View Full Version : Moderate Atypia/Dysplasia Found in Mole

11-21-2005, 08:14 AM

I had an atypical mole removed a couple of weeks ago, and the biopsy said that it showed moderate atypia/dysplasia. The dermatologist recommended that I have more tissue removed around the original shave biopsy because the margins weren't clear of these bad cells. I did this the other day, and now have a 1 inch incision and a bunch of stitches. I will not get the new biopsy results back for another week, and I am really nervous. Could these biopsy results be different/worse than the original? I am worried that the new biospy will show melanoma, and it is really scaring me. Has anybody out there had this done? What are the chances that the new biopsy will show something worse, or am I just over-reacting?


11-21-2005, 07:05 PM
If the mole that was removed did not come back as melanoma, then the rest of the tissue around it won't be melanoma either. The reason they are taking more tissue is to get a clean margin. That means that they want an area of tissue around where the mole was with no atypical cells. There is no medical/study data that says an atypical mole will go on to become melanoma. But since they don't know for sure if it will or won't, your doctor wants to be thorough and get all the atypical cells.

Don't scare yourself. There shouldn't be any surprises. Your original pathology told you what was there and now your doctor is making sure all of it is removed.