View Full Version : husband on suboxone- is heroin use still possible?

04-06-2006, 06:07 PM
my husband started taking suboxone for heroin addiction in july 05. He took it religiously until Oct05. Then he relapsed but on oxycontin. I have to literally make sure he goes to his monthly Dr. appt. for refill of suboxone. this has caused concern for me. Here lately I have found drug periphenalia in the house. He takes his suboxone in the moring sometimes and in the afternoon sometimes. I see him take it but if he swallows the sub- i don't think it works. It is a sublingual tablet that has to disolve under your tongue. He has admitted to me that he has used heroin a couple of times.I guess what I'm not understanding is how he can take the suboxone and then use. It's supposed to make u go through immediate withdrawl-I thought. So my question that I need help on is - is it possible to take SUB in the morining and hours later use Heroin? I am having a heard time with all of this because his addiction was hid from me. I thought he was sober for the longest time and then his lying and peculiar behavior was happening again(resemb-addiction behavior) which caused me to fret and become worried that he relapsed. I had to find out on my own through checking phone records and etc that he was using again. Then the truth came out. Please help

04-06-2006, 06:38 PM
i used both drugs successfully in 1999/2000/2001....if i didnt have the heroin,the bupenorphine would cover my w/d's...id have to say 99.999% if you are finding fresh tools of the trade,ect...its a strong possibility he is usin both....you only go thru acute w/d syndrome if you are usin opiates other than the suboxone/subutex/buprenex and then within a twelve to 24 hr,. period take the suboxone,ect...opiates sit on mu receptors in the brain....the bupe will try to kick those receptors off thus the w/d's....also,if he is injecting the heroin and has the habit of injecting.....if he was to try to inject the suboxone..the drug has naltrexene in it...if he tried to dissolve the tablet,then inject it,he would go into w/d's if he is depedant...thats why they made the drug suboxone...subutex is the same drug but w/no naltrexene...also thats why its sub-linguial...if dissolved under the tongue the naltrexene becomes inactive......chef

04-06-2006, 06:53 PM
he doesn't inject. i know that 4 a fact. So he is able to use both but they have to be 12 to 24 hours apart?i.e. take sub at 7am then at 7pm could use heroin without withdrawls?

04-06-2006, 06:54 PM
Thank you for your help by the way! I tried calling his doctor but I am not on his release of info. paperwork (HIPPA) so they wouldn't tell me much!

04-07-2006, 04:23 AM
i took heroin a hour after the sub....it just doesnt give the same experience...both drugs are fighting to get on the same receptors...itll make you go mad after continual abuse....should just syay on the sub and remove himself from that lifestyle before something worse happens...chef

04-07-2006, 02:06 PM
really- wow. I guess I just don't understand why someone would continue to use heroin while they have all of the supply they need of suboxone. I guess he just could just have the habit in his mind or maybe the rush of doing it? I'm sorry. I really don't understanf the drug because I have never done it. I have seen what it has put him through and if he has meds to get off why won't he? Not a question 4 u just something that I ask myself. To get a clearer picture- When that would happen to u ( 1 hour apart)taking both - how would u act? What was your demeanor like, & if you remember how please let me know. I really am just trying to identify whether or not he might have quit using or not by identifying his actions, alertness,drowsiness, repetative talking, loud tone, things that are out of the ordinary! I know you don't know him and every person reacts differently to different things but I'm just curious on how it effected u! . We have a 2 year old daughter and I am concerned 4 her as well as myself. I really appreciate you helping me with this. I can't ask him because he has lied to me so many times regarding this matter. If he had been honest then I would know b/c obviously he'd be trustworthy. Thanks for listening and helping CHEF!

04-07-2006, 03:17 PM
if there is anyone that can relate or help me try and identify whether or not my husband is just taking suboxone to ease my mind w/ his addiction and still using please help. Anyone ever taken both at the same time? if so what experience did u have( nausea, drowsiness, irritable, abundance of sweating, etc.) I am looking for the signs! Thank you all for your response in advance!!!!!! I appreciate it!

