View Full Version : Freckle On Lower Lip

09-23-2005, 04:45 PM
Hi all,
About 2 months ago I noticed a freckle on my lower lip, light brown in color and very small. I went last week to my family Dr. and she sent me to a Dermo. who once seeing it, took a quick and painless biopsy. For the past 3 days I waited for a call to see what the Pathologists saw. I visited this board but read nothing pertaining to my situation. That's why I'm here tonight. Today I called the Dr. and found out that I had a "melanotic macules", which is basically a freckle on the lip. I smoke, drink some and lay out in the summer and may I say...this small brown speck, scared the heck out of me. I cried, didn't eat or sleep until they called me 3 days later with the happy diagnosis. Geez, I was already getting my will ready and things in order. I just want to say that if anyone out there see's something abnormal in their mouth or on their lip, please, please go to your dermatologist, it cost me 30.00 total to find out I had a freckle from the sun that wasn't cancerous. Well worth the $$, I must say. I just thought I'd pass this on to anyone who feels weary about what they see in their mouth. I came to these boards while I was in limbo waiting and couldn't find anything that related. So I thought I'd come back tonight and tell my story. I'm thankful that I didn't wait and went as soon as I noticed a change in my lip and thankful it wasn't cancerous.

This is a link that might help, it's what mine looked like ( the pic. on left)