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06-03-2006, 12:03 PM
I've been wondering about a blotchy spot on the tip of my nose, slicghtly to the left. There isn't any thing there - no sore,no dry skin, no obvious lump ( the tip of the nose is already somewhat a lump). Sometimes I can't always see it.

I guess what concerns me is that 25 years ago, I have something taken off my nose, nearby, but more on the bridge. I was young and didn't even know about skin cancer. The thing I had then was like a pimple that seemed to break out really bad in the warmer weather. It would go away and come back - it seemed like for a year or more. I did go to a dermatologist - he took it off at first visit. I don't even remember any follow up. It did leave somewhat of an indented scar that has faded, but still visible. As I'm reading up on stuff, I think he used some kind of liquid nitrogren to take it off.

Now the ironic part. I was just at my current dermy, 2 weeks ago, and forgot to mention this. It was my first visit - (for treatment of acne on my chin).
She did look at my face,actually she did a whole body check, starting with my scalp, so I'm thinking if anything was obvious, she would have noticed. Also, my cheeks tend to get a bit red and blotchy also, so I'm thinking this is just my skin type.

Sorry for the lengthy post. Thanks for listening.


Ga Lady
06-10-2006, 01:56 PM
My skin is blotchy. I am a strawberry blonde. SO actually I am red, pink, and when cold my arms and legs look purply red blotchy. My face is reddish with pink. So I am certain your derm would of noticed or said something if something didn't look like it hsould have. SOme people have what is called vitiligo of the skin but thats where there is no pigment for tanning. I have that on one of my breasts. Best thing is to stay out of the sun. Apply sunblock even during car rides and be vigilant about having anything suspicious looked at.

06-11-2006, 06:28 AM
Hi Ga_Lady,

Thanks for your response. My cheeks also tend to get reddish at certain times also. This past week, the weather has been much cooler and cloudy, so the blotchy/redness has subsided, and now my dry patchy elbow has returned, so I guess we just need to live with our seasonsonal skin.