04-07-2006, 11:55 PM
one of the side effects that is positive about suboxone is the fact that it gives you energy!...second,heroin usage makes you vomit and get nauseated...in fact it actually makes you feel like when you barf,you feel euphoric,like that was the best puke i ever had.....it also makes you knod or what addicts called "bob" or fish hook...fall asleep in chair while smokin and end up burnin the chair or floor..only get irratable when coming down from high and anticipating when you are goin to score again....insanity of drug abuse...mind is constantly thinking about how much dope you have left and how much money you got,is the dealer home...you end up livin for the dope...trust,once its broken,takes a long time to get back,if ever...i ended up in a divorce cause i was a closet addict.....ended up informing my wife...she was not happy...after one year of me on bupenorphine(still shootin heroin sporadically)and being on benzos,i crashed and burmned...she kicked me out cause i lost job because of addiction,plus ive got two girls...ones 11 and 14 right now...i was homeless summer/fall of 2000....she divorced me one reason was to save my kids from my sellf destruction...looking back, i lost thousands of dollars,300,ooo home...my family...all/every material goods...pawned stuff,lied...opiate addiction is the work of the devil...nothing positive comes out of it,but when you are caught in the grips of adddiction...us addicts do not think rational,,,finally having a good brainwash way too many times i hace become sober...i used drugs since i was 14 and am know 46....i went from rock bottom to 49,000 feet deeper than roock bottom....i now can think clearlr..am sober..i can see from a first person view what you are goin thru....i feel bad for you.....ill pray for you...whatever i can do to help...he should be attending recovery programs..a/a or n/a...surrounding himself with people who have long clean time...chef

04-08-2006, 12:12 AM
ps...for your own peace of mind and for him to prove hes clean...buy a home drug test kit...the suboxone will not show up for opiate abuse,cause it is a very special type of opiate...you need a very expnesive type of test for it...but if the test shows positive for opiate use,hes still usin some type of opiates(heroin,pain pills)..you can get the test over the counter at the larger chain stores....cant specify on this board the names...call around...also,deep down this would be his way of showing trust back to you and should not be defensive about it...get a test kit w/o his knowledge..randomly test him once...make sure he can not contaminate the test,ie add water to it,dilute it,ect..have him urinate in front of you in the container provided by the kit,if he agrees to it....i do randoms at home provided by my girlfriend to show my sobriety...for me its a way of rebuilding trust i broke with her..she saw my lows when i met her in 2001/2002 and have been with her since.....also,some addicts miss the ritual of usin heroin...he should realize with a rational mind,you love him and that you and the suboxone are there to save him before he kills himself or ends up in jail....i beleive that usin both the drugs that it made me mad for awhile and i lost brain cells..they are two different animals...the docs office could test him for other drug uasage also,but the doc could call it quits with him if he is still usin....that would be a bad thing to do,if you are seeing the behaviour patterns return with the drug use...if his pupils are pin point pretty good thats a sign of heroin use...is he prescribed benzos?..for example the use of valium or xanax can make you nod,ect,,,,bupenorphine also does not make you barf.....chef

04-08-2006, 12:17 AM
p.p.s....suboxone does not give you the rush or even close to the type of buzz that heroin/other opiates give you....the majority of suboxone/subutex users will tell you they have relapsed and used while on it...but us addicts never find that buzz/euphoria we once craved for...or had when using opiates...tolerance builds up,ect...also, is he maintaining his same dose on suboxone or is he over using/self medicating?

04-08-2006, 07:40 AM
Tjank you soooooooooomuch. I have used the home drug test. He did test positive for opiates but blamed it on pain pills his mom had given him. So I mailed it off. It came back positive for morphine1,335. He still blamed it on pain pills. To my knowledge codien and morphine test differently.So I figured he lied. But to give the benefit of the doubt I checked online to see if there was a difference between the 2. Never could find an answer- so i left it alone.In july 05 I tested him and he tested positive morphine 3,000+. He had a great job doing HVAC installation. He lost it once due to his habit and they gave him another chance. His work truck has a tracking device but the dope house is less than 1 mile from his job. We live 3 miles from his job. So it is very easily obtained even w/ a tracking device. Convenient stores etc.are all close. I take his money that he gets and only give him a certain amount enough for the day just because of the trust issue. We made that agreement to rebuild trust. I feel like a control freak but really I am just concerned for him and have to make sure our bills get paid. When we went through this in july we had been evicted from apt because he spent it all and I was oblivious to really what he was doing. I knew someting was going on but I wasn't sure exactly what. Anyway- He has said he'll go to a/a but hasn't made the slightest attempt. But also He works so much. 6 days a week sometimes 50+ hours. He has a very rough schedule to work around. The dr. prescribed him seroquil to sleep. He always has a very hard time sleeping? Up several times a night. Lately he has been coming up w/ excuses as to why his check has been cashed, need gloves for work but can't show me a receipt-blah blah blah. I don't work and stay at home w/ out daughter. So It is difficult for me to think of leaving. But if that's what I have to do. Congrats on your sobriety. You have given me hope for him. He too used drugs since 14 but he is only 27. We have gone to a drug counselor. Individual marriage/drug therapy. Only went once but she told me that I have too much time on my hands if I worry about him so much and that he needs to find a sponsor, someone other than myself. She scheduled him 4 every other week visits . He isn't able to make them so we only have gone 1x in the ladt month? So I really don't know what to do. I guess I have to figure that 1 out on my own. Thanks for all of your help. I really do appreciate it. It really does mean alot to know that there is someone out there willing to help. I turn to my family periodically but I don't like to because then dim views are projected and afterall he is the father of my daughter. When he used the heroin he used for 6-7 months. before that it was pills, pot and other. His brother is the one who convinced him into dong it. His brother is in and out of jail-homeless, a thief, and still very bad on it but he is not allowed in our home. Needless to say I feel like I'm at the point f your ex-wife but it is hard to say Because he does have a good job but I have to tell myself money doesn't make u happy (it helps) and realtionships need honesty and a foundation for children and if that isn't obtainable then I guess it's time to call quits. I'm glad that you have found new love and she is there for u and willing to build the trust. Atleast you aren't alone. Thank you for your words.

