View Full Version : Just dx with gallstones, what do I eat???

01-03-2006, 07:34 PM
After years of thinking I was suffering from GERD, I think it may have been gallstones the entire time. The past three days I've had constant pressure in my chest and upper stomach. Last night it was severe pain that radiated into my back and finally sharp pain below my right breast.

After trying to ride it out at home for three hours I finally went to the er. I had to wait in excutiating pain for three hours before I was finally seen. They tried to treat me with a GI cocktail, which had no effect. They then did a bunch of blood work and gave me some morphine, a PPI, and something for nausea through an iv. The morphine took the pain away, but the pressure was still there. They ordered a ultrasound, where they found gallstones.

The er sent me home with Percoset and a rx for Prevacid. Most likeley I will need my gallbladder removed, but until then I am wondering what to eat to try and prevent any more "attacks".

Any suggestions???

01-03-2006, 08:48 PM
NO FAT! Eat baked chicken, turkey, fish ( not oily types), meat only if all visible fat is trimmed, veggies, salad with fat free dressing, sandwiches with mustard not mayo, no cheese, just solid, healthy food. There's plenty to eat just cut out the oil, butter, frying, etc. I lived on turkey sandwiches and baked Lays chips. Toast with honey or jelly for breakfast (lay off the milk). Good luck! The surgery is pretty easy (I'm the fool who jogged 2 miles a week after having mine out)....