View Full Version : Sooooo tired of mole watching.

09-18-2005, 08:47 AM
I'm baaaack!!!

I am so sick and tired of watching moles. I hate them! If I could, I'd go in and have every cotten picking one of them removed.

I've had this spot on my forearm for maybe a year. I've been watching it because it looks different than my other moles. In fact, it doesn't look like a mole. It kind of appears see through. Like someone dripped diluted paint on my arm. Very small spot, like the size of a felt tip pen dot. No opaque like melanon in a mole.

Anyway, it got a scab on it. I don't remember hitting it or scratching it. I'm going to see a dr. to have it removed. My question is, I know it could be cancer, but just because a mole changes in that way, is it always idicative of cancer? I've had many suspicious moles removed. Itchy, new, growing larger, etc and all have been benign. I will have this one taken off. But does it always mean cancer when a mole gets a scab? Has anyone had a scabby or bleeding mole and it was not cancer?


09-18-2005, 08:08 PM
No, it doesn't always mean it's a cancer. Many "scabby" and bleeding moles are not cancerous at all. I hope you do well with your appt.! Good luck!

09-19-2005, 01:49 PM
Thanks!! I will still have the spot removed. It's just that everything you read on the internet will not steer clear of implicating melanoma when a mole changes. Seems like if you read something about skin cancer, there is never a gray area. It's cancer because it's changed or it's not cancer if the mole hasn't changed. One or the other.

So thank you for letting me know that benign moles can have these changes as well. Maybe I will rest a little easier while I wait for my appt.

10-16-2005, 05:45 PM
Chnages in a mole do not always mean melanoma. I have many dysplastic nevi... one of which changed from my annual body check last year. When I went for my screening this year, my dermatologist biopsied it and sent it off. It was dysplastic, but not cancerous.

I know that mole watching can be a pain. I have so many to keep my eye on (I even have them on my scalp) that it would make your head spin, but statistically speaking most moles do not change... and checking them once a month is really no different than performing a once a month breast or testicular self-exam. Whatever you do, try not to "overcheck" them. Looking at them daily doesn't really help as it's more difficult to notice changes that are slowly taking place. Set a date each month and check then and make sure to go to your yearly annual body checks.

Ga Lady
10-22-2005, 12:01 PM
ANother thing is go to a dr that takes digital photos and each time you go the changes will appear with the photos. It's a bit expensive but well worth it. I have several spots on myself right now I need to let my derm look at. He's my boss and here lately it's been wild at work and I can't get the time to say HEY LOOK AT THIS! But it's due my check up ...so he will get to look at me! He was also the derm who found my melanoma...that I didn't know was anything to worry about.