04-08-2006, 07:50 AM
p.s does suboxone give u pinpricked pupils? He blames his in sub? thanks

04-08-2006, 12:17 PM
Just to let you know, morphine comes in pill form too. Good luck.

04-08-2006, 01:32 PM
all pain medication turns into morphine once in your systom........chef

04-08-2006, 04:15 PM
Thanks........I really do appreciate it. :angel:

04-09-2006, 09:05 AM
can u tell me i suboxone causes little pupils?

04-09-2006, 06:28 PM
all opiates produce pin-point pupils...but so does bright light....hope all is well....chef

04-17-2006, 03:03 PM
I am so tiref of battling my husbands lies, lies, & addictive behavior. DO I GIVE UP? I bought anat home drug test and was standing right behind him and he tried to alter it . He didn't know I was behind him and when I confronted him about it---LIES LIES LIES. Like I am an idiot. I know what he was trying to do. But yet he says I don't use drugs. haha. He asked me to make counseling appointments for him-BUT he won't go. He has become arrogant and mean & I just don't get it. He had his dr. visit today for suboxone and won't go. Yea- he works but he won't tell his job he needs off to go. He bold faced lies to everyone around him about the most stupidest things. That in turn they turn around and ask me & They find out he's lying through his teeth. IS THIS USUSAL ADDICT BEHAVIOR? To me it seem like he likes the high and doesn't want to stop. He has the means & support to do so but just won't. I need so much emotional help that all I do is cry because I don't understand-why he won't take advantage of the opportunities that he has? I guess his family means nothing. Is this how it is? He tries to use reverse psychology and make it seem like I am the one ruining our family. But I know I am not. Someone please lead me in the right direction. I get promised the world yet all I get is missing money, excuses, attempted altered drug tests. He has no emotion except anger and void. Please Help

04-17-2006, 07:20 PM
normal behaviour for an addict,if he is still working this adiction could get a lot worse,my advice is kick him out and then let him make achoice as to which road he wants to travel,sounds like you couldny be any unhappier than you are now,he will blame you most certainly but just keep telling him its his choice and you dont have any alternetive but to throw him out,believe me you could save yourself a lot more heartache,do you really want a man who chooses drugs over you and his family,sad mum

04-17-2006, 10:14 PM
Chef,your right,I know many heroin addicts on suboxone,and from there own experience,they won't waste there money on a bag of heroin if they already took there dose of suboxone.But they will try anyway

04-18-2006, 03:44 AM
there is no need for him to lie/decieve/decept/humiliate you ...he is still using and had to realize he has a oppurtunity here with the suboxone to quit his habit...some folks like the whole act of shootin up and thats a phsycological problem...of getting all the gear out,finding a vein,ect...if his doc knew he was usin he would stop writin the script...hes becoming a liability to the docs practice if something should happen...doc is supposed to be checkin him closely by f.d.a. rules.....meaning clean urine...your husband has to make a choice...so do you....he gets one more wack at quittin or hell end up like i did...homeless,divorced,,,no bank acct,child support,ect...hes got to find his higher power...spirituality gets lost with addiction...i had knnown this guy who went to get high and the mix was to strong and bang..he fell over and that was that...its a dangerous drug...he needs help and guidance to get to the door but he must walk thru the door himself.......sounds like your not gonna put up with this much longer.....chef

04-18-2006, 08:29 PM
i couldn't thank all of you enough. I am scared, hurt, & really confused. I appreciate you all taking the time to help me out. You really don't know how much it means to me. I will take your advice and definately keep you posted on my situation. once again thank you sooooooooooooooo much for listening and guiding, and most of all helping.