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Ga Lady
07-22-2005, 12:48 PM
I have posted in other threads on here that I was diagnosed with melanoma a few weeks ago. I had the excision done Wednesday the 20th. The specialist told me not to panic due to the melanoma being Stage 1 and only being 0.80mm in depth. He took a large portion out of my arm and told me there was a 95% chance that it hasn't spread. I feel very positive that I left that 'disease' there in that office inside the container! But more good news came out of the visit. They offered me a job while I was there! So...I talk to them Monday and hopefully will be working with my dermatologists! How convienant! LOL! But in all seriousness, I honestly have peace with this. I feel very confident as he told me everything I needed to know. He answered every question. He done exactly as he was trained and is a top notch dermatologist! I won't get the results for the excision until approx 8 more days but in all honesty. I have no fear now! I did in the beginning! Panic and fear over came me to no end! Prayer and Faith of many and having faith in the doctor helped me, plus family support. I am 36 years old. Cancer DOES Not run in my family. So...Please....if you have anything on your body your in doubt with...check it out! Mine was a pink thin melanoma. No ulceration. Stage 1 and ....Level? I'm not sure about that! Thought this might help someone!

07-24-2005, 12:25 AM
Hey im very glad it was stage 1! what did your mole look like when u got it cut out? was it ablack more how big was it? also how long did u have it? i have some moles too.

Ga Lady
07-24-2005, 05:33 AM
Shawn, I honestly don't know how long I had had this 'spot'. It was something I wouldn't even consider a mole or a freckle. It was a pink flat with a slight raise above the skin lesion. The redness around it signaled that it had imflammation and that my body was trying to reject it. That's what caught the dermatologist's eye and mine as well. Melanoma do not have to be black. Although some are and of course moles that are black doesn't always signal melanoma. I sense you have alot of anxiety about this. I did too (I had a panic anxiety disoder when I was younger) so that really blindsided me with this. But the anxiety has been pretty normal anxiety not overwhelming.

Shawn the best thing to do is go have your moles checked. WHEN IN DOUBT CHECK IT OUT! If I had went by the internet to diagnose my 'spot' I would still be sittinghere. It's just that 'gut feeling' I had that I needed to go! Don't lose sleep over it. Just go and talk OPENLY with your dermatologist. I recommend a dermatologist because the general practioner that delivered my children looked at mine before I went to the derma and said' Ah..that's nothing to worry about!" Well...IF I had listened to him I would of been in trouble. Also if you dont like the way a mole looks tell the derma that you WANT it gone...it's your body...don't let someone tell you. My derma is very good and understanding and that helps a bunch!

After they cut my 'spot' out...it looked like a piece of meat with fat on it! Diameter the size of a golf ball but not that thick. I have a major cut on the back of my arm. But hey...I'd let them have my arm if it would of got rid of this cancer in me. Vanity went out the window when I heard melanoma! I hope this helps. I don't want you worrying your self sick. The things we worry about most is things that we have imagined. God won't put more on us than we can stand. Although I have asked him many times...Why do you think I am so tough? LOL! God Bless! And Good Luck! Go on and check it out..waiting is the worst part of it all.....even the cutting and needles aren't as bad as the waiting!

07-24-2005, 01:04 PM
hey that is very interesting. was there always red around your mark or did it just pop up? Ihave had my moles for years. So im afraid if i get it checked out and it is cancer that it will already be to late for me since i waited so long. i have panic disorder too, ihave been to the er thinking i am dieing many times. so you can understand my state of mind right now. my grandpa did die of melanoma so i am worried. hjowever my mom has has many many moles, big wide, black in them and they have all been benign. so who knows. i just hope its not melanoma. but on aug third i have an appointment so i will find out. thanks for respoce. let me know.

Ga Lady
07-25-2005, 12:39 PM
Shawn, To be honest, I never really monitored it or knew it was there. The fear you have is 'the unknown'. There is a time we HAVE to face things whether we want to or not. We have to either know or not know. It's not a matter of standing back because of fear. I was afraid when I got the call I had melanoma but whatelse was I to do? Run? No! I had to face it! Climb that mountain and pray in faith what I wanted and what I knew God could do.

As for your panic siuation. I have no idea how many times I went to the Er in my late teens and early twenties...finally my husband said No More! so I done it afraid and I set myself goals to endure and made myself face each one. I had panic attacks every day of my life for weeks and months at a time til I had to take a leave from my job. It was bad. Then to finally feel settled and be in my mid thirties and find out I had melanoma was a blow! But I didn't panic. I had fear but the normal fear. Not the 'running from a grizzly bear' fear...I will face this challenge and I know I am not alone. Go have the moles tested. You have to do things afraid in order to get results. I know....I did!

07-25-2005, 02:32 PM
golady, hey thanks for the support. i would have never even had been worried about moles if it was not for me reading stuff online. my moles are not changing at all. the speck of black prolly aint even nothing but needless to say, i will have them checked out this august 3rd. i have no insurrence for 90 days atleast so its all out of pocket so this sucks. i really dont have the money right now. I just got to do it though. i just hope its not melanoma, i cant deal with a blow like that right now..not now...if u have melanoma can u live a FULL life? like 35 years after being DX? or is itlike a 10 year sentnce?

07-25-2005, 03:00 PM
ga lady, hi, i tried to post a repley but it must not have went through. right now i do not have insurrance so when i go to the doctor i have to pay for everything. i have had these moles for years 5-6 years maby, perhaps longer. there has really not been any changes in my moles. not sure how long the speck of black has been in my mole, i mean i never even really looked at them much at all until i read about melanoma. Once i read about it i just was like uh oh i have moles and next thing i knw im obbessed with every feature of my moles. sure some are odd shaped but they been like that for years. and well not to be graphic or nothing but the one thats odd shaped and has the peck of black is in the middle of my pevild under the pubic hair. i mean i have cut it while trimming up, sex im sure can mess with it because of its location u know? just been really stressed over it because i dont have money really do to go to the dr. i have to though because now im worried. do u think though if it was melanoma that my mole would change? my sis has been going out with this guy for a while and hes a nurse. he says that with melanoma that the mole ismore black and had redness around the mole. the skin area around the mole is inflammed he says. he says changes in moles are also a sign. and says the the borders are not THAT big of a deal. so i dont know. yes i remeber the days of going to the ER for panic attacks. pretty silly huh? I bet you have Mitral Valve Prolapse? AKA heart mer mer? i do and panic disorder is a symptom of that. anyways thanks for all the support. i will keep preying. and you sound like your doing ok? has the dr spoke much about how things will be for u in the future? do people who catch melanoma early live a long full life? or is your life cut in 2?

Ga Lady
07-25-2005, 08:06 PM
From what my dermatologist told me ...mine is a thin melanoma. I am redheaded and blue eyed..so my skin is very fair and 1 in 75 caucasions will get melanoma...and tanning beds and sun is the biggest factor but not the only. so is genetics. Although I am the first in my family. As for life span? Well.....he said there is a 95% chance this stuff won't spread. But like with any other cancer...I have to keep an eye out for weird looking moles every three months and stuff like that. Or lesions. Since this thing wasn't a mole or a freckle but a 'spot' Pink Spot....I know I say that alot but most people wouldn't of thought it was anything to worry about ...but it was and if I hadn't of went then ......who knows? Shawn, percentage of life expectancy isn't really relevant with melanoma....this is a sneaky cancer that can come back or not. It's cut out of the skin...and then you pray it doens't return somewhere else...And believe that but ...Check ups is the key to it all! And I will be doing that for sure. I will pray your visit goes well....

As for MVP? Nope...just plain ole tachcycardia...take a beta blocker twice a day for it! Slowed my heart down to normal...anxiety and panic was helped greatly with it. But I take a med for that too! And for PMS! lol! Women! Right!? Ok...Take care!

07-26-2005, 09:30 AM
so melanoma is not really something that WILL kill you enless you wait to long? I think i understand WHY melanoma is such a killer. Because people wait to long to get checked, and by the time they get checked it is to late. I feel if people would get regular check ups, they would be fine. They simply cut out the cancer. Justlike colon cancer, its a big time killer, however, its very curable if they catch it in time. the reason it kills so many is because people dont go through the testing to see if they have it. am i on the right track here? andhaveu had your heart checked out? MVP signs u talk about.

Ga Lady
07-26-2005, 09:46 AM
Melanoma is cancer. Any cancer can kill you. Melanoma can sneak in the blood, your cells, go to an organ, lie dormant anywhere ready to explode. I try to think of the positive not the negative of this. So the way I look at it. All I can do is keep check ups and do my best to live the best life now...because None of us are getting out of the world alive. Something...regardless of how healthy or all the checkups we do ...is going to take us away. I don't look at the 'mortality' of melanoma, I look for survivors. I am a survivor!

Yes, I have had my heart checked. No Mitral Valve! Just a hyper heart.

07-26-2005, 12:00 PM
well i am very happy for you that u beat this. yes no matter what something takes us out of this world. just dont wanna go out to soon u know? lol i had to push my appointment back untill august 17th because of financial reasons. thats not to bad to push back though. i am really not that worried anymore because i have had my moles for years and they are not changing. if there was melanoma there would be some changes in the way they looked. a tumor dont just grow and be un noticeable? i mean i even push around my moles to see if theres a bump or anything tender. nothing. thank god.

Ga Lady
08-01-2005, 07:40 PM
Got my results today from my WLE and it was clear margins with no evidence of disease. What a relief I felt. But as expected I will have to always keep a watch for other abnormal lesions or freckles or moles. Isn't it amazing what we find on our bodies when we REALLY look? I am constantly wondering if this mole was there and if this one has grown and on and on now that I have had this melanoma removed. It's scarey but at the same time I believe it's normal to be so observant once diagnosed. I am feeling really blessed now that it was clear. I get the stitches out tomorrow.

08-02-2005, 11:16 PM
ofcourse you want to keep looking now. it is soooo messed up sometimes all this health stuff. i dwell on things way to much. i know i have a few moles that need looked at. I have to savemoney for weeks just to get 65 to see if its suspicious. then if it is i have to pay for it to be removed.. lol....gotta love the health ways of this country. if u dont have money they let u die.