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04-06-2006, 06:52 PM
Ok Here's My Story! About a month ago i noticed a round flat red area on my butt cheek... it was right next to a small birth mark that i had had forever. The birth mark itself looked the same (small brown round etc) after 2 weeks it did not go away i got worried and made an appt with a plastic surgeon because i could not get a derm appt for over 6 weeks! Anyway the surgeon excised it last Thursday, i got the report today:

Atypical Melanocytic Lesion-- the lesion has features of a Spitz's Nevus.Atypical features such as melanocytes scattered above the dermo-epidermal junction,especially in the center of the lesion are also seen. However the margins are free. Clinical Correlation follow-up is recommended. Key portions of this case have been reviewed by one or more departemtn members.

Everything i am reading says it is difficult to distiguish Spitz nevus from MELANOMA! and also spitz nevus in usually seen in children...I am 31. I have to go back to the surgeon on Monday to have the stitches removed and am also going to get a derm appt, but any advice on the report or what "clinical correlation" means? I am SCARED because i do not want to be misdiagoned and end up having a melonoma.

Sorry this post is so long for anyone that actually got through it!! Thanks in advance for any info!

Ga Lady
04-06-2006, 07:49 PM
You're correct that normally a Spitz Nevus is normally seen in children;However My son's girlfriend had a mole removed over a month ago. The diagnosis came back as an atypical mole so she had to have a "punch" biopsy. When she had the punch done; it read the same as yours. WIth the melanocytic cells; but it was clear margins and nothing else had to be done for it. The key to yours being in all likely hood an accurate diagnosis is the fact that probably more pathologists looked at yours and found the diagnosis to be accurate.

What kind of biopsy did he do? Shave, punch, wedge or ?? If he performed a punch and there are clear margins I wouldn't worry. If you do have doubt, I would consider having your biopsy sent to another pathologist for reading. You have that right. Check into it. Ask your derm what he can do to make sure you have the right diagnosis. I am "believing" that you do have. But you will have to watch your other areas for change, I guess you already know that. I am going to say ...calm down and trust what it is is just what it is...an atypical lesion that was caught "JUST" before the corelation of a BAD thing! God Bless! Keep me posted! Ok!?

04-06-2006, 08:26 PM
Hi Ga Lady,
The surgeon did an excisonal Biopsy.. at first it was going to be a shave but then I decided i wanted it all out! I am going back on Monday to have the stitches taken out. Do you know what "clinical correlation follow-up is recomended" means? I will also ask about having another pathologist take a look at this for my piece of mind. This is soooo scary and you truly are a God Send on these boards! Thank you so much for taking the time to reply so quickly! I promise to keep you posted!

Ga Lady
04-10-2006, 03:30 PM
Clinical correlation? Hmmmm....That is a word that pathologists use for the derm to "decide" what "needs" to be done. Sometimes extra tissue taken. Sometimes the correlation will be that it was "treated" and nothing else needs to be done. So I am sorry I can't really answer that one. I HAVE seen those words on our pathology reports before and have even seen the derms' decision to be "treated" and no further surgery needed. Hope that helps you Hun! God Bless! Let me know!