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01-04-2006, 06:54 PM
Just had a quick question. I had gone to the derm a couple of months ago to get a couple of moles checked out. The ones I concerned about were fine, but there was one they weren't sure about and they biopsied it. It came out to be fine.However, they wanted me to come back for a full body scan in a month or two.

Fast forward today. The scan is going fine until they get to my feet! I didn't think I had anything to worry about since I had been monitoring myself for changes. However, I missed in between my big toe and the next toe over on my left foot. They found a mole that I had never seen before. The diameter was about 4mm. The borders were very regular. The thing that concerned them is it was a brown mole with a tiny bit of black mixed in, not a situation of two totally separate colors but more like a brown mole with a few black speckles. I put my foot up to my face and was hard pressed to see that much of a color differential. They were also concerned since they didn't know how long it had been there. If it had been there for a couple of years, they said they may have left it on but since I didn't see it they couldn't be sure,

The doc said that it didn't look like a typical melanoma case, but they wanted to biopsy it to be sure. They also said moles on hands/feet are allowed to be a little more atypical than usual . Being honest, if it wasn't for the fact they biopsied it, it wouldn't have been something I would be typically overly concerned about. It didn't look as irregular or as horrendous as pics of melnoma I have seen on the internet. The borders were pretty regular, and it was less than 5 mm in diameter.

Can a Melanoma look relatively normal like that? Is that typical?

01-05-2006, 09:35 PM
Seeing our son had melanoma cancer I am a little learned on it. I found that the ones that were cancerous started out brown or black and in the center area they would discolor like reds and yellows and different colors inside them. They had irregular borders. They would look like they were trying to grow out sometimes and would want to weep yet stayed within the mole itself. I really think yours is OK but any and everyone should watch out for these. He is blond and has had a lot of parts of his body cut away to save his life. He was the jock and sat in the sun without the shirt on and paid the price dearly. Wish all young men and women especially who are blond would hear this as once they start and get away they go all over your body. He had one that settled on his navel area and the stitches inside and outside they had to take to get rid of the core left him open for quite a while. I sweat out each 6 month check up. Good luck.

01-06-2006, 07:49 AM
I am very sorry to hear about your son!:( I am glad to hear he is doing better.
Your information is a little reassuring, but I am going through a high tide of anxiety today.It waxes and wanes. I am hoping they call me with the path repot soon

01-07-2006, 08:54 AM
I know just where you are on this. Even if you did get a report that looked not like you wanted it, always get a second opinion. So many problems in life that we just have to learn to deal with.

The last time he was checked as he had these small little like mole areas growing in three places on his body. Underarm, finger, wrist and I believe this is all. There was another one too. They did a biopsy. Came back and told him he had a fatal skin cancer. It was called:


It is so rare that only I believe 300 cases in the world. No treatment. Seeing he had multiple marks and fatal. We spent 7 days in agony over this as I was going to lose another child. At the end of the week after they had sent him information on this and how to deal with it they then decided that he did not have it and would be OK. This is dealing with only the best doctors at the best clinic. So many things modern science does not know. They try their best but always good to get second opinion. Much luck and take care. Live life to the fullest.