCC on my face.

07-08-2005, 03:59 AM
sorry for lack of replies... I was at the hospital yesterday having my quarterly scans and tests done. Came home was pooped and went to bed. Now.... You say you had a mole that grew into a monster? almost overnight. My mole which I have had for years (since puberty) suddenly developed a life of its own and became like a hardened, huge raised raisin from a nice normal perfectly symetrical mole, upper back below neck region.

I finally had to see about it, and after a excisional biopsy to get wide margins around the tumour it was discovered to be malignant melanoma, and I was taken back in in less than a week for a WLE (wide local excision) means they took a 5CM margin all around. the scar is quite nasty, but since it is my life, and I do not care (and was blessed that it was on my back, not my face) I am ok with it.

Moral of this story, is you were right, to seek med advice and treatment. I waited for 6 months also, more facinated with his fast growth than anything else. (conversation topic, starter) haha.

So Tai Chi.....It is my knowledge that if they suspect something is cancer, they should not be doing a shave biopsy, I do not know the term 'extensional' biopsy, that is a new one for me. MOH's is great for facial and nose, and perhaps ears to some degree. You cannot get a staging factor with MOHs (that is the thickness (not external size) of the tumour as it appears under the top layer of skin.

I wish you only the best luck, and I am glad you are under medical care, both for the mammogram stuff, and all the other. I know this board cannot be the magic cure for you, but you are doing the right thing with the doctors.

I do not understand "because it is cancer and nothing more" if it is cancer in any shape or form be it BCC SCC or MM they all have importance, even if we have other medical issues.

I will pray for help and guidance from your doctors to you if that is alright with you.


tai chi
07-08-2005, 11:07 AM
thankyou So much Bonnie and Belle sure makes you feeel better knowing youer not alone :angel: . I honestly dont know what he did for the first biopsy :confused: I was in theree and he quikcly looked at it and said this needs to come off and loooked at shoved a needle into my stomache area where it was and next thing I know he says " look away" and puts a bandade over it and says" DOnt lose any sleeep over this", next day on late friday afternnon they call and sayd you have to come back in this needs to have excitional surgery (Same Type you said Bonnie) and shes gone! poof!. I CAlled back and spoke with a guy theree I reconzied as nuerse and he says well becacsue they found cancer in theree (it was a Mole) dark dark black with lines in it, they need to do this surgery heree where they take more tissues, deeper and wider most likley and as they do it they will check it and keep doing more each time if it keeps showing it and he sayud when I asked what it was (mind you I knew NOTHITNG) about cancers, he said they already know what Type it is and this is what needs to be done end of converstation last week.

So I Stilll dont know what type cancer it is, I have to say it loooked prettty bad, raiseed itchy scaly and jet black, we also found I have now besides the mass in breast, swlooen painful lymphnodes under left arm and a couple down left neck toweards the shoulder. Do they nornally make you wait like this for 2 weeeks to do the outpaitnet surgery even if its Melanoma??. We think its the punch biopsy becasue of how it loooks, its acutally still healing and you can see black 9like the mole loooked) deep down its almost closeding up now at least.

Im SO sosrrry you both had to go through this, its scarry to hear that word cancer, my sisters both had cnacer (one cervical and one SKin) my Dad and his mother had them acuitally on her breasts and had to have both removed (skin) no one ever said the word melanoma (my familyy donest like to talk about such things) Im arelady fighting to live right now and lost 6 pounds this last month so Im down to 94, I CAN onlyy use half of swlowwwing from brain daamge and still trying to stay for 9 yearss now off feeding tube, I also have a rare geentic problme with Liver and lungs, and will seee in few montths if I have to have my 5th Brain surgery , whatss a gal to do :eek: , GO ON VACACtions,h,ahaha,hah I WISH!./

MNAy hugss tyo you THankss gain, your borht Brave.
TAi Chi

07-08-2005, 11:59 AM
It sort of sounds like you are talking about two separate types of surgery. An excisional is when (after your initial biopsy, which you have had, in order to get a diagnosis of 'cancer')

So excision is when they do a very large margin, usually around 1cm up for the mole removal and usually it requires a few stitches. They take the appropriate amount of tissue. Then it is sent to a lab for further study, and that is where and only where a correct 'stage' is set ie I am Stage 2B Clarks Level 3 MM. That is not to say it is you.

Then you mention about taking more and more until clear margins are attained, to me that sounds like the 'shave' type which would only be done I presume as your first proceedure. All cancers usually are excisional, as that is the best way (to my knowledge) to get clear margins upon a diagnosis is cancer. BCC and or SCC are handled a tad different, as is Malignant Melanoma 'in situ' meaning in one place, not spread.

But Tai Chi, along with your mulitude of ailments, it may well be that I am totally wrong. My mole was taken out on an excisional biopsy, I had 3 stitches and the cut was like a little smiley face smile about one and half inches long.

