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06-02-2006, 01:11 PM
I recently had a few moles removed , pathology came back as dysplastic nevus.The doctor said it means I have had a lifetime exposure to the sun that puts me at risk for developing skin cancer.Im concerned.I just lost my mother to lung cancer three and a half months ago.Also my first cousin had melanoma(29 years old)She is doing good now.
Three of my moles came back as benign nevus-The other was dysplastic nevus.Should I maybe get another opinion or just go for another follow up in a year?Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.Thank You. :)

06-03-2006, 09:16 AM
hey.. benign nevus is a regular mole with nothing to worry about. A dysplastic nevus is sometimes referred to as an atypical nevus.. or basically an irregular mole. Some think that these types of moles put people at a higher rate of getting cancer.. but they, themselves are NOT cancer. I had two removed the other year and several others that I keep a constant eye on. It doesn't sound like you need another opinion, just make sure you keep a sharp eye out with your other moles. It's frustrating if, like me, you have a whole bunch to keep an eye on!

Ga Lady
06-10-2006, 02:02 PM
My daughter has compound nevi, 3 of the 4 biopsied came back as compound nevi. She is going to have a punch excision Monday and get the margins clear. I am a melanoma survivor so its in the family. one of her moles looked similiar to mine. Except it wasn't irritated like mine was. So I am glad we are getting ahead of the game now. She's 18 and I was 36 when I found out I had melanoma. SO Hopefully she will keep all her irregular moles off now and then not have to keep much of an outlook at all the oddities. I am not moley but my husband is. She took after him with all the dark moles but has my fair complexion. He has Indian in him so he is dark. So you both are very lucky you caught these in time. Never wait to see if something disappears. If its on the skin and disappears then you know thats just not likely~