View Full Version : parkinson's or something else?

10-20-2005, 08:22 PM
Hi, My niece who is 17 years old and a terrific girl recently had a DNC. She has undergone a few surgeries for her ears and has been under for those surgeries. She is a larger girl and was having some issues with her menstration--it wasn't coming, but very sporadically. She went to the doctor and they put her on birth control pills to regulate her period. She started bleeding really heavy for a few weeks and after 3 weeks it wasn't going away so they up her dosage of birth control pills. She still continued heavy bleeding and severe cramping. They up her dose one more time and it didn't help--still the same symptoms. They then decided to do a DNC. Immediately after her DNC her hand was shaking, very noticeably. It has been over a month and a half since the procedure and her hand is still shaking. It is wearing her out! The doctors are showing no good faith efforts to help her. They tried a new neurologist. She has had a CAT scan, and an MRI. They say it may be Parkinson's--they say it may be morbid obesity. They keep giving them the run around and my niece isn't getting answers and she is missing tons of her senior year of high school. The last doctor wouldn't even shut the door when they had their appt. My niece carried in a pillow and he felt it, acting like he was expecting to find a tape recorder and he rudely told her she didn't need a pillow to rest her arm on. Another tidbit, the blood pressure cuff was on that arm and she had rest vertical marks on her arm after the procedure. She DID NOT SHAKE before the DNC. They said it wouldn't be the blood pressure cuff because her hand wouldn've gone numb. How would she know if her hand was numb if she was under and how could they possibly know? Somebody else within that medical building--I'm not sure if it was a doctor or nurse--told them not to try and take legal recourse because then my niece may not get the help she needs--isn't that blackmail? Strange things keep happening like the nurse will call randomly when she has an appt. somewhere else. Last night she went to the emergency room, because she thought she may have broken her arm and my sister answered her cell phone and it was the nurse--how did they know she was there and she wouldn't talk to my sister, she asked to speak directly to my niece. My sister said NO-I'm her mom-talk to me! What should they do? Can something like a DNC trigger a hand shaking, is it the medicine, was it the blood pressure cuff? Thanks! I'm willing to listen to any advice. chickyloo :confused: