View Full Version : no words to express my gratitude for you all for being there for all of us

06-07-2006, 12:12 AM
i just wanted to say that it is so comforting to know you all are here.i left a couple months in denial i geuss for awhile until daughters overdose smacked me in the face.
this is a big world with so many people and you hear so much negative on the news and other tv programs.but here i have only found strength,love and compassion from others i have never meant.you are truly good people.you have been my life line.
its unbelieveable that people that you have never meant can say just th right words through this world of addiction.words that can just keep you going a little more longer,or help you know that you are doing the right thing.it is amazing to me.
i have a very loving family and we are all suffering and we talk about it but sometimes you need someone that is not in the storm to say hey this is what is going on with the addict
the internet gets alot of bad publicity for undesirable charachters but here you are safe in the hands and hearts that people who care, actually the most heartful loving folks i never met.
so for that a big thank you and a hug from me.words are not there to express my gratitude.