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07-22-2005, 12:37 PM
I copied and pasted this on another board im on for help so if it sounds out of order sorry! :(

Ok Ive only been working since monday as a cashier... Well the thing is I have to be a couple hours late for work today because my stomach hurts! * i have (IBS) Irritable Bowel Syndrome, its where your stomach will be spastic all of a sudden and most of the time HURT REALLY BAD! sometimes to the extent of throwing up... basically diarrhea. Well i had this EVERYDAY 24/7 before i went to the doctor and had a colonscopy done... nothing was wrong there and he gave me white pill before that... never worked so he gave me these other pills that didnt work till i started taking antibiotics with it... then finish the antibiotics, and the meds worked WELL by themselves but sometimes not even those work. Since i was 7 they have been trying to figure out how to help me... well this is as close as they can get.* Any ways I just got my job and i work 1:30pm-10pm and i stand most of the time and i CANNOT leave the my spot while im scanning people. Well when my stomach starts being spastic... i have to get to a bathroom... RIGHT THEN AND THERE! THats the reason i dropped out of freshman year in high. When i did go to school i might have went maybe 14 hours out of the whole school hours... alot of the time i couldnt go in till 12pm! any ways... I took emergency medicine (my moms) it ALWAYS used to help all the time... now its only a chance it might but i took the chance of being dizzy and tired all day *its a nerve pill*
Ok here my thing... How am i supose to go to work and be successful! Im going to end up getting fired because of it! I want to work hard, we need this money... but i cant. Its NOT FAIR! WE NEEd THIS MONEY AND JUST CAUSE OF ME I CAN HELP SUPPORT OUR SON! *crys* this stuff tears me up sooo much! I know its not the badest thing to have but it interupts my life sooo much... heck when it was real bad it got to the point were mark and our realationship might had fell apart cause i was always saying it hurts i cant do anything with you mark.. i ruined his time going out... EVERYTHING! It was hard even taking care of Kole. What do I do? Doctors cant help... I dropped Cigs (for alot of reasons mainly IBS though) I dropped eating my fav foods... sometimes i dont even get to eat cause its the food that does most of it... Last 3 days were ok cause out of those 3 days i had maybe 2 meals... The pain from its bad enough.. now mark is going to be upset if i get fired cause it will all be on him again and i will feel bad! Also stress is one of the worst things to have if you have IBS cause it makes it worse!
I dont know what to do!?!?! What can i do!?!?!! I NEED this job!! I just bawling my eyes out over this, heck even that makes it worse... SMELLS make it worse... it just gets in the way of my life. It controls my life basically.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME! I know no one might no what to do or what im even talking about but I do have a severe case of IBS... So small stuff doesnt work... and oh great my moms pill kicked in.
thanks for reading that long post
it means alot to me if you reply OR EVER READ IT lol

07-22-2005, 03:51 PM
First of all... I would like to say I sympathize with you.

I would like to know what medicines you have tried, not just calling them "white pills", but the actual names.

Secondly, I would urge you NOT to take your moms "emergency pills"...

Give me a list of things you have done to try to help it... Medicine, over the counter products, etc.. and I will give you all the information I know on medicines and OTC products.

Make a list in your reply.

07-22-2005, 05:26 PM
ok the ones im taking now twice a day are. (im going to write exactly whats on the bottle.
Hyoscyamin ER CAP .375MG they work fairly well only after i started taking a antibiotic while taking them. Only took 30 of them though but after that the Hyoscyamin pill started to work.
I Dont know what the Antibiotic was called though sorry all i know is that they were new and they were brownish red and cost 300 dollars.
the ones i took before that were...
Glycopyrrolate TAB 1MG Those did nothing.

Since i was 7 though i took Pepto-Bismol that worked maybe my first year of having it and hasnt worked since... trust me i tried a couple weeks ago.
Ive tooken over the counter anti dirrhea pills. Never worked.

Oh and my mothers pills are called clonzepens (i didnt start taking those for emergencies till i was 16, and only for a couple months rarely. Then i had to stop taking anything cause i got pregnant in feb of 2004. and ive only tooken a couple since after words... after I had My son kole it got worse but ever since i got the meds im taking now it will hurt maybe 1 time a week IF i dont eat more than one LITTLE meal a day, and get sleep. (which is hard to do with a baby who likes to get up at night and stay up)

I have other pills my doctors had givin me through out the years but i dont remember there names or even what they looked like. I gave up for like a year when i was 14-15 and in jan-fub tried to find someone to help again cause it was hard enough taking care of my son, didnt need my stomach hurting to then leaving him crying while im in the bathroom :(

07-23-2005, 11:19 AM
So basically Hyoscyamine is what you are taking right now.. as well an an occasional anti-anxiety med(emergency pill from your mom).

What over the counter products have you tried?

Have you tried calcium? Calcium is actually a wonderful product at treating diarrhea. It has to be Calcium CARBONATE, and not citrate... Caltrate Colon Health is a popular choice. The way it works is by not working actually. Calcium carbonate doesn't get absorbed into the body/bones as well as citrate and the remaining unabsorbed calcium makes its way to the intestines soaking up water along the way. Taken once with each meal, you may find some relief from loose stools and urgency.

Have you worked fiber into your diet at all? Fiber works for both diarrhea/constipation, and you need at least 25-35 grams of fiber a day for your intestines to function the way they should. A good fiber supplement is something like Metamucil. You want to make sure its soluble fiber, and not insoluble fiber. Start SMALL, and work your way up. Your body needs to adjust. Truthfully, you may have tried this before, but it can take some time for your body to adjust, so I would try one more time with the calcium.

As far as medicine goes.... Have you ever taken an anti-depressant? Anti-depressants like tri-cyclics (Tofranil, Elavil) can cause constipation, so they are very useful in treating IBS-D.
If you've tried one before, and found it didn't help you, you may want to think about trying another one. It took me 4 tries to find one that worked best for me. Tofranil worked wonders for me for a year.
Another one to look into is Remeron. Remeron works on the same receptor in the intestines as Lotronex, helping to slow transit time down in the intestines, therefore relieving diarrhea.

Lotronex has been a miracle drug for some. You might research it a little further to see if it would be a medicine for you, as it is only prescribed for people with severe diarrhea predominant irritable bowel syndrome. My gastro doctor says this medicine is very safe if taken as prescribed, despite its warnings. The majority of the people that had problem with this medicine were elderly. You might want to discuss this medicine with your doctor, as it has given many people their lives back.

Neurontin is another medicine that is being prescribed more frequently to treat the pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome. It has an on-label use of treating post-shingles pain, but many medicines are used for different things. My gastro just mentioned this to me at my last visit, and I will probably end up trying it in about 8 weeks.

It really is a trial and error with medicine. You often times will need to try several different medicines before you find one that really works for you.

I also might add that some people have found relief with taking Buspar(an anti-anxiety medication) and Nulev(an anti-spasmodic like Hyosycamine) together.

This is a start, reply back if you would like to discuss further ;)