It took from the 7th of August to the 23rd of August when I went back to get the stitches removed, to hear those horrible words MM. Due to the total shock both from the doctors and me, I was taken back into hospital in 7 days. But that is not normal for here....If it were say breast cancer, one would assume the time from discovery to surgery is much less.

My Wide Local Excision or WLE was performed, and they left me a scar about 8 inches long, and clear margins. No Sentinel Node Biospsy was done, due to the small hospital I went to. They referred me immed to a major cancer facility not too far from where I live, and that is where I go now, for my every three month checks, and CT scans, and all that stuff.

It also depends on what country you live in. I live in Canada and even that depends on which province you live in. In The states it seems things move quicker, but I must tell you to get a correct doctor, I suppose since you have serious other medical conditions, you are being taken care of.

No it is not unusual to wait 2 weeks from diagnosis to the WLE. I am confused however, on your statement regarding the method a WLE is done here under general anathesia (depends on how big the mole is, (inside, as moles begin life down there, come to the surface, and usually spread horizontal before the begin to penetrate. The 4.00 mm (millimetre) size of mine dictated deeper leison. It too like yours was huge on top, black, with great lines, and rather icky.

Be persistent with your medical team. Be an advocate on your own health treatments, talk talk talk to your doctors. Do not jump the gun and think the worse. Breathe! :D in other words. There is nothing you can do to change this now...but you can fight it but of course you need the further surgery.

Lymph nodes swell for any number of reasons.... autoimmune disease, any kind of virus (ie flu colds etc) just because and yes any changes from normal should be checked.

I hope I have been able to help you a bit. B ut for me not knowing what type of first surgery be it a 'shave' a incisional, or EXCISIONAL is key here. as I said and let me repeat....excisional is not usually done twice.... enuff tissue is taken to avoid subjecting the patient to more pain. MOHS is great too but not generally used on MM. Belle knows much more on that subject than I do, lets hope she can help you figure out which one it is you had.


tai chi
07-08-2005, 12:35 PM
bonnie I FEel SOO dumb here,ha,ha,ha. I think I HAve it now. I Must have had a SHave the top of the Miole is Gone, so it Must bne Incisional one they will be doing, they did already say from the First biopsy it was cancer fo course maybe the nurse I talked to is Dumb too! :) he Said they Will go in deeper and Wider as they Need to in order to see if its Spread, what doenst make sebnse to me is would they be abble to tell me exactly WHAT kind of Cnacer it is after this next biospy and if its spread???? , I EMan they cant just keep diggging into me while Im there can they. HE Did say they will stich me up aftewwards. So I suppose from readdingh your notes (boy youve been through the ringer so sorrry) that if they can get it all then they do the EXCITIONAL one wheree you are put unders antestia. I appologise for my spelling my handss are not always so good and speeeliing is a real proablme for me after stroke last year. I Feeel badly asking all the ????,. once IO Get it though I wont bug you :D

LOVE CAnada SO much. Im from WAshington STate orgicnaly and used to travel there often.

07-08-2005, 02:01 PM
Ok then a shave will tell them if it were cancer. The excisional which is called WLE is what is next on your list. It is pretty well a standard proceedure. They will not however be able to accurately 'stage' (depth) of your leision due to the shave bit.

Doesnt make much a difference anyhow, except for possible easier way to decide treatment.

No more assuming things ok? when they have done the WLE and have the clean margins all will be well. On my biopsy (first one where the mole was completely excised (removed) that was where the diagnosis of Malignant Melanoma stage 2 yadda yadda yadda was seen.

You can ask for a copy of the 'report' from your shave thing. Lots of people now always get the assurance of a excisional biopsy if the mole (leison) is large enuff which yours sounds like mine was.

Some doctors do not use a general anathestic just a local (which was what I had on my first biopsy (mole removal) the general one happened with the WLE as it took much longer than the few min it took for the mole to be extracted.

So like I say Keep calm. stay cool, deal with your other major problems, this cancer will sort itself out. Good luck with the rest of your illnessess. I think you do well typing after a stroke. I think you mentioned the dictating program on the computer (saves typing) but I found it to be harder, as it spelled things the way it wanted to and I had to clarify where I wanted commas placed, or periods etc and It made me laugh too much when I wanted to write serious things.

However, I digress. Take care. let me know whats happening. Perhaps you can get in touch with your National Cancer place.....it is on the net, and they have lists of doctors, and hospitals that deal with stuff in your area. Several people I have come into contact with are from washington state, on lady from Spokane there are really lots and lots of resources out there for you to try.

You have a hard time, and you should be made aware of all the possibilities that are available to you. More will come after you have this next proceedure (WLE I hope) done...... treatment (if any) will be started, be it like I am watch, wait, and if something comes up they remove it. I am in my mid 50's now, and this is still quite new to me this cancer stuff. I hope I have been of some help to you.. Feel free to 'vent away' this particular board is usually quiet, and I am soon off on vacation for a couple of weeks. but will be back by the end of July.

Lets not get too involved until you know which skin cancer is happening to you. So many different options, and not to jump the gun so to speak, and think you have the worst case scenerio....lets pray it is a simple one and one that you can easily deal with OK DEAL??????


