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03-22-2006, 04:49 PM
Has anyone use these? Just had son take it and he flunked two out of five lines on the test. The test doesn't say what he failed for, we have to send it in.

Any input would be appreciated.

Oh, he is going to a meth clinic, that test doesn't say it tests for that, could this be why he failed?


03-23-2006, 08:05 AM
The good thing is that you are sending it in. I bought one of those one time that didn't tell you, but you had to mail it in and then call in around a week for the results. It's probably actually better then those that tell you what it is and you have to second guess if the line is really there or not? Sometimes it can get pretty difficult to read and I always found myself second guessing. When you call for the results they will tell you exactly what was positive and what was negative. Do you send in the urine sample with it also??

03-26-2006, 11:34 AM
The test was two parts. Two urine tests. One you dipped a stick that shows lines. If lines are missing, then it means you fail. Of course it doesn't say what you fail for. The second urine container you mail in. The lines were definately missing, no doubt about that.

We are waiting for the results. I was wondering how accurate those sticks you dip were, if anyone had experience with them.

03-26-2006, 03:52 PM
hi,loads of experience with these tests,the ones that test for opiates do not show up methadone,me thinks the angle of sending in is a way to generate more money,mine were always so accurate but daughter got very wise and would ask friends to give her samples to bring home which she used and when i realised that the sample was cold and smelt stale i realised what she was doing so then i searched her before test but honestly when you get to this point give up because your child is not ready to give up drugs,hope this helps,sad mum

03-27-2006, 01:40 AM
there are several over the countrer drug test kits available today....i had the one you spoke of,but i used the 5 drug list they gave on the top of the box...there is a kit i got at wal******** that is a 5 drug test kit(meaning they test for 5 drug only) that had right on the plastic tab line one was for pot,line two for coke,line 3 for methaphentamine,and think the other two were for opiates and exctasy...i have taken drug tests randomly at jobs in the past and since i am a exec chef at a staff mtg we decided to use a 7 drug test and us mgmt folks picked which drugs we were testing for,,,,,,,,,now i am a opiate addict....have legit pain issues but was out of control my whole life usin recresational/prescribed drugs.....there are ways to beat the tests and you have to be smarter and read all the instructioins carefully.......i tested my 14 year old twice two months ago and know that i used two diferent types of kits....one was a listed 5 drug test kit as i said early...it told me if the line appeared red on line one it was a plimenary positive for pot.....my kid told me she had tried pot and it showed positive for that plus coke and she said she had just tried it....the other three were negetative.........the 2 kit was a 5 drug test kit also and it didnt specify what drug was line one,ect..like you stated....anyways number one thing is the urine must be between 94-100 degrees temp...thats so it cant be altered by your kid usin someonelelses urine in place of his or they tried to alter it by usin water from the sink..at the rehab centers they add blue dye to the toilet water so the individual cant use the toilet water to dilute the sample and there is no runnin water(they shut it off) so a guy cant add water to the sample to dilute it...urine has creatine in it and the test will not be valid if you tested straight water....only at the dr. office can they test for certain drugs....methadone will show up only if you are lookin for it....on subetex/bupenorphine which is a opiate you need an expense drug test to find that drug...the test are only in general terms...if it says it test for opiates and line 3 is opiates,you can bet they tested for generak opiates>ie...heroin/morphine(which your body changes all opiates into morphine once in your system.../hydrocodone/oxycodone/codeine....it might not check for proproxophene(darvocet)...if it shows positive for cocaine you can bet they took it.......you almost have to watch your kid urinate in the sample container cause of ways of diluting it plus drugs stay in your system for varied times....pot is stored in fat globules and will test positive for use up to 28-32 dsays.....certain opiates 1- 3 days......cocaine is 5-7 days....speed(amphetamines is like 7-14 datys.......that why it is best to random so the guy doesnt know when he will be tested...if im testing for opiates and i dont take the general ones for 5 days let say,then i will test negative......my friend is a doc at a rehab place and their test kits are like a 27 drug test kit....will even show nicotine...the test they provide at a methadone clinic are like 27-28 drug kits also....there are over counter/internet products that are sold that if a person purchases and takes up to certain amount of time before the test it could alter results..........thats why at a country club where i worked they randomly selected employees and when a ce3rtaqin day came up,the employee was given a form and had 15 minutes to drive to the lab....to prevent altering....i know of folks who had there friends who were clean urine for them and they put it in a condom under thier arm pits(to try to keep temp reange proper)and then when they went to bathroom thet dumoped it into container.......tried to use someelses other thjan thier own....i think the test kits you buy over counter are good only for general positive/negative results.....there are alot of ways addicts try to beat the things....edify yourself/look up different methods on the interenet......best way to test someone is ramdomly.....make sure temp is correct range....the kit automaticallt checks for creatine which shows up only in human urine.........and find the kit that tells you exactly what drugs its checkin for...the phamplet that comes with it tells you the instructions.....or take the kid(unknowlingly) to the clinic/doc and spend the extra bucks and have peace of mind what drugs they have takin....if he is on methadone at a clinic they test usually every week....its 5 am and im not typin/explaining as best as i feel i should be...but ive drug tested hundreds of times and know of ways they say you can beat the test but dont want to type the info here......id give out too many ideas......if temperature is right between guidelines then they didint add water,dilute it,ect....chef

03-27-2006, 03:01 AM
cram....read some of your other posts and am gettin a better pic of where you are comin from............call the clinic and ask for his urine reports....they handle things different state from state....i did the clinic thing in michigan in 1984....out of 84 patients at the clinic when i was there 73 had clean urine one day at a random p test.....i am a recovering opiate addict/dope addict...am 46 years old and started gettin high at 14....got my life together in 1989/sisetr died..used opiates to run from my problems...on/off again situation for awhile...remet my first girlfriend,life back together again...married in 1990...two kids..house..executive chef....life great...hurt back in accident...started pain pills/opiates again.....1999...usin heroin....takin 50 vicodin/lortab/whatever i could....closet junkie...wife found out,life exploded....lost everything....homeless,wife thru me out to save kids from my self destruction....had some bad times...life or death struggle...tried bupnorphine for opiate maintance...wife divorced me.......turmoil,lots of it...i created......met a doc who is a recovering addict also...treated me for chronic pain/substance abuse with methadone...except he wrote me scripts for it weekly,id seehim every week...he saw it got to a point where i was drifting away from recovery again and detoxed me 5mg a week...when he p tested me i was showimg positive for benzo use...would get xanax/valium off the street purchasing....told me he wouldnt write for me anymore unless i had clean tests....basically he forced me to get sober for the first time in my life since i was a kid....that happened last sept.....life is tolerable again but at least i am alive...head free.....recently had a spiritual intervention...my life gets better evry day...i thank my higher power every morning for restoring my sanity....by the way...my oldeset daughter is 14...she became open/honest with me and informed me shes smokin pot/tried coke.....blew me out of my shoes...i am tryin everything in my power to steer her away from this evil disease...told her what is has done to me...call her everyday since we live 40 miles apart now.....ive got a cafe with a girlfriend and i try to work my kid on wknds if shell come out.....try to teach her/edifer her about negative aspects of drug use...the lord opened more doors and my ex and i now communicate on a civil basis for my daughters sake.....i told my ex she can p test me anytime she wants...in the bigger picture i am now clean for my daughters sake...i go to a/a mtgs every sunday night...my doc hits the same meeting....if he wants to test me he can/will im sure to see i remsain clean for lifes sake...hell help me with my kid...he runs a local rehab facility....ive hurt alot of folks along the way....drug abuse effects everyone around the addict as you can see....im a recovering addict who will no longer abuse...had my teeth yanked...got so bad after smokin/usin drugs for all these years...dentist wrote me a script for pain meds...i gave it to my doc body and he wrote for differnt pain med...life has to/will change forever...this disease has to be dealt with daily from here on out for me or any other addict....at last nights meeting when people speak who have 8-9-15 years of sobriety,it blows me away.....i hope im here to say that at a meeting 10 years from now...and i hope my kid gets the pic implanted in her brain that we have to say no to drugs....it distorts reality...no more runnin for me....god bless you and your son.....chef

03-27-2006, 05:23 PM
chefob1, thank you for being so honest. Honesty shows you are on your way to sobriety. You have acknowledged the problem. I wish you the best. I find your information about coke interesting, where you say that if someone uses coke and the test comes out positive for coke they definately used coke.

My son told me after we gave him the test that he has been tested in the past and it always showed positive for coke, even though he didn't use it. (I have to laugh because the courts were testing him and I can bet my bottom dollar if he tested positive for coke, he wouldn't be off probation.)

His explanation is fancy footwork, he is trying to cover his tracks because he knows the test is going to show positive for coke.

And as sad as this sounds, I can deal with coke (NOT meaning I will allow that in my house or look the other way, meaning it is a smaller demon than herion and I feel we have or he has a better chance of beating coke than herion.)

We are hands on parents, we time his outings, give him no cash from his checks, fill his tank for him (so he doesn't put five in and pocket the rest), get receipts from the clinic, keep track of mileage, check his eyes constantly, gave him an ultimatum (if he loses his job, he is out) and go through his room. This is all B.S. really, he could rebel and go off the deep end but he knows my husband isn't fooling around this time. I am more wishy washy, my husband is not.

Adult children/teen addicts don't realize the extent of their parents love when they are trying to save them from themselves. It is a disease we are dealing with and it absorbs all our free time making sure our child stays healthy for as long as possible until this disease goes into remission, knowing that if that child isn't strong enough the disease can take over again.

I hope I am making sense now....I have such a tension headache, that is clear into my neck.

I will keep you in my prayers.