View Full Version : Did I find cocaine or crack viles?

03-22-2006, 04:44 PM
Ok, here I go again. I found small plastic viles with a pink top with a white powder remnent on bottom. Is it cocaine or crack viles?


03-23-2006, 06:29 AM
Sounds like coke, but could also be meth or a number of other things. Point is, if he is failing drug tests, and you find this stuff, does it really matter WHAT it is? You still have the same problem regardless. I'm sorry you're going through this, but know that we are all here for you!

03-26-2006, 11:50 AM
You have no idea how sorry I am my family is going through this. Everytime we think we have reigns on it, he figures out how to get around it. We are controlling his paychecks. If he needs gas, we put it in, so we know the money went in his tank (it took us a while to realize his gas money wasn't being used for gas). If he goes to the meth clinic we need a receipt. We only let him use his car for work and the clinic but now we realize he can stop on the way to or from work to get drugs. Although I don't know who would provide drugs to someone who has no money.

I hope one day he looks back at this period of his life and thanks us for saving his life because he is shortening our lives with the stress.

Thanks for the support.

03-27-2006, 02:01 AM
could be heroin/cokeor like other poster said a number of things....since he goes to a clinic they have his urine checked there randomly....i did the clinic thing back in 1984 for a year....i now know of the agony your goin thru cause i put my family trhu it....my ex wife/kids thru it,,,,finally got sober first time in 32 years.....ive used every drug on the planet.....a person will quit only if they want to and are ready to....addiction is a sad disease abnd unfortunately effects every one involved...directly/indirectly...by the way lookin back...i was exposed to more drugs at the clinic then before i went....people used to sell the stuff out in the clinic parkin lot.....for a back pain/disc problem in 2002 my doc put me on methadone and wrote me a script for it weekly...didnt have to go to a clinic....there are other maintance drugs available today.......n/a or a/a mtgs are good method to get off of drugs.....do a 90 day/meeting a day program...there should be counselors at the meth clinic for help/guidance that you should have access to.....good thing i now have a doc who was a addict also.....he runs a rehab center and three other dr.s report to him...another is also a recovering addict.....good luck with your boy.....chef

03-27-2006, 05:25 PM
People keep posting that I can talk to the clinic but he is over 18, please enlighten me and let me know how the clinic can help me.

03-28-2006, 11:28 AM
cram....he still lives at home...you and he want to have a open relationship...he should agree to you having access to info at the clinic about his progress in recovery and all related info...it would build trust back between the family...he needs to be in a n/a or a/a program also...thats just my personal opinion...has to be able to build new relationships with people/surround himself with people who are in recovery....its good for the soul...(you lose spirituality and your brain to opiate addiction)...he needs a good brainwashing....addicts do not recover overnight and it is a daily/life long process...a dentist appointment for a bad tooth can lead to the dr. prescribing opiates which are not necessarily a good thing...i only use this as a example cause i just got my teeth pulled and the dr. wrote me a script...i tossed it and went to my one and only dr. for pain mgmt...only one doc for precrbing rx...however,if i really wanted to,could i go buy the off the street..yes...do i want too?...no....its the descion making process in a addicts brain that has to change...i would go drug test today if i had to,to see my kids....its the trust issue...will i pass?..yes...thats the attitude we need to have....open/honest.....step #1 in a twelve step program..realize we have a problem that we have no control over...we can not make decsions that involve drugs...we are weak....we are the weakest at the start of recovery....we can relapse so easily...but,we have to realize that once we are clean,thats it...withdrawals dont last for years...my w/d's from methadone took me about 6 weeks,no sleep,diahrea...they start to go away slowly....it will be hard for him to stop the methadone...make sure he weans properly,ect.....when that time comes....right now he has to be open/honest about his addiction...and i mean really open/honest if he wants to recover and understand methadone treatment for addiction is just a maintance program...maintaing his daily life on a daily basis until he stable and then think about sobriety...i am here usually daily if he needs someone to talk to...i dont remeber his age but im 46 and have lots of education in the drug use department..and i was on methadone twice in my life and regret all of it...guilt tore me uop for a long time...anyways im a chef and run my own place with a female friend...she has helped me with my recovery...has seen me on my highs and lows....her mom died from taking an overdose of drugs...my 14 year old needs me now,more than ever....ive gotta run...todays suggestion might be to communicate with your son and see how honest can he really be...im sure they got previous drug test from him....if a couple of them are dirty or have prescription drugs in them,a suggestion may be to wipe the slate clean and ask him to be more honest with ya....by the way,it has to be a total life changing experience...i dont want to have any old friends back,ect...have to do other things to occupy the time....positive things for positive changes...god bless you/family...chef

03-28-2006, 11:40 AM
took an extra second and reread your first post..that could be a old leftover vial that accomandated his goodies...or it could be a recent one...i used all different kinds of goods while takin methadone...it sometimes enhanced the methadone...i think i posted i came across new/sole called friends at the clinic...was not a good thing for me...that was back in 1984...this time around on the "done" my doc wrote me a script and i went to the pharmacy...but that was for pain mgmt..docs usually dont write it for addiction purposes...then i could trade it for other goodies..(hence the no money thing)...id get by without the done for a day...maybe his dose isnt right...usually they dont want you to overshoot the scale that the brain receptors need to not go into w/d......if you wish too, ill try to help where i can...leave me his doseage mg....i try to follow the board rules here and dont want to get banned for supplying to much info...i dont beleive ill be goin over that boundry...gotta go...chef

03-29-2006, 01:28 PM
since you have experience with methadone, I have a question. According to my son "he cannot get high on anything and doesn't enjoy drinking because the methadone is some sort of blocker"

I think.....he is doing coke. It is something about his nose, can't put my finger on it but my first husband used for awhile and something is similiar. I think we all dabbled in drugs when we were younger....it is so sad that it grabs on to some people while others like myself can walk away.

But I will be honest here, when I was younger I did use coke, not long but I did use it. I was addicted to it when I was using it. I knew I was screwing up my job by calling in sick, so I stopped. But I could not go near anyone who was using because I did not want to start up again. I had a child to support and my ex was not a worker. Question, which I will post because I am courious about the answers but do I tell my son the truth about my past? He knows I dabbled in it but he doesn't know how addicted I was when I was using it or that when I stopped I had to avoid all users like the plague not to be tempted. I think it helps and hurts some adult children to know the truth, he could always throw it in my face. As for other drugs, tried them, didn't like them. The only reason I even tried any drugs is because of my first husband (yes you can hang around with the wrong people and yes they can convince you to try anything) And now that ex denies ever using anything and boy does that **** me off!