07-08-2005, 05:45 PM
I hope you are able to put some of your lost weight back on. Get a lot of rest and eat right. When you find out what kind of cancer it is, please let us know.

Wishing you the best!

tai chi
07-09-2005, 07:04 AM
Tahnykou Bonnie and belle you have been a godsend to me I feel much more informed I dont normaly go into anything without knowlege just getting overwhlemed by having to deal with so much, been doing this survival mode for so mnay years Im pooped! ,ha,ha. finally grew my hair back again for about the 9th time and its been shaved so often it looks like dog doo doo just grows in weird, so today I may go get it cut short again at least it will be on my terms and not someone with a razor making the pahtyway to my brain and skull clearer. . I DOnt live in washington stae anymore, were in the rockies now, sure miss home someontimes and that lovley water. its funnny how were all here becasue off something crappy but were all still people with lives and hopes and Dreams.
I hope all of yours come true.
Will write again after I get the next round done.

hugs Tai chi

tai chi
07-25-2005, 10:23 AM
going in today this afternooon for excisional biopsy with stiches, nerves have been shot waiting for this but I know I will be relieved just to have it over with and know bwetter about this mole that was shaved (wish I had known that was a no no but he just did it right there quickly last month and just said it needs to come off , now on to round 2 with hopeufly good news. Will let you know how it goes.

God bLess been thinking of you :) .
hus Tai Chi

Ga Lady
07-25-2005, 10:58 AM
going in today this afternooon for excisional biopsy with stiches, nerves have been shot waiting for this but I know I will be relieved just to have it over with and know bwetter about this mole that was shaved (wish I had known that was a no no but he just did it right there quickly last month and just said it needs to come off , now on to round 2 with hopeufly good news. Will let you know how it goes.

God bLess been thinking of you :) .
hus Tai Chi
I just had that done too! It isn't that bad Hun...Just the waiting process. My first biopsy was a shave also. A deep shave at that. But mine was a superficial melanoma and depth of 0.80. He done a 1 cmm excison around the area and wow what a hole when you look at it from a naked eye. I didn't think about how they were going to put me back together...But they had to cut extra and that went well too. I took this week off so I could let my arm rest and not pull the stitches. It's in a weird area so any odd movement makes me pull them alittle bit.

I will say a prayer for you as I know it's a nerve wrecking process. But in all honesty, I felt like I left that disease at the office in that little jar when they were done with me. God Bless!

tai chi
07-25-2005, 02:51 PM
thankyou SO mucch for wirting to me today was feeling nervous I JUSt got back from excision and first thing I asked for was path report from Shave biopsy, Mine soudnss like yours So far at leastt, wil know more in one week hopefuly when I go back for stiches to come out.

The report from Shave SAys" There is JN with Moderate Atypica And Peripheral MArgin Involvment, there is Parakeratotic scale as well as eosinophilic spongiosis. There is Elongation of the retia and scattered population of dsiposed Atypical Melanocytes with upward scatter."

HE Took Like yours quite a heafty little chunk out today I reallly didnt feel a thing thankfully :) , He SAid he hopess to know on this second biopsy next Monday at appt, Then he did a BOdy check on me with that magnifying loooking thing, He lookedd even more concered about the second one he found on my back that is BLack also but has Red in it and it diddnt last year so he ijmmmediatly after excision on stomache one took this other one off to be sent to lab. ITS hard not to worrry but at least I have someone hleping me. hess a nice man I myust say Wuth 3 generations of Skin cancers including melanoma I feeel he did take this seriously, I SAw the chuinks in the containers Yuck!.

WELl CAnt do anytthing about all this until Monday SO will Try to Just Melloww out (the word I use to my kids,ha,haha) and hope for the Best! THanks GOD for this FOrum Or I would FEeel bvery very alone.


Ga Lady
07-25-2005, 07:58 PM
I didn't pick up my path report when I was there but this is what I do know...0.80mm Breslow with no ulceration. Stage 1 and ....that's about it...Oh yeah superficial and said the excision should of got it all. I will know more on that later this week. I believe so tho. Early stage he said. Not deep. And....God has give me soooo much peace this time. I am glad yours went well Tai Chi...mine didn't hurt either. It still doesn't hurt but my stitches are tight and with my job that I do which is home health I am afraid I will pull them loose. But the dermatologists daughter offered me a job there so I am hoping to be working there with them. That would be sooo cool I think! Plus ...I can ask "what's this?" and 'Does this look ok?" all I want! LOL! No...this stuff is scarey but we have to find humor in the midst of something...I believe in laughter being the best medicine! I am praying for good results for you hun! Let me know when you get them ok? Love and Hugs .....and Prayers going your way!

Ga Lady
07-30-2005, 07:51 AM
Tai Chi, I was wondering how you were doing? Hope your doing well. I still haven't heard from my path's yet! Waiting is the hardest part isn't it? Let me know your alright...Ok?