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02-07-2006, 12:13 PM
My brother got the call today. A spot on his back that has bled and scabbed for almost 2 yrs was squamous cell. At the initial biopsy, the doctor said it was most likely not cancer and that if it was, they would call him in 24hrs. They called him 8 days later. Uggg, He is 36yo, a nurse. Does anyone have any experience with this? prognosis if left ignored this long? Treatment options. I too am a nurse but we just didn't get this far into skin ca treatment in school. Thanks in advance for any info.
Leora :confused:

02-09-2006, 09:17 AM

I don't understand why didn't they remove it and the area around it too.

I had sequella cell carcinoma on my scalp. The dermatologist removed it.

If it's not treated, there is a 5 year survival rate. Did the doctor tell you that? It needs to be removed!

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02-13-2006, 01:58 PM
Best I can say is do get research into it. Good thing it is not Melanoma. Scc is very easily dealt with. Do the research on IT and not the other (MM) I am always amazed at the medical profession not dealing with skin cancers. With Malignant Melanoma on the rise world wide..... and so few udnerstgand it, even Oncologists and Dermatologist do not get it!!!! more teaching is what is needed.


02-16-2006, 03:55 PM
SCC is easily dealt with provided it is caught early. If the tumor has penetrated the fatty layer it becomes a different animal entirely. I was diagnose with an SCC 4 yrs. ago that they estimate had been growing for 6 yrs. I was 28 at the time. They removed a 3 1/2 cm by 5mm tumor from my temple. They said it was just about at the point of mets. when removed. No lymph involvement (luckily). While rare, once SCC does move, it's extremely aggressive. Please reccomend a Mohs surgery to him, it has the best overall outcome with the least tissue loss. Most people can hardly see my scar even though it's on my face.
also, bear in mind I'm not a Dr. this is just from my experience.

4 yrs. later I have just been put on topical 5-fu for my entire face to kill rampant AK and establish which are deeper tumors. Once you've had one SCC it's vital that you keep up on your checkups. I didn't and now I get to have a hamburger face for a few months and possibly more tumor removal. Don't under estimate SCC!!!

03-08-2006, 05:24 AM
Wow, I would so change dermatologists, "yesterday", after that 8-day neglect! Carelessness?

Good luck with the AK's!

I had a biopsy for an SK which looks like and is sand-paper rough like an AK, so I'm a little worried about possible mis-diagnosis, also can't find any info on the web about a blue niva or nivia that is very near the SK. Looked up all kinds of sites about skin lesions. Anyone ever heard of one? I know it's benign, but just want to know more. I have five grown children, one a redhead, who I'm also researching for.

03-12-2006, 01:58 PM
Hi, Ga Lady,

One of my grown children, a son, is also a redhead or strawberry blond, and loves the sun. You work in a dermatology office? How nice.

Since learning some terminology I've been doing web searches and learned quite a bit. Most articles say actinic (solar) keratoses develop into SCC, (Squamous, in case any fearful new person is reading) but ONE says actinic keratosis IS SCC! And that it's often mistaken for the benign sebborheic keratosis, even by specialists and pathologists, so you betcha I'm watching like a hawk any change. I wanted to make like a thumb print impression and didn't want to put ink on it. Mercurochrome and iodine aren't colored any more, so I used some of the clear zinc ointment they give you for keeping it moist while the punch biopsy heals, contains an antibiotic. Blotted it onto some blue paper, then outlined it with a ballpoint and a sharpie in case that fades out, and dated it.

The thought even occurred to me, there's so much news about corruption these days, and a nearby city's mayor who has cancer just squandered about 3.5 mil of the taxpayers' money for a bldg to demolish, reporters suspecting his campaign contributers will profit somehow, "what if" you had political enemies who could get their hands on some big money and would tamper with labs? The gov't "standardized" all brands of thyroid meds back in about 2001, must not have told any doctors, and some of us in forums developed Fibromyalgia, part of it maybe permanent, not so painful now but I still can't get my arms high enough behind my back to unhook clothing as I used to.

