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03-31-2006, 12:45 AM
Hi I am new here and I have a question or two for anyone who can help. I had a biopsy and was diagnosed with malignant melanoma on the bottom of my foot the beginning of Feb. I have not yet had the surgery to remove the tumor which back in Feb was determined to be a Clarks Level IV and have a Breslow Depth of 2.7 mm.
One of my questions is how safe is it to wait this long to remove the tumor? My surgeon is not a very approachable man. His reply to me when I asked him was that I had told him I have had this on my foot for a long time. :confused: Not very helpful.
Another question is, when is the "staging" done? I am assuming that is decided upon after the surgery to remove it?
Thank you to anyone who can help. If anyone has had this, I would love to hear from you. :)

Ga Lady
03-31-2006, 04:56 AM
Hi Lady Pepper,

I was diagnosed with the "m" word back in July of last year. My lesion was on my left arm. After diagnosis, I was scheduled for surgery within 2 weeks time. (as a work-in) and my surgeon was there to speak to me anytime I needed him. If I were you, I would look and search for someone who has compassion in this trying time of fear and the unknown. You deserve that! Ok enough about me and on to the staging stuff...

Some dr's stage differently but there is a staging process that begins AFTER you have had your surgery! You will also need to have a Sentinal Node Biopsy to determine if this has went to a groin lymphnode. My breslow of mine was only a .80 but my Clark was also a IV but I chose not to have a Sentinal Node Biopsy done. Most dr's go by the breslow. Anything over 1 mm then they perform a Sentinal Node Biopsy. My dr told me mine was my choice. I chose not too. Since this is on your foot, I would choose to have it done. That way you can have a complete stage diagnosis. And for another, you will have peace of mind. I would also request a CT scan and blood work, and also after all the surgery and all is well. I would repeat the scan process. That is just what I would do. I pray for you a full recovery. But the main thing I want to say is, Please seek a Melanoma Specialist. Dont rely on a surgeon who has no bedside manner. Go to someone that you would trust your life with. Because basically, with melanoma, you have to have someone with the knowledge but also someone with the compassion to help you through all this. Feel free to post again and I will answer you the best I know how to. God Bless!

04-03-2006, 12:21 AM
Thank you for the reply and advice. I appreciate it. I wish that I could be more picky with doctors. This doctor is supposed to be a good surgeon, but his manners are lacking. lol. I am supposed to be scheduled for the surgery finally on Thursday... which they will be doing a sentinal node biopsy.

04-13-2006, 07:58 PM
I haven't checked in her in a while. How did the surgery go? And the SNB?

04-13-2006, 09:53 PM
Thank you for asking. I just had my surgery yesterday. I have not gotten any results or info from my doctor yet. I will be calling tomorrow to see what is up. He did tell my aunt there was a spot he wasnt' sure about but didn't take it cause it would have required a skin graft and he wanted to wait to see the report.
As for the SNB... I don't want to scare anyone, but it was not fun! I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, and this was very painful to me... maybe cause it was on the bottom of my foot, I don't know. But it hurt.
Thanks for asking. :)

Ga Lady
04-14-2006, 05:42 AM
I am glad all went well with you through your surgery! Rest up! All will go fine I am sure!

04-18-2006, 08:30 AM
Thank you Ga Lady. I haven't heard anything at all yet about the results. I am still very sore... in both areas. :( I haven't been able to take the pain medication because it made me really sick. I thought that the first day was cause of being put to sleep... but the second day was worse and then I realized it was the pain medication. So I haven't been able to take anything but Motrin.
I called the dr. office but haven't gotten any other information yet. I wonder how long it takes to get the reports? Oh well. I hope you are doing well.

Ga Lady
04-18-2006, 03:38 PM
Normally 10-14 working days from what I hear. Have you asked the dr if you can take another kind of pain med? There are other kinds that won't make you sick. It won't hurt to ask...I would! Just to be comfortable. Let us know what you hear.