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09-05-2005, 08:58 PM
I love these boards. I personally have been here off and on for thyroid problems. This time it's not me. My husband is LatinAmerican and has had a spot on his heel for a while. Last month he told me it turned from brown to black and I said "whatever". But today he showed me that not only was that spot black, but there were other spots on the sole of his feet. I went to the internet to prove him wrong, this isn't cancer of course, but I am really upset at what I found. Not only are the symptoms and pictures very similar, but I have read in more than one place that it is common for melanoma *in Assians, African Americans, adn Hispanics* to start on the soles of the feet!!!!!

I am in shock and can not tell my husband anything other than that I think he has cancer. We do not have insurance for him, but at this point, what does it matter? First thing tomorrow I am going to start calling dermatologists for appoitments. What should we ask, be aware of, and say?

I will check here tomorrow to find opinions and advice. If I sound desperate it is because I am after reading a number of stories about people (mostly young) who have died of melanoma.

Thanks so much for advice and support.. I will update...


09-06-2005, 08:55 AM
The only thing I can suggest to you is what you are doing. Get your husband to a dermatologist (preferabley one who does know about Melanoma) Try to remain postive it is very very rare, and also you mention more than one spot, to me that is very strange to have it pop up like that. My Melanoma grew over a period of years before I decided that it was very suspicious, and sure enuff, it was. Melanoma comes in various colours as well, as you no doubt have learned. My mole did not "look' like melanoma but it was and a big one at that. I had it removed because it was ugly and huge and was rising high.

While it is true that darker complexioned people have less chance of developing melanoma, it doesnt mean for sure. Nothing about melanoma is for sure. Please do the wisest thing and go to the doctor at least they can set your mind (and his) at ease


Ga Lady
09-06-2005, 08:02 PM
I also had melanoma and it didn't resemble the typical melanoma traits. Mine was pink. Had been there for awhile with only a slight redness around it which pretty much caught my eye more than the color of the mole itself. Well to be honest it wasn't a mole it really wasn't what I would even consider a freckle. It was just odd looking. Came back as a .80 mm Breslow and Clark level IV! I had surgery and had clear margins. Melanoma changes your life forever if you ever diagnosed with it. It surely did mine. I am constantly looking and proding everything.

Bonnie? How deep was your melanoma may I ask?

09-07-2005, 03:54 AM
ah my melanoma was 4.00mm quite thick making it a stage 2 and clarks level 3. Means all the stuff I am doing now, then some. I was offered a place in the high dose IFNa2b for stage T3 - T4 but had to decline, due to many reasons one being it is not proven to help, and could (and my luck) have all the side effects associated with it.

So it is a 3 year of every 3 months checks both by dermatologists, and oncolgists, and CT scans, and blood labs, and any thing weird off it comes, until such a time that a cure or adequate treatment is discovered. But I am glad to be alive.


Ga Lady
09-07-2005, 08:11 PM
Amen to that being alive! Yes ma'm! Mine was considered thin but my Clark level was a IV but they didn't think I needed a SNB so I guess it will be alright. I am just praising the Lord that I caught it when I did. All we can do is live and go on! I will keep your situation in my prayers Bombe! Melanoma can be soo very scarey but I see so many people with it now that my own situation isn't as bad as I once looked at it. I work for the dermatologist that done my surgery and I see ALOT of bad stuff and then I see so many who think it's bad and it's not. If you know what I mean. I would jump for joy if mine had been a basal cell...but we get the hand we're dealt! Love and Hugs going your way Hun!