The lab report, first one I've ever seen, of course looks okay, says "R/O", meaning "Rule Out" SCC, calls my biggest lesion a " seborrheic keratosis - flat type", which I don't find in my internet searches at all. Three lesions in all on this leg, biggest one horizontal oval shape, about as big as from my thumb joint to the end of my thumb, and a very small one, and one they called a blue nevus. Which I've read can have several kinds of malignancy if it gets to that point. I've had moles removed and thrown away too, maybe completely burned up for all I know.

It's great that you're in such a good mood. Weren't you really tired for a few days after the verdict, from all the stress? Sure hope you have a very happy b.d. Tuesday, and many, many more!

Thanks to everyone and let's always keep each other posted. Anyone ever heard of AK - Flat Type? I plan to keep looking, when I dream up more search terms. Will also ask my podiatrist who debrides diabetic foot ulcers and knows a lot about everything, and my primary care doctor what he knows. I read that some primary doctors send in biopsies. Some smaller cities may not even have dermatologists.

03-12-2006, 02:18 PM
Just tried my web search again and bookmarked a whole page of flat type sk's links. So I'm settling down but of course will keep watching and educating my kids about it.

We used to say get sun block with a strength of 15, but now there's 30! And I would no longer trust even that after this scare.

03-12-2006, 03:38 PM
Hiya I have many many 'flat type' they drive me batty. They look like pasted on blobs of stuff. Tomorrow I go to the surgeon to have a rather strange 'freckle' checked out, the dermatologist does not like it...... I say out dratted thing out!!!

I also have stage 2b melanoma,which was removed and followed by a WLE (8 inch scar) and have been under watchful eyes of so many doctors, and oncologists it is quite crazy. But I keep watching my flat blobs. (add the mix of many many skin tags)

I never was 'a sun worshipper' and always sought the shade. But at my age, it is a life time of just being a kid playing all days out doors. Several severe burns almost a lifetime ago, sure do come back to haunt you. Now it seems a nevus has developed on the central part of my retina, causing more concern all around, so along with my every 3 month derm checks, my every three month oncology checks, (and I call it my sanity calm appointments) I have had to add every three month eye doctor appt. this watching and waiting for 'things to pop out' is very very hard to deal. Also the many CT scans due to lung nodules, which are 'on the watch too' melanoma sucks.

I try so hard to follow the slop on goop, slap on a hat, slip on a protective shirt, and now I try to remember good sunglasses, (I never wore them except when driving before, and now??? my mind is all foggy. Also have hypothyroidism, but that has been under 'control' now since 1996. (also I sometimes 'appear' on our thyroid board..... :bouncing:

Ga Lady
03-12-2006, 08:11 PM
Eagle, You've got me tickled. Not meaning to giggle. I am "still" learning "derm" talk. LOL! I know "Mel" talk but when we get to that keratosis and sebaroeujsj stuff...I lose it. I will try to find out more tho.

BonBe, Girl, I have a freckle on my eye too! It's in the white of my eye. Been there as long as I can remember. They look at it. And that's about it. OF course AFTER all this mel stuff...and the internet (which by the way will scare you to death IF you read tooo much) I decided to have the opth to look at it. He said all is well!

Thank you for the Happy Birthdays! I appreciate it Eagle! I will be 37 years young March 14th~ Praise the Lord!

03-13-2006, 03:14 AM
Let's coin a phrase here..... DERM SPEAK now that is something we can strive for. I for one, am sick and tired of not understanding words when they first are uttered in my general direction. :jester:

I guess we all have this 'learning curve' the nevus that the eye doc found is not visible (the black blob (not SK) on my lower lid, looks like a messy job of mascara dribble - it has penetrated through the lid, to the inside. :confused:

The nevus is apparently in the 'centre of the retina' which makes it uncommon as opposed to on the 'whites of the eyes' (spoken with 'don't shoot till you see the whites of the eyes" was that hmmm Napoleon to quoted that, or the Duke of Wellington...I forget) twas a joke I feebly tried to say here! The oncologist at the hospital says he will have it ultrasounded (that sounds gross) I can take all sorts of wounds, and stuff, but eyes???? eeek. :D

But on the good side, it is so very rare (if at all) that cutaneous as well as ocular melanoma occur. But who knows with me..... I root for just old age.... (passed 37 eons ago) haha

just remember everyone...... when in doubt get it checked out.

03-14-2006, 03:33 AM
Bonbe, I hear you about the many-decades-ago peeling sunburns, used to live in Fla and go to beaches. Who knew, back then? We had Coppertone and maybe one other brand, but no SPF 30, no inkling of the danger.

You have a good retina specialist? Maybe it wouldn't hurt to secretly see another one just to be sure? In a couple of days I'll be having a milestone birthday, WELL past 50th, have had a woman retina specialist laser-seal my ruptured diabetic blood vessels, too late to save one eye, didn't know of her in time. Sure didn't think I could ever let anyone mess with my eyes, but was suddenly seeing just a large inkblot in one eye, probably blood, and anything's more tolerable than the threat of complete blindness. I'm also in the thyroid forum, may have an absorption problem, taking levothyroxine 300 and still very tired, which could be partly age, diabetes, etc. Guess you knew the gov't "standardized" potencies of thyroid meds in about 2001 w/out telling doctors, apparently, and a lot of us got Fibromyalgia.

So sorry to hear of all your cancer scares, requiring humor for coping. Guess you know, at least three famous televangelists' wives that we know of, TammyFaye, who has a website by that name, Jan Crouch, and Dodie Osteen who wrote a book, all Pentecostals, who've been healed. Will add you to prayer list. I was so stressed from just a biopsy and waiting two wks, still tired, I can imagine what you've been through.

Ga Lady, did you ever hear of a scissors biopasy? I forget the title of the thread, which right now is the top one, suggested she ask you.

Editing to remove a brand-name, which I believe it's against rules to mention, and to say it's actually a little after 6:30 am here in the upper Midwest.

Ga Lady
03-17-2006, 09:16 PM
I've never heard of it. We do what is called a 'wedge' but it only cuts a portion of the mole out. Kind of like a snip in the center or the side. Not with scissors tho. But with a blade.

03-18-2006, 01:09 AM
If you mean a blue nevus it's a harmless mole that is deeply pigmented but usually benign. I just googled blue nevus and a bunch of stuff came up. I only know what it is because a girl in my office just had one removed.

03-18-2006, 08:07 AM
Thanks, Ga Lady and Franklin.

But my "blue nevus" on my lower leg is flat and feels like sandpaper, not anything like a mole. I googled it too. There's three lesions on this one leg, pretty close together, the blue nevus and two SK's, not AK's if the diagnosis really was correct. I'll just watch.

I'll be seeing my podiatrist Wed. afternoon, regular debridement of a callus that sometimes gets ulcerated, and I think he's also studied dermatology, knows some of everything, told me I'd be having a punch biopsy. It goes down to the layer of fat. Since the biopsy, the rough part of that largest lesion feels to me like it's a bit smaller, but the brown spot it's on is about the size of a bandaid pad, horizontal oval. The dermatologist said only because I'd had some pain with my S- which- looked- more- like- an- AK, (which from the start is a SCC, doesn't develop into one, I learned by googling) she'd do a biopsy. When I sleep on that side it rubs on my hard mattress, so I'm trying to keep a pillow under that leg now.

Thanks much again, both of you. I really appreciate your input. Good luck with whatever problems you have, also.

Hey, it's almost spring! Beautiful sunshiny but cold Saturday. Our grass usually greens up the first week in April, but I used fertilizer last fall so it's already still pretty green. :bouncing: