View Full Version : Help! Mole removed! Very Worried!

11-05-2005, 11:50 AM

I had a suspicious looking mole removed 2 days ago from the side of my chest area.. It was maybe 3/4 the size of a pencil eraser but it was black with some jagged edges. They removed the whole thing and I received 3 stitches. I am a 30 year old male.

I am really worried about the results of the biopsy. My grandmother had skin cancer. I hope I find out the results soon.

What are the odds of a suspicious mole being melanoma? Do they remove them just to be on the safe side? Should I be this worried?


11-05-2005, 06:02 PM
I know worry!! My sister had melanoma about 8 years ago and so everytime something odd happens with one of my moles, I freak! But I once asked those that come to this forum how many had family members with melanoma and most said that they were the first. So, be cautious of your moles because of family history but try not to let it scare you to death.

It's good that your doctor removed the mole. Just because they removed it doesn't mean it's melanoma. It's actually better that a doctor take the mole off than tell you to watch and wait, kind of giving you a false sense of security. Once you get your pathology report back you will know once and for all and be done with it. The chance is slim that it's melanoma. It could just be an atypical mole or nothing at all. But you were right in going to have it checked and even better that your doctor took it off. A lot of doctors take a very casual approach to moles and it really is no big deal to just have them removed and give the person peace of mind.

Try not to worry too much. That's hard for me to say because I am the worst offender when it comes to unnecessary worry. But the odds are in your favor that it is not melanoma.

Take care!!

11-05-2005, 07:33 PM
I has a flat mole on my chest that was the size of an eraser and a 1/2. It had jagged edges and was multi colored. I had it taken off and it was benign. You just never know. My dermatologist removed it just to be safe, however he ignored the bump on my nose which turned out to be BCC. Good luck and let us know the results.

11-06-2005, 10:08 AM
Thanks for the replies. They helped me out. My worry probably outweighs the risk. I have a tendency to worry way to much. This is scaring me though. I will let you know the results.

11-08-2005, 01:20 PM
I got my results today and the mole was normal. I never paid much attention to my moles but from now on I am going keep an eye on them. Especially since I have a family history. Thanks for the replies!

Ga Lady
11-13-2005, 05:13 AM
Glad all of yours came back well too! It's such a relief...You feel like you can breathe again...I know all too well! Good luck in the future and hopefully you won't have